Rafe’s Roundup Friday 1 March

Alan Moran’s March climate news update. Welcome back Don Aitkin! On pointless virtue signalling bans.

The ABC announced the other day that the ACT Government was considering a total ban on single-use plastics, like plastic bags, knives, forks and other picnic and fast-food essentials. The relevant Minister said that the Government thought a ban was a good idea, but the community ought to be involved, so there would need to be a discussion paper. We in Canberra have a lot of discussion papers. What effect they have on public policy is rarely clear.

It happens that South Australia is proposing such a discussion paper in January, while the EU said something similar last year: a ban on anything plastic for which there was a readily available alternative.

Here, for those who like images, are two waterways, the first in Bangladesh, the second in Cambodia. Try as you might, you’ll find nothing like that in the ACT nor, I should imagine, anywhere else in Australia. Ours is a comparatively clean, ordered and tidy nation.

A reminder of the idiocy of the EU in case you forget. Bans on toasters and kettles.

New from Libertyworks. Socialism under the label of Australian Federalism.

The [GST] equalization process creates damaging incentives for state governments to avoid undertaking necessary pro-growth reforms, and compounds the central problem affecting state government finances – namely the near complete loss of state fiscal autonomy. The solution to Australia’s GST problem is to restore fiscal autonomy to the states. This would unlock the benefits of competitive federalism, as exists in countries like the United States and Canada.

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10 Responses to Rafe’s Roundup Friday 1 March

  1. Percy Popinjay

    We in Canberra have a lot of discussion papers

    How about a ban on single use government discussion papers, you morons?

  2. Dave of Reedy Creek, Qld

    One wonders what the public will use in shopping mall food courts for eating utensils? I for one will cease eating at those places as its bad enough carrying goods in your hands, let alone eating with them in public. How about the garbage bags for your waste bin? Should create a nice epidemic to remove those. Why is it the polluted ocean pictures and other pics on waste in the enviroment are not in or from Australia? Why are we continually penalised and insulted by the Communistic left for what other nations do?

  3. One wonders what the public will use in shopping mall food courts for eating utensils?

    Maybe everyone should be encouraged to carry a steel knife.

    You know it makes sense.

  4. teamv

    Price spike forecast for SA and Vic from 2:30pm – 7:30pm.

    Supporting renewables which resulted in the blowing up of the Northern Power Station and closing Hazelwood sure seems to have been a great idea……..

    No doubt the battery will “save the day”

  5. Entropy

    If you want to see a simple example of federal expansion leading to suboptimal outcomes, watch what happens as scomo tranfers all NWQ flood assistance delivery to the Rural Investment Corporation (aka Barnaby Bank) instead of the Queensland equivalent that everyone has used until now. The RIC of course, is a paper authority just finally setting its corporate office up in Orange after being “opened” nine months ago.

    All because of fiscal imbalance, politicians not giving a shit what harm they do, and not worrying about how, and how much, OPM is used.

    Fiscal arrangements should be the other way around: the states get together once every couple of years to decide how much money they will give the federal government and what it can do with it. Pretty soon it would be just defence, foreign affairs and quarantine, and no one would worry about what was happening in Canberra.

  6. chrisl

    I was walking along my pristine Victorian surf beach with my greenie brother in law and asked him “where all this plastic they keep talked about?”
    He strode up to the high tide mark and started searching intently
    After about a kilometre he picked up the smallest piece of plastic you have ever seen
    “There” he said

  7. chrisl

    It’s a favourite trick I play with all my visitors
    I once found a plastic bottle with Chinese writing on it

  8. Muddy

    Sometime last year I put forward the idea of Catallaxy awards for politics/science/economics etc. My rather lame title for these awards was the Napalm Furballs.

    I wasn’t able to explain my concept, so the response was muted at best. My intent was to focus on extraordinary (in the negative sense) policy decisions or attitudes, not by Cat contributors, but decision makers and influencers in government, media and academia. Last year (or the year before, I cannot recall now), Vic Prem Daniel Andrews might have been awarded a Napalm Furball for Investment in Road Transport Infrastructure, for example.

    There could be an award for public virtue signaling (which title would be entirely sarcastic).

    I mention this because I think you are in a better intellectual position to elucidate, if you think the concept could be interesting. The inspiration was Tim Blair’s Frightbat Award. There would be no physical award or ceremony or expenditure of resources, but potentially it could attract minor media attention if it is done well?

  9. Mark M

    Our politician’s masters have spoken.

    To all those Australian politicians heading out the door for their tax-payer funded permanent wage, office & staff, and gold pass for fossil-fuelled flying, make that hello world ticket a one-way ticket to your UN.
    We will find you either way.

    The U.N. wants to eliminate single-use plastic by 2022 and says more than 60 countries have so far taken steps to ban or reduce plastic consumption.

    Australian supermarkets work to prevent “bag rage” as plastics ban takes effect


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