Rafe’s Roundup Friday 22 Feb

From The Centre for Independent Studies. Wolfgang Kasper: Does Western civilization have a future? And the road to Venezuela.

First they came for the presumption of innocence. The latest embattled Enlightenment values are the presumption of innocence and support for the choice of counsel in a criminal trial.

It started with students in Winthrop House, the residence where I lived as a Harvard undergraduate. The residential head of the House, Ronald Sullivan, a clinical professor at Harvard Law School, has agreed to represent Harvey Weinstein in his upcoming trial. This decision has caused an uproar among the House’s students. They have demanded that he be fired as the Dean of the House, because Weinstein is accused of sexual assault and because Sullivan’s decision to represent him threatened their well-being.

Why 50 million Chinese homes are empty. A fascinating account of the complex of factors that has produced a stampede to own second and even third homes that are often not occupied by tenants. Many of the massive apartment blocks are not built to last. Is this happening in Australia, a program in the wake of the failure of Opal Tower contemplating a proliferation of high rise slums.

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6 Responses to Rafe’s Roundup Friday 22 Feb

  1. Leo G

    Is this happening in Australia, a program in the wake of the failure of Opal Tower contemplating a proliferation of high rise slums.

    High and low.

  2. Overburdened

    I wonder what the media and the opposition to government in USA think of Maduro closing the Venezuelan border.

  3. Ian

    Safe you could include in the portal the xyz site

  4. Linden

    I see the the former CFMEU boss Hanna is now a convicted rapist, Queensland Court trial. Not much said about this by the ‘Me too’ crowd, the ABC, ACTU of course Bill Shorten has never heard of him lol. Funny how selective reporting is today. I wonder if this bloke had of been a business man with conservative party connections, what would have transpired?

  5. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Phew. Quite a haul there, Rafe.
    We won’t be stuck for reading matter.
    Many thanks.

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