Arky: Milo ban

News is that the British author and commentator Milo Yiannopoulos has been banned from coming to Australia.

The British firebrand was barred from entering the country earlier this week, with the Morrison government fearful his views would spark violent protests should he hold a speaking tour.

He now has a month to appeal the decision to the Department of Home Affairs, which said the ban was made on ‘character grounds’.

The letter explicitly made note that Australia had the power to block someone on the grounds of a fear they could ‘incite discord in the Australian community or in a segment of that community’.

I went to the last Milo talk in Melbourne in 2017. As fellow Cat Mater and I stood behind a pole dodging bottles of piss coming from the direction of the protesters, separated from us by tram tracks and a line of five foot high  police ladies in full riot gear, it did not occur to me that this was a segment of the “community” who required much in the way of incitement.

But if they did, I think it is the Minister’s decision that is most likely to incite.

Incite these idiots to move on the next target they wish to shut down.

I could not care less about Milo. But I care where this ratchets next.

Milo’s main oeuvre is anti- PC. His talk that night was provocative. The point of the provocation is to break the PC spell.

I found one or two of his bits distasteful. So what? Big deal. The left has spent the last fifty odd years being as deliberately distasteful as it possibly can be towards the old culture.

Only now, as they sit atop the pyramid have they discovered concepts such as taste and social cohesion.

It is a strange circumstance indeed we find ourselves in. The main selling point of the original counter culture was it’s anti- establishment credibility. Very strange indeed now to join the well- dressed, polite folk, waiting to see the counter culture icons of our time, the Milo’s, the Lauren Southern’s and the Petersons, while violent and brutal thugs use force to try to prevent free speech.

The only possible result of handing this victory to the mob is this: The next targets to silence will be a bit more mainstream.

Does Immigration understand “incitement”? It isn’t entertaining a bunch of middle of the road Australians with some camp and slightly naughty witticisms. It usually involves an active call to violence.

You know violence. The thing being used by the other side.

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38 Responses to Arky: Milo ban

  1. 132andBush

    The LNP needs to be refused entry to Australia.
    Gutless, gutless, gutless.

  2. Mater

    We Victorians have now officially earnt the title of ‘Mexicans’.
    Nowadays, being ‘South of the Border’ is but one of the similarities.

  3. Snoopy

    During the election campaign Peter Dutton will have his social licence to speak in public withdrawn. Nothing surer.

  4. Chris M

    Bad social credit score! He’s too flamboyant for the Liberals, they like their f-gs more discreet. The Greens will go to bat for him, surely.

  5. Infidel Tiger

    All homos should be banned from Australia.

    I applaud this decision.

    That’s why he was banned right?

  6. rickw

    He now has a month to appeal the decision to the Department of Home Affairs, which said the ban was made on ‘character grounds’.

    Character grounds? Apply that to Auspollies and none of them would get to re-enter the country.

  7. John Constantine

    Do top office vikpol still claim Milo owes them for the protection money?.


  8. Candy

    Milo seems such a gentle character. Hard to be believe he is a threat or would incite anyone.

  9. Occupy Centrelink

    Brought to you by the “broad church” LNP. Getting broader every day.

  10. Behind Enemy Lines

    The Libs are gutless scum and richly deserve the electoral smashing they’re about to receive.

    (Whether Australia deserves it is another question.)

  11. Fat Tony

    #2952130, posted on March 6, 2019 at 9:05 pm
    We Victorians have now officially earnt the title of ‘Mexicans’.
    Nowadays, being ‘South of the Border’ is but one of the similarities.

    You fuckers have always been Mexicans to us cane toads

  12. So, Milo gets banned because of security fears that he and his followers might get attacked, yet others who come to incite followers to attack Australians get unfettered access.

  13. Dr Fred Lenin

    There is no truth in the rumour that the morrison alp right government has banned a quick visit by President Trump on the grounds he might upset the alpbc comrades . Morrison needs the alpbc to gensure the right wing of the party stays in government . It is said Getup approves of the ban ,and comrade Shorten is happy his orders are being obeyed . Also there is no truthin the statement that Australian prime ministers are always retired by y=being stabbed in the back by colleagues ,just because Kev ,Jools,Tone and Malky were treated thus doesnt make it normal .


  14. Baldrick

    The Uni-Party strikes again.

  15. NB

    Oh, if only Milo would wear a t-shirt emblazoned with a hammer and sickle. He’d have a free pass anywhere.

  16. JB of Sydney/Shanghai

    He was wrong on this.

    Milo Yiannopoulos says Australia is the last remaining bastion of free … › business › media
    Oct 5, 2018 – Milo Yiannopoulos says Australia is the one last remaining bastions of … Mr Yiannopoulos said he wants Australia to be a model for the rest of the world. … The alt-right commentator is preparing to kick off a nationwide tour …

  17. tombell

    in many ways Morrison is worse than his predecessor. as a famous cricket commentator (John Arlott maybe?) said many many years ago about the Kiwi trundler Bob Cunis – he’s neither one thing nor the other!

  18. Iampeter

    I thought you guys opposed open borders…

  19. A Lurker

    The Liberals and Nationals join Labor and the Greens in shutting down and no-platforming speech that challenges their world view.

    So much for Free Speech.
    Soon the only speech that will be allowed in Australia is that which is acceptable to the Marxist Left.

  20. Iampeter
    #2952484, posted on March 7, 2019 at 11:04 am

    I thought you guys opposed open borders…

    You’re such a dishonest son of a slut peter.
    Milo didn’t just turn up at the border unannounced, he applied for permission to enter, which is all we ask of potential visitors and immigrants.
    But you knew that, yet still made the comment you did because you’re a m0fokng arsehole.

  21. Terry

    It will take the impending arse-kicking of monumental proportions the Libs have coming to them, to drive home the message that appeasing the Left is a dead-end political strategy.

    They will either (be forced to) change or be permanently removed from the political stage (others will fill the vacuum).

    A centre-right party/ies running on:
    * Low (much lower) taxation;
    * (Complete) Removal of excessive and pointless government expenditure;
    * (Heavy) Reduction in government intrusion in the lives of citizens;
    * Cheap and reliable energy (HELE Coal & Nuclear – no RET);
    * Secure Borders; and
    * Freedom (of speech/anti-Identity politics)

    Has everything it needs to differentiate itself from the Labor/Greens blob.

    A genuine centre-right approach in those policy areas delivers government in a landslide (probably both houses), particularly when coming off a recession that will very likely ensue from a Shorten cartel being elected.

  22. Bazinga

    Reductio ad Absurdum demands that guest speakers for the other side receive the same treatment as they have doled out. Of course this means sinking to their level but at least their visas will be revoked too, right?

  23. It will take the impending arse-kicking of monumental proportions the Libs have coming to them, to drive home the message that appeasing the Left is a dead-end political strategy.

    Even that won’t do it.

    They’ll conclude that they have to go harder left.

  24. Kneel

    “I thought you guys opposed open borders…”

    When did that happen? You thinking, I mean…

  25. Rossini

    Another reason to confirm my decision to disregard the Stupid Forken Liberals come the next election!

  26. Lee

    And if people like you, Iampeter, truly believed in “open borders” (not that that has anything to do with visitors like Milo) you would believe in Milo’s right to come in.
    But as with many leftists, hypocrisy is one of your strong points.

  27. Squirrel

    Unless there is some deep, dark, truly scary, disturbing stuff (which we lesser beings cannot be told about) which justifies this ban, it’s looking more and more like what we’ve got now is basically Turnbull with added Footy Franks – and today’s obvious discomfiture over the prospect of some new coal-fired power stations in NSW only adds to that impression.

  28. John A

    When I first read/heard about it, I thought of an attack upon my dietary choices.

  29. C.L.

    Yeah, Liberals. Fold to leftist threats and conform to their demands.
    That’ll make the media reconsider your bona fides and add tens of thousands to your side of the column come the next election. Any day year now, this is going to work for you.

  30. None

    Immigration is not run by Peter Dutton under Morrison. Morrison peeled off mmigration and gave it to some nobody limpdick lefty. Peter Dutton retains the rest of home affairs meaning he gets to clean up all the s***..
    Milo was funny for a while on Twitter; he has made a couple of brave stands and he’s totally harmless otherwise.

  31. OldOzzie

    Home Affairs letter outlines reasons why Milo Yiannopoulos could be denied visa

    Milo Yiannopoulos says the Liberal Party are “not fit to govern” if they cannot protect free speech, as he faces the possibility of being denied a visa to Australia.

    The far right celebrity told The Australian he was “confused, appalled, amused and devastated” to receive a Department of Home Affairs letter telling him he could be denied a visa over an unpaid $50,000 security bill to Victoria Police and extremist riots outside his controversial 2017 Australian shows.

    He pointed towards the recent Australian tour by Eygptian Islamic preacher Sheik Omar Abdel Kafi – who called 9/11 a “comedy film” – and said he was being denied the same right to free speech.

    “The idea that any western country would welcome a hate preacher like Omar Abdelkafy while banning a champion of free speech, capitalism and Christianity is unconscionable, but it’s especially awful coming from Australia, until recently a fair-minded land of common sense,” he said.

    “As it happens, I’m glad Abdelkafy got to speak. I believe everyone deserves the right to make their case. Australians can then decide for themselves what they believe on the basis of all the available evidence. The government cannot be involved in deciding which opinions are okay to state and which aren’t.”

    “Australians should remember this day and remember who did this when they cast their votes at the next election. If the Liberals can’t stand up for the fundamentals of a free society, they aren’t fit to govern.”

    Mr Yiannopoulos’s call against the Liberals could complicate Scott Morrison’s attempt to bring back votes from right splinter groups like One Nation.

    The British commentator has a strong following among the far right in Australia including One Nation leader Pauline Hanson,

    Mr Yiannopoulos said the riots outside his Melbourne show in December 2017, which led to five police officers being injured was caused by the “feral left” and that deplores political violence.

    Why Milo may be denied visa

    Home Affairs officials have told Milo Yiannopoulos he could be denied a visa partly due a $50,000 bill to Victoria Police.

    The Notice of Intention to Consider Refusal letter, which has been obtained by The Australian, states he may not pass the character test for entry into Australia due to the arrests made at his 2017 Australian shows, his statements about minorities, and Victorian Police Minister Lisa Neville saying he and his promoters had not yet paid security costs.

    But the pressure on Immigration Minister David Coleman to allow Mr Yiannopoulos continues to mount and his tour promoter, Penthouse Australia’s Damien Costas, told The Australian he never received a bill from Victoria Police.

    “The Department of Home Affairs (the Department) holds information about which suggests you may not pass the character test … in the event the person were allowed to enter or to remain in Australia, there is a risk that the person would: incite discord in the Australian community or in a segment of that community,” the Home Affairs letter reads.

    “There were significant protests at Mr YIANNOPOULOS’ events in Sydney and Melbourne in December 2017, despite the location of Mr YIANNOPOULOS’ speaking engagements being withheld by event organisers until 24 hours prior to the events.

    “Hundreds of protestors rallied outside the events. The protest at Mr YIANNOPOULOS’ Melbourne event involved violence and five police officers were reported as having been injured. The protest at Mr YIANNOPOULOS’ Sydney event also culminated in seven arrests.

    “Victoria Police issued Mr YIANNOPOULOS with a bill of $50,000 for the cost of policing his event in Melbourne. Mr YIANNOPOULOS was reported in July 2018 to have not paid the Victoria Police bill.

    “Mr YIANNOPOULOS was reported as saying ‘I love it when protestors turn up to my shows … when people are yelling in the streets, it gets me off’. Mr YIANNOPOULOS states he is a ‘troll’ and that ‘one of the purposes of trolling is to generate as much noise and public outcry as possible’.

    “Mr YIANNOPOULOS has made controversial statements in relation to minority groups such as indigenous Australians, Muslims, African Americans, and the LBGTIQ community.”

    Mr Yiannopoulos took to Facebook last night to share articles on his difficulties entering Australia, and quoted his supporter Pauline Hanson.

    Mr Yiannopoulos’ spokesman in Australia, Luke Izaak, said this was the third time Mr Yiannopoulos had received notification from Australian authorities that he intended to deny his visa, including before his 2017 tour which included a trip to Parliament House.

    Mr Costas said he has never received a bill from Victoria Police and that Mr Yiannopoulos intends to fight any attempts to stop him coming to Australia.

    “I’ve never received a bill from Victoria Police. And if I had, I would challenged the veracity of that bill. It was political grandstanding,” he told The Australian.

    “Milo hasn’t said anything that hasn’t been said by politicians in The Australian Senate.

    “I believe the Minister (David Coleman) will see common sense and we look forward to Milo coming to Australia.”

    Victoria Police would not confirm that Mr Costas was ever sent a bill or that any of the $50,000 security costs had been recouped.

    “Victoria Police does not disclose the cost of engaging our services, or the private discussions held as part of the arrangements,” a Victoria Police spokeswoman said.

    “While we will not be commenting on any events in particular, public safety is a joint responsibility between the police and event organiser.

    “Commercial event organisers have a responsibility to provide adequate measures to ensure the safety of event participants, spectators and the general public.”

    The Department of Home Affairs said it has “nothing to add to this matter.”

  32. Joanna

    totally harmless otherwise

    For the left, Milo, Gavin, Lauren etc, are trouble. They recognize the support these people have and fear their popularity rising and their message being embraced. The supposed Liberals have roadblocked a speaker from their own side. Disgraceful.


    Does banning a gay j ew make us Na zis or not Na zis?

  34. C.L.

    an unpaid $50,000 security bill to Victoria Police

    Which is an illegal, bullshit fantasy invented by Ashton and his corrupt left-wing gestapo.

  35. Muddy

    It will take the impending arse-kicking of monumental proportions the Libs have coming to them

    Nothing short of a wasteland where their recumbent shadows once lurked, gazing fondly at themselves in the barely tangible structure of the world’s largest spit-bubble collection, will be acceptable.
    Realistic? Probably not.
    But that’s what I demand. I don’t expect, or hope; I demand.

  36. LGS

    #2952752, posted on March 7, 2019 at 6:10 pm

    an unpaid $50,000 security bill to Victoria Police

    Which is an illegal, bullshit fantasy invented by Ashton and his corrupt left-wing gestapo.

    In the heyday of U.S. gangsterism (the 1920s and 30s) at least people had the lack of hypocrisy, “called a spade a spade”, and would call this extortion out for what it is: protection money.

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