Jo Nova on power prices in Victoria and SA

Not a pretty picture.

In other news a few days ago, the retail price of electricity rose 16% in Victoria and the number of disconnections rose 21%.

Cheer up, things could be worse!

And they are going to get worse. Don’t forget the German Experience!! Losing World War III, the war on plant food.

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25 Responses to Jo Nova on power prices in Victoria and SA

  1. Amadeus

    Origin Energy, the major player in the QLD state-owned energy oligopoly, presides over production, distribution and retailing energy to us mug users. Production includes panels and wind turbines which is essentially a funding sieve from Treasury to Origin and all the other energy rent-seekers.
    Not content with presiding over practically everything to do with energy in Qld, it also presides over the escalating rate of disconnection of households and small businesses experiencing difficulties making ends meet in the face of rip-off energy costs.
    I received my electricity account yesterday. It was dated 1 March 2019 and due by 13 March 2019. However, the invoice also informed me that our “new invoice” is overdue and we should call Origin if we were experiencing difficulties paying it.
    So there you have it. Not only is Australia the world heavy weight champion of the highest energy costs on the planet, but we are in default from the moment an invoice arrives.
    God bless Australia. We are governed by dimwits and idiots. The term “silence of the lambs” has become a reality.

  2. rickw

    When there have been enough people transported back to the pre-industrial age. Those responsible will be strung up.

  3. min

    Snowy 2 is a con job. Just waiting to hear that when tunnelling starts they will find the Rock is too hard and they need more money.
    However thinking about it I wondered if it is Scomo ‘ s legacy to Shorten , very passive -aggressive but payback for Rudd’s NBN and Gillard’s NDIS
    No worries poor taxpayers will have to cover it that is the ones not broke from power prices.

  4. Perfidious Albino

    We have to get better at calling out the lie that it’s all the greedy energy retailers fault and that a regulated ‘not quite as high’ price is the answer. Until we make our politicians, public servants and media own the root cause, and that it is intentional, we can’t even begin to force the hard choices and change.

  5. Robbo

    “Cheer up, things could be worse!”

    And worse they will get. Here in Victoria those who have some intelligence would like to send a big cheerio to Daniel Andrews and his bunch of idiots who are working hard to return Victoria back to the position the State was in when joan kirner was Premier. They are succeeding beyond their wildest dreams.

  6. Roger

    “States with low cost solar and wind paying 1300% more at the moment”

    It’s a good thing renewables are cheaper than coal or they’d really be in trouble.

    [sarc off]

  7. Tel

    Perfidious Albino #2948115,
    Talk about the RET until people are sick of hearing it. Media never, ever mentions RET.

  8. RobK

    Is the snowy 2.0 (third feasibility) document in the public domain? Given that 2 previous feasibility studies, decades ago, found the plan unfeasible, I’m inclined to think the figures that make it work this time are either very high power prices, or highly ambitious project costing, or both. The difficulty facing pumped hydro for renewable sources is that it faces two wild variables; erratic supply and erratic demand. This makes the operators job more difficult and expensive, compared to baseload pumped storage which cycles on a 24hr period of known supply and demand prices. RE pumped hydro will struggle to have its full capacity at a good price when needed.

  9. bespoke

    Lots ads for battery backup now from solar surplices but no media by the questions why this isn’t profiteering like after a natural disaster.

  10. Exit Stage Right

    In regards to snowy.2, even an idiot should be able to work out that there is no nett gain energy wise by using existing energy to pump water uphill , then flush it downhill to create energy. Sure you might be able to regulate energy flow, but at the end of the day you are left with less overall energy than you started with. The Ponzi scheme of the Energy world. Its all about the subsidies!

  11. Dr Fred Lenin

    There must be squllions of bribes floating around for greedy politicians to support this travesty of administration . In Victoria the power industry was privatised years ago making it more efficient and cheaper . As soon a s the corrupt climateers moved in to destroy this “luxury” the whole thing went up the spout . Letting the rentseeking AGL close Hazelwood which supplied lots of power ,in conjunction with the SA communists blowing up Port Augustaensured energy poverty for the people . The snowy perpetual motion scheme is a typical snow job by the corrupt class total bullshit, got up for gigs .
    Let the renewables die unfunded if they cannot supply 24/7,remove penalties imposed on coal ,build modern coal fired power stations on all coal fields ,never mind exporting , supply Australia first. Our bauxite could be sold processed value enhancing our iron ore etc export raw materials in value added form with our massive cheap power supply . All that is needed is Vision and Guts with a big dose of Common Sense and Honesty . Abolish career politics .

  12. bespoke

    #2948106, posted on March 2, 2019 at 8:48 am

    Let’s treat dog owners like gun owners.
    Must have genuine reason to own (government decides on validity and types of dogs allowed)
    Safe storage required (no barking heard outside property where dog is kept – probably the most common cause of environmental degradation in suburbia- any dog on a property barking at passers by in the street is confiscated and euthanised.)
    No dogs except working dogs (genuine reason needed) on rural properties. (There is a huge feral dog problem and interbreeding with dingoes which causes vast losses to agriculture and even threatens the lives of farmers)
    That’s a start.

    Crap! Eyrie never thought you would go all big government authoritarian.

    Then – owner responsible for any damage caused and if any damage is caused or threatened (attacks on people, other dogs or animals) dog is euthanased without question.
    Owner responsible for recompense. No liability insurance by law. You lose your house car etc AND are charged with a criminal offense, tried found guilty and jailed for a substantial period. If dog causes death, manslaughter with minimum 5 years to be served.

    Fare enough

    It is fucking ridiculous that these dangerous and annoying weapons are allowed without proper controls in civilisation.


  13. Delta

    And it’s predicted to be on again today from about 3pm until about 7.30. Open the AEMO data dashboard then click on SA and then VIC to see the predictions. Note that the time on the NEM is Eastern Standard time and not daylight savings time.

    Popcorn anyone?

  14. Delta

    And it’s predicted to be on again today from about 3pm until about 7.30. Open the AEMO data dashboard then click on SA and then VIC to see the predictions. Note that the time on the NEM is Eastern Standard time and not daylight savings time.

    Popcorn anyone?

  15. Bruce in WA

    I’ve noticed just recently here in Perth there has been a new ad popping up on TV for a home generator that cuts in automatically when the external power fails.

    Maybe they know something we don’t?

  16. JohnL

    Snowy 2 is a con job.

    Global warming, climate change, renewables, carbon pollution, all this bullshit is fucking con job!!!!!!!!!

  17. yarpos

    “Letting the rentseeking AGL close Hazelwood which supplied lots of power ………………”
    AGL didnt operate Hazelwood, but nice rant anyway

  18. RobertS

    “We have to get better at calling out the lie that it’s all the greedy energy retailers fault….”, as Perfidious Albino began. On 28 July 2015 as Pacific LNG was being built (Origin about 35%), Origin shares were $11.45. They closed at $7.28 on Friday and they haven’t paid their shareholders a dividend since FY 2015/16.
    Government saw dollar signs when the Pacific LNG project was proposed and now they are throwing up obstacles everywhere. The power companies need certainty for efficient investment (and as a consequence lower power prices). There are vast quantities of gas in the Beetaloo basin where Origin has leases but they can’t access it. And the NT is stony broke! Go figure!

  19. amortiser

    At 16:45 yesterday power prices in Victoria and SA were $12000 per mwh plus. At 17:25 those power prices had fallen to – $1000 per mwh. That is negative, I kid you not!! Can someone smarter than me explain how this can happen and what it means?

  20. Jo Smyth

    Over there in the east, life appears to be frightening. Over here in the west, were we are regarded as a separate country, at the moment things aren’t too bad – but we are just beginning to get a bit nervous. One day someone will demand that we suffer too.

  21. Percy Popinjay

    Oi! – Dr Sir Freddo – paragraphs and line breaks, please, Squire.

    Peoples tend to skip over a big fat slab o’ text, I tells ya.

    I know your comments are worth reading, please make them visually so, Squire.

  22. Percy Popinjay

    This is another “nomenklatura moment”. These illiterate, innumerate, ahistorical imbeciles assume that they’re not going to be among the 97% proles post revolution.

    Err, no fuckwits, I’ll be one of the few in the 3% administering your socialism to you good and bloody hard.

    And I’ll see to it that you will enjoy it, over the course of many, many days (here’s a hint – 24/7/365 x however long you last). Then I dispatch you to hell, for eternity, comrades.

    Enjoy. 🙂

  23. egg_

    Not sure of the implications for alleged sea level rise or water vapour as a modulator of the Earth’s climate(s):

    Earth’s interior is sucking ocean water exceeding the amount it gives back, says a study

    It was well known that the earth drags sea water at trenches but a seismic study reveals that the amount of water dragged is about three times more than previously thought. The phenomenon has major implications for the global water cycle.

  24. Old Irrelevant me

    Is it any wonder we have Diesel powered UPS systems being advertised on the Telly. Water and Power aren’t at the price of Diesel yet but they are hopeful.

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