Nice Move Trumpster!

President Trump puts colleges on notice re free speech.

This is weird, the program won’t let me post Nice Move Trump(ie).

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  1. 2dogs

    And it’s free speech or lose research funding.

    Hopefully, this means an end to a lot of the useless research that the Sokal Squared group exposed.

  2. It would be nice to see this applied to Their ABC.

  3. Mother Lode

    The claim used to be colleges were among bastions of free speech resisting the government, now we have the President trying to protect free speech from the colleges.

    There has not been any real change, of course.

    The 60’s student activists only wanted their free speech. And they wanted it to the extent they wanted other people to indulge it to an extent that they did not offer their opponents. They never wanted equality of speech – they wanted absolute free rein which, obvious when you think about it, means they cannot brook any dissent.

    You can have any colour you like, as long as it is black.

    The only difference now is that their opponents have been forced into a corner, and the radical left still wants more because they want it all.

  4. Colonel Crispin Berka, King's Fusiliers Corps.

    Yeah, nice move, Trumpster.

    Read the comments if you dare.

    Not that anyone will see this comment because all my comments get special moderation treatment here.

  5. W Hogg

    Does this also include a requirement not to bash the fuck out of people you deem to be political opponents? (It seems a “free speech” rule contains a loophole if the perceived Nazi is not actually speaking at the time.)

  6. James Clarke

    Colonel Crispie If you believe that post, about how much he likes something that he owns, is advertising, then you have no idea what advertising is. This is a nothingburger inflated with leftist hot air.
    I find it amazing, just how far the rabid left is prepared to go to malign this man. To the point that things that the left have been all for, suddenly become poison because Trump is for them.

    The left would rather see their country reduced to a burnt out shell of it’s former self, rather than agree with their current President.

  7. Colonel Crispin Berka, King's Fusiliers Corps.

    If you believe that post, about how much he likes something that he owns, is advertising, then you have no idea what advertising is.

    You’re the one who doesn’t know what advertising is.
    Advertising (UK English): the business of trying to persuade people to buy products or services.
    (USA English): a business that makes things known generally or in public, esp. in order to sell them.

    There is no requirement in the definition for advertising that the advertisement explicitly instruct the audience to purchase anything. Mere affirmative promotion by itself qualifies as persuasion to buy.

    The fact the Trump Organisation had already tweeted an advertisement, making his tweet completely superfluous, but Trump retweeted the advertisment thus making his tweet an advertisment too, only further underscores the personal profiteering goal of the tweet. Completely legal for the President to do, apparently, but Conservatives have never believed that anything that’s legal is automatically right. It’s both wrong and illegal for all other politicians to do what Trump did there.

    Conservatives would burn parsimony at the stake rather than disagree with anything Trump does.

  8. John Stankevicius

    Colonel Crispin – what about the personal profiteering of the politicians in particular the leftist. They pass laws which (devoid of reality, impractical, encouragement to do nothing), favour big business, unions and govt. After passing these laws which no one understands and people find ways to work within them and end up doing what they wanted to do any way (check out Kerry Packers appearance before the media enquirers in the 80s), these people get paid consultancies by private industry. These people become the go between betweens for business and govt and the legal profession.
    As mentioned by an excellent post here, Hawke, Keating, Gillard, Rudd all come from nothing and became millionaires. It’s interesting that Keating with his hatred of the banks what his engagements with them were worth.
    If Trump had an alterior motive, at least he has advertising something that he developed from the ground up and not because of some idiot law that a politician passed. Bear in mind as I understand it that he is not paying himself the presidents wage, something that a leftist is horrified at as he is walking the talk.

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