Secret recording of a bank chairman

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5 Responses to Secret recording of a bank chairman

  1. And, it will be recalled, a Central Banker

    If they misbehave, we will quickly have them up for lunch.

  2. Shy Ted

    The don’t write factual comedies like that anymore.

  3. Pyrmonter

    @ Shy Ted

    Indeed. At first, I thought this was comedy, then realized it was a dramatised documentary.

  4. Wozzup

    The banker: “Surely if a decision has been made it can’t be changed – after all, a decision is a decision, isn’t it?”
    Sir Humphrey: “No, only if its the decision you want…….”

    A principle well known to the anti Brexit mob. Keep em talking (or voting) till they give you the decision you wanted. Then lock it in.

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