Here’s a clue

There used to be a saying.  Those who can do.  Those who can’t teach.  Those who can’t teach administrate.

Well.  It’s not new.  It’s an annual event.  If not annual, it happens too regularly.

The Commonwealth Government, through the Attorney General appoints a bunch of people to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) and the other side yells mates and bias.  And the annual whinge festival started again last week.

But let’s go to first principles – what is the AAT?  Well the AAT is another Gough Whitlam gift that keeps on giving:

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) conducts independent merits review of administrative decisions made under Commonwealth laws. We review decisions made by Australian Government ministers, departments and agencies and, in limited circumstances, decisions made by state government and non-government bodies. We also review decisions made under Norfolk Island laws.

The AAT was established by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal Act 1975 and commenced operations on 1 July 1976.

According to its website, the AAT has 465 (full and part time) members.  465!  This does not count the administrators to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (or other managers).

Rather than engaging in this political barn dance of who appointed whose mates and you appointed your mates, is it possible to just reduce the number of “administrative decisions made under Commonwealth laws” so that the need for AAT members is reduced?

Yes.  TAFKAS realises that this may result in fewer laws, fewer regulations and fewer government administrators making decisions.  But he can dream.

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14 Responses to Here’s a clue

  1. Pyrmonter

    Pedantry being Pyrmonter’s default position …

    While the AAT’s Act was passed under Whitlam, the tribunal replaced a series of earlier tribunals (in particular, the Taxation Boards of Review), following a report commissioned under either Gorton or McMahon, which recommended some sort of systematic merits review tribunal be established. Curiously enough, the report was the product of one John Kerr.

  2. Bruce of Newcastle

    When the minister denies reffo status to some dodgy illegal the AAT usually overturns the decision. When he tries to deport a crim they usually overturn his decision on appeal.

    Thus I believe the best move is to relocate the AAT to Manus Island. They can do their work from that tropical paradise. I’m sure the locals will welcome the vast amount of money they will inject into the local community.

  3. Dr Fred Lenin

    This is the offspring of Sir Humphries Department of Administrative Affairs , the administrative people who administer the administrators administration ,Innit?

  4. Bruce of Newcastle
    #2943119, posted on February 25, 2019 at 6:19 pm

    If I was a billionaire I’d be buying real estate next door to activist judges, Tribunal members and politicians, and making the accommodation available for free to people they allow to stay in the country and out of jail.

    If it’s good enough for other Australians to have to live next to the beneficiaries of their activism it’s good enough for the enlightened progressive intellectuals.

  5. Sinclair Davidson

    Those who can, do research.
    Those who can’t research, teach.
    Those who can’t teach, teach teachers.
    Those who can’t teach teachers, administrate.
    Those who can’t administrate, do quality control.

  6. Mak Siccar

    Well done Doomlord. As an former academic of many years, I can vouch for the efficacy of your statement.

  7. Pyrmonter

    @ Bruce

    This rule of law thing … it gets in the way of arbitrary decision-making ever so often. Much easier to centralise control …

  8. 2dogs

    FOCJ for the judicial system.

    It’s the only way to fix it.

  9. Pyrmonter

    (odd how we never hear much complaint about the AAT overturning the FCT’s decisions)

  10. gowest

    I have wasted my time with the AAT. – child support objection – totally proved my case. During the interview I stated that the magistrate would not change anything, She stated yes she would.. Needless to say no change – cant show up a fellow public servant! They are corrupt.

  11. Entropy

    Master entropy had his first university lecture today at 9:00. About 9:10 the students started worrying where the teacher was. An older student went down to the admin office and discovered the lecturer hadn’t turned up.
    Academics. It almost sounds like an insult.

  12. John A

    Please, please!!

    “Administrate” is not a word, but a poor back-formation from “administration”.

    The root word is “administer”.

    Like nails across a blackboard!

  13. Ve2

    fewer laws, fewer regulations and fewer government administrators

    Are you on drugs.

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