Remembering Kilmeny Niland, artist and author. 1950-Feb 28 2009


Her site. Her practice site.

I remember a laughing long-haired girl,
Daughter of sun, sand and foam,
By the bayside of the emerald city.
A lover and a carer, sensuous, bold and kind.
Master of passion, power and pride,
Kilmeny of the shining eyes.

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9 Responses to Remembering Kilmeny Niland, artist and author. 1950-Feb 28 2009

  1. Ten years already.

    It’s a hard thing.

  2. That means it must have been almost 10 years since I first attempted to contact you.

    We’ve enjoyed Kilmeny’s books and bought them for children in the US. She lives on in her work, and not just in Australia.

  3. Muddy

    We are an extraordinary species, are we not? It almost makes one re-evaluate our choice to not believe.

  4. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Kilmeny of the shining eyes. I never knew you but your eyes still shine in Rafe’s heart. I have seen your art, and it is lovely. It is bitter, Rafe, to lose a treasure, but to have known her is still a sweetness.

  5. hzhousewife

    All the best Rafe. This afternoon I will meander through the children’s bookshelf and smile, we have many examples of her beautiful work.

  6. Chris M

    Wonderful artist, so much talent…

  7. Helen

    Thinking of you thinking of her, Rafe. God Bless.

  8. Mary rowe

    Remembering Kilmeny and her legacies – her sons, her art and her wonderful books!

  9. Megan

    We still have some of her books in our collection as well and they are now bringing great pleasure to my grandchildren. Copies of An Aussie Day before Christmas are on our friends bookshelves all over the world. Reading it and laughing all the way through is part of our lead up to Christmas. A wonderful legacy to leave.
    Thinking of you as you remember your girl of the shining eyes.

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