Stephen Hicks tour cancelled

Due to lack of ticket sales.

•WHAT IS POSTMODERNISM? What makes it attractive, why it’s dangerous to Western culture, how it has evolved and mutated into 3rd-generation postmodernism since its first generation in Foucault and Derrida, its connections to neo-Marxism, role in the culture wars, campus battles over free speech, political correctness, intellectual diversity, and the rise of Antifa and the Alt-right. What other political movements are adopting postmodernist strategies and what are the solutions to all of this?

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  1. one old bruce

    Or you could save your money and just study British Empiricism. Ignore these Continental wordsmiths who were never relevant to British civilisation and are rarely read in English except by nerds. Even Popper got all tangled in epistemology and did us British no favours when WE simply judge a theory by its tangible results and what we can perceive and measure. That’s why some critics lump him in with ‘postmodernists’ Rafe. Who cares about Continentals ruminating themselves down deductive rabbit holes anyway?

  2. one old bruce

    Having got that off my chest, I went back and read your review of David Stove’s ‘Anything Goes’ which I like a lot, especially the ladder analogy (I need to be reminded of this every few years) and a few other things. I’ll qualify the above and say Prof (Sir) Popper probably did help Empiricism with 1/ discussion of falsifiability, and 2/ his negative utility ethics which I like a lot. Few can define happiness but we all know what pain is. Yet these are both so self-evident I am amazed no one said it before. Probably centuries of Continental word-salad distracted us from our British habit of clarity and concision. That Popper wastes so much time on Continental thinkers (Hegel?) is where I think he (inadvertently) led us into a fog. I certainly don’t think Hicks is helping anyone by dragging us back into all that again. And I don’t think it matters to today’s ‘leftists’ either, despite all the scaremongering by some on the right.

  3. Rafe

    Bruce you may not be surprised that the tour has been called off due to lack of interest.
    In my condensed version of The Open Society and Its Enemies I left out the chapter on Hegel.

  4. Muddy

    I did look at the website for his tour via your link, Rafe, however the option I was interested in (I cannot recall now if it was the evening or all-day session; this was a couple of weeks ago), was not available in Brisbane, and the other option didn’t suit me. I don’t know anything about him, but I’m keen to be educated if it is practical (I don’t live in Brisvegas and try to avoid it when possible).

  5. min

    Muddy, I have watched excellent YouTube presentations with Professor Hicks on post modernism ,starting with Marxism and explaining how we have got where we are today. Friends and I are extremely disappointed as were were looking forward to hearing what solutions he offers now as it is rife through universities etc.
    Thinking of organising a session in our theatre where I live with, discussion after. Unfortunately we are very mature followers a pity the younger generation have not caught up with his message . But then again have not lived under any sort of socialism, unless experiencing Victoriastan . Some of our friends have lived through Facism ,then communism , well soon we will be there also .

  6. Colonel Crispin Berka, King's Fusiliers Corps.

    Maybe amidst all the state-mandated rises in “private” health insurance premiums and state-mandated rises in “privatised” electricity generation costs, there’s just not enough room in people’s budgets and schedules for attending multiple messiah conferences per financial quarter.

    Hicks should have waited until the Jordan B. Petertsunami had subsided, which it did in Brisbane earlier this week. [Opinion, it was good: ]
    Even Hollywood blockbusters try not to make the mistake of opening the same weekend as each other.

    There’s oodles of advice floating about in the world and not enough time and focus to implement it all.

  7. Colonel Crispin Berka, King's Fusiliers Corps.

    And again my comments, even totally innocent ones that only link to this same web site, go straight into moderation. For God’s sake, Sinclair, go into your WordPress control panel and delete all user account history associated with my email address. And fix up your moderation rules too.

    You’ve claimed to not understand why this happens, but this doesn’t happen to any other user, which is why it is so clearly a change that one of your other authorised administrators has made with regards to my account.

    [I have searched through the moderation and ban lists several times. I cannot find any reason why your comments go into auto-moderation. Sinc]

  8. Jock

    I think the problem is that he is not known here.

  9. Nob

    Bruce, you remind me of when I was trying to sell (mechanical) drilling technology to older newly post-Soviet Russian engineers.

    It didn’t matter how many case histories you showed them, if they didn’t like the theory, they didn’t believe the empirical results.

  10. Nob

    They had a similar problem with open society and free markets.

    I guess we’re back there again with young westerners.

  11. thefrollickingmole


    The “wise man” who didnt believe in Aids and died from it.

    How embarrassment.

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