Green taxes killing European industry

Open letter to Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the EU.

Nobody but nobody in my business seriously invests in Europe. They haven’t for a generation. Everyone in my business does however invest in the USA, Middle East or China, or indeed, all three. The USA is in the middle of a $200 billion spending spree on 333 new chemical plants. China has spent that sum annually for many years, constructing its own chemical building blocks.

Europe, not so long ago the world leader in chemicals, has seen its market share in the last decade alone collapse from 30% world market share to 15%. This is an industry that employs over 1 million people in high quality jobs in Europe and five times that in indirect jobs. Worldwide, chemicals is an immense industry, considerably bigger than the automotive sector with revenues approaching $4 trillion.

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14 Responses to Green taxes killing European industry

  1. RobK says:

    There must be some intellectual giants in the EU bureaucracy.

  2. teamv says:

    Europe is no longer competitive. It has the worlds most expensive energy and labour laws that are uninviting for employers. Worst of all, it has green taxes that, at best, can be described as foolish as they are having the opposite effect to how they were intended.

    Replace Europe with Australia and you get reality.

    The whole point is to de-industrialise the developed world.

  3. John Bayley says:

    Who needs industry when you have the options of being a public servant, or being on welfare, or worshiping Gaia AND being on welfare?

    Besides, the coming Caliphate will have no need for industry either.

  4. Speedbox says:

    RobK – Your optimism (?) is kind-hearted but almost certainly misplaced*.

    The EU will not change course. Gaia (wide scale de-industrialisation, high energy costs for all, high taxes to support the consequences) + socialist outlook. The die is cast.

    * Unless you were being sarcastic.

  5. Rafe Champion says:

    Of course he was being sarcastic:)

    It helps to know his track record!

  6. Bazinga says:

    I see this as an opportunity for any other region and as Napoleon would say, “never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake”. Whether Australia or a 3rd world sh1th0le takes the opportunity or not is another question.

  7. BoyfromTottenham says:

    As a keen student of history, I must say that I am watching the progressive de-industrialisation of the EU, Australia, Canada etc. through fear of a certain trace gas / plant food causing ‘catastrophic climate change’ with great interest and a morbid fascination, but I fear for what it might mean for my children and grandchildren’s future. I am pretty sure they do not understand what this will mean to them, or how to deal with its potential effects. At the same time, they strongly reject my efforts to enlighten them. All I can hope for is that this time, unlike previous pandemics of temporary madness, society and the economy recovers quickly rather than slowly – one victim at a time.

  8. Mark M says:

    Robert Oulds, Bruges Group Director, setting the record straight about the misnomer of ‘No Deal’, the EU’s current crisis and the failed forecast of Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney.

  9. John Bayley says:


    The main problem as I see it is that not just one, but at least the last three generations have forgotten, or never knew, that freedom and personal liberty is *not* the default state of human society and, if not defended constantly, that society will ultimately revert to totalitarianism, dictatorship and worse. As we see evidence of all around us.

    Alas, those who forget history are bound to repeat it.

  10. John Bayley says:

    Great find, Mark M; thank you.
    Carney should have been sacked ages ago. He set Canada up for a crash with massive monetary inflation leading into a housing bubble (hello RBA!) and then moved over to the UK to do the same over there with QT on steroids.
    Central bankers everywhere are such a waste of space, with such pathetic record and a one-tool toolbox (interest rate suppression), it is unbelievable that so many otherwise intelligent people seem to think they somehow ‘steer the economy’ in a positive direction.
    Monetary socialism – the only type that works. According to these Einsteins, at least.

  11. BoyfromTottenham says:

    John Bayley (1) – agreed. As you can imagine, I feel like a Cassandra on this. [email protected]@dy frustrating, but life goes on. Regarding your “Alas, those who forget history are bound to repeat it.” comment: if only they knew some history in the first place! I was at a book club recently with an American who asked if the US fought in WW2 before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour. He was amazed to discover that as a neutral country until PH, the US profitably sold war materiel to both the Allies and the Axis powers! He was an avid Democrat of course (even after living here for 3 decades) – got very snarky when I mentioned Trump. Duh. QED.

  12. John Bayley says:

    …if only they knew some history in the first place!

    Well, they do know all about the ‘invasion of Australia’ and ‘stolen generations’ and such like.

    “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”

    ― George Orwell, 1984

  13. Eyrie says:

    Then there is the lead free solder the EU imposed, effectively on the whole world’s electronic industry in the name of Gaia.
    An inferior product (brittle) that uses more energy (higher melting point than lead tin) which makes circuit board soldering and inspection much more difficult (good and bad joints look the same), introduces the problems of tin whiskers which can grow and short to adjacent connections and results in shorter lived consumer electronics (don’t drop the gadget. The solder may crack).
    The EU must be destroyed. Velvet gloved but iron fisted totalitarianism.

  14. Rob MW says:

    Open letter to Jean-Claude Druncker, President of the EU

    Sorry Rafe, but when the headline is wrong it’s wrong. Btw, Druncker has this permanent haze hanging all around him so it would be dubious that he is capable of reading anything let alone his own name. To him ‘Bretix’ is a breakfast cereal topped with Coco-Pops and a single-malt chaser.

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