Government Creating Jobs

From the desk of NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian:

NSW will remain the economic powerhouse of Australia with NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian today announcing the NSW Liberals & Nationals Government will create 250,000 new jobs in the next four years.

Unless the NSW Government is proposing to increase the NSW public service by 250,000 in the next 4 years, how do they propose to achieve this goal?

Not satisfied, the Premier continues:

We have created more than 600,000 jobs since 2011 – more than any other state – and smashed our last four year jobs target of 150,000 by adding more than 420,000 new jobs.

What else are the going to claim credit for?  Will they claim credit for the jobs destroyed in creating these new jobs?

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10 Responses to Government Creating Jobs

  1. whyisitso

    It doesn’t matter. After the State election we’ll have a communist government in NSW, followed not long afterwards by a communist government federally

  2. stackja

    Government can but allow the creation of an environment in which business can thrive. Whether NSW is such time will tell.

  3. Mother Lode

    Al it means is that NSW Liberals get less in the way than Labor – and considering Labor believes ‘private sector’ is a euphemism for government controlled enterprises with absolutely no government liability, that is not so hard.

    The amount of wealth and productivity denied us as they tinker machinery they don’t understand should fill them with shame.

    If shame is not forthcoming they should substitute molten lead.

  4. Gerard

    Ponly ay government creates more jobs is to get well out of the way!

  5. Squirrel

    With most of those jobs located in Sydney, it would be interesting to see an analysis of how many of the new jobs arise from producing goods and services which we sell to the rest of the world, and how many are directly or indirectly a result of Sydney’s share of the Big Australia ponzi scheme.

  6. John Bayley

    Between the jobs ‘created’ by the NSW Liberals, the Federal Coalition (remember ScoMo making the same claim recently?) and all those jobs we have here in Qld thanks to Ponygirl’s valiant efforts, why, the politicians will need to import wukkas from overseas to fill them!
    Wait, they already do.

  7. This was very clearly addressed by a sage US president: ‘You didn’t build that.’

  8. J.H.

    WTF?….. We, the people of free enterprise are the only ones that create jobs and wealth. Government in it’s perversity, regulates our freedom to do so. Government doesn’t create jobs, it consumes Taxpayer’s money.

  9. a reader

    To be fair to Gladys…they’ve guided the NSW economy in a way no other government in Australia has managed since the Howard days. Better economy means more jobs.

  10. Dr Fred Lenin

    Lack of government interference creates jobs ,look at Trumps USA ,simple what would a bunch of suburban conveyancing lawyers and trade union toadies kniw about jobs?

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