Currency Lad: Fairfax Goes Full Heffernan …

… and you should never go full Heffernan.

An ex-seminarian known as ‘‘Joe’’ came forward alleging that Pell and several other priests had, 10 to 15 years earlier, been having sex with Mannix College trainee clerics at ‘‘parties … involving young men’’.

Joe was not a strong witness. He wanted $20,000 for compromising photographs that appeared to be of Pell and others engaged in sexual acts, but could not produce the negatives. Despite this, Ms Last felt she could not dismiss Joe’s allegations…It is believed that ‘‘Joe’’ has not pursued the matter. The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald have been unable to contact him.

There are a lot of “Joes” in the white pages, I guess. By “not pursued the matter,” Fairfax means that “Joe” – if he is still alive – has decided there are no gullible dopes left to fleece in 2019. He’s wrong about that, of course. If you’re reading this, Joe, get in touch with Fairfax or Victoria Police with those “photographs.” They’ll pay you a lot more than 20 large.

Speaking of Fairfax, here’s a flashback to April, 2011:

Heffernan, who was then cabinet secretary to the prime minister, John Howard, had been spreading the accusation among colleagues and media since at least mid-1999 without gaining much traction. However, in late 2000 he had met secretly in a motel with Wayne Patterson, who had been the prime minister’s driver.

Patterson handed over a thin sheaf of photocopied documents – supposedly driver records – which Heffernan described in the Senate as concrete evidence of trips in which Kirby used cars to pick up and return a ”young male companion”.

The photocopied documents were false. Somebody went to vast and extraordinary lengths to falsely accuse and frame Justice Kirby, a brilliant and highly respected High Court justice. Imagine that.

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31 Responses to Currency Lad: Fairfax Goes Full Heffernan …

  1. Texas Jack

    The Hef was no rocket scientist. Ninefaux is not NASA.

  2. Dr Fred Lenin

    We cant let nyt and wapo get all the fake news with cnn , awe Aussies want some of the action too. Beats finding real stories thats too much like hard work and we all know thinking hurts your brain ,lefties rarely suffer hurt brains .

  3. Rafe Champion

    Well what was wrong with picking up and returning a young male companion anyway?

  4. RealWorld

    That document was about as false as George Pell is guilty

  5. In principle, no problem with “picking up and returning” anybody.

    But, in practice, why would that person (the young male companion) be entitled to the use of taxpayer funded transport for a private purpose? There are rules, after all, or we’d all use Commcars instead of paying for taxis/hire cars..

    And why should Kirby or anyone else in a highly paid privileged position get to transport his/her friends at taxpayer expense?

    A bit of virtue signalling going on there, Rafe?

  6. Overburdened

    Memories of turn bull and Godwin.

  7. stackja

    Alleged Blue Mountains child sex-ring victim says sorry to his Mum
    Ashleigh Gleeson, The Daily Telegraph
    March 8, 2019 5:43pm
    Subscriber only

    One of the alleged victims of a Blue Mountains child sex-ring accused of carrying out blood rituals wrote a note which said “Mum I’m really sorry I’ve been lying about the whole thing,” a court has heard.

    In a shock twist the lawyer for the group, Bryan Wrench, told Penrith Local Court on Friday that the mother of the complainant had concealed the note from investigators.

    During a mention for the four adult co-accused, Mr Wrench told the court the note said: “Mum I’m really sorry I’ve been lying about the whole thing. Nobody hurt me, I’ve been lying to you.”

    “That was a note concealed by the mother in this investigation. Which might change the turn of events in this matter,” Mr Wrench said.

    The court heard that police had travelled interstate and carried out 24 hours’ worth of new interviews for their investigation which the defence and prosecution now needed time to look through.

    The matter will return to court on May 3.

  8. Gab

    It’s times like this I really miss the Currency Lad’s blog.

  9. Dr Fred Lenin

    I always had my suspicions about kirby , just had that aura about him I did not like . I have always had the ability to read people and am rarely wrong .

  10. Overburdened

    Dr this is called cognitive bias.

  11. C.L.

    Any lawyers around to clarify …
    The Fairfax article is actionable, plain and simple, is it not?

  12. Overburdened

    I note with interest clivepalmer has a full page spread of his not inconsiderable representatives in the Oz today.
    That he is in a position to obtain influence in Government with no fake or real news from the Government or the Opposition is remarkable, given the raw material that is available.

  13. Old Lefty

    As I said before, it is plain chutzpah for Fauxfacts to pretend to be scandalised by a gay orgy. Should someone shop them to the Huperoffspring Rights Commission for homophobia?

  14. Zyconoclast

    Well what was wrong with picking up and returning a young male companion anyway?

    How young is young?
    Is ‘male companion’ a euphemism for rentboy?

  15. areff

    A renowed jurist Kirby might be, but it didn’t stop him accepting free use of a pied a terre to “relax” between deliberations, a token of esteem by a gentleman with business before the court.

  16. Up The Workers!

    I wonder how long it will take the dills who run 9 these days that no matter how hard you try, you just CANNOT pick up a Fauxfacts (or either of their bum-wipes-with newsprint) by the ‘clean’ end!

  17. Beachcomber

    The Fairfax article is actionable, plain and simple, is it not?

    In a country where the law applied equally to all, it would be.

    But not in Australia if you are a conservative or Catholic.

  18. Overburdened

    In the meantime Justice Kirby has served the people and had a worthy career. If he is a criminal then he is not above the Law. If he is not then his personal proclivities are not a strangers business.
    Unlike others, his behaviour legal or otherwise has not caused a negative effect on a whole community.

    If the use of cars is the issue here, he’d be another at the trough.

  19. Beachcomber

    It’s times like this I really miss the Currency Lad’s blog.

    Yes, to make up for the cessation of his blog all those years ago, we need more posts on the Cat from the Currency Lad!

  20. Snoopy

    Kirby was framed. That’s CL’s point.

  21. Pickles

    The Melbourne Truth is Undead!! Rippa!

  22. None

    The first J** was Abraham

    I’m guessing here but is that why J_wish theology affirms Noahic Covenant which covers all people while the Abrahamic covenant covers only the J-ws?

  23. None

    Sorry wrong thread.
    But yes people will go to extraordinary lengths in an attempt to frame others particularly when those people are crazy and the others are prominent.

  24. iain russell

    Rent boys and French clocks. Hmmmm.

  25. Notafan

    Fairfax is scurrying down the wrong rabbit hole.

    The narrative is celibacy causes heterosexual men to become child abusers.

    Not gay men have a proclivity to abuse children.

    Fairfax is outed as homophobic.

    Twitter goes wild!

    Not to mention 10 or 15. So very very vague.

  26. Makka

    Exactly that notafan. As usual, the root of the problems start with the gay crowd

  27. Bruce

    The quick test of those “photographs sans negatives” is the image emulsion and then the “structure” of the image itself.

    Twenty years ago, analogue “wet” photography had not completely fallen to the digital onslaught. Five minutes with a competent photographic technician would establish the nature and age of the alleged photos, negatives or not.

    IF these photos are indeed “wet process” prints, the next step is to test the properties of the emulsion and paper to determine age.

    On the other hand, any fool can get creative with “Photoshop” and then print on “photo-grade” paper with a hi-res inkjet printer, but the product will have VERY different properties from a real, analogue photo.

  28. thefrolickingmole

    If he is a criminal then he is not above the Law. If he is not then his personal proclivities are not a strangers business.

    I dont have a problem with Kirbys preferences as such.

    However we had the entire top tier of the criminal justice system knowingly promoting a chap whos “lifestyle” was illegal for decades.

    If they are free to pick and choose who they prosecute because they are “one of us” then what other activities will they overlook?
    If Billy bongsmoke was arrested for gay sexual activities in the 70’s and convicted by a judge/legal fraternity which knowingly promoted a person performing the same type of activities to the highest court in the land then you have corruption.
    Not “potential” but actual vile corruption where your ability to avoid being charged or convicted depends on your influential “mates”

    Would it seem strange if judges were ignoring junkies or powder users among themselves based on the established “Kirby doctrine” of selective prosecution?

  29. David Brewer

    On Pell, check the link to see video of his response to police interviewing him on the charges on which he was eventually convicted. How police proceeded with such a far-fetched allegation of events 20 years in the past – and got a conviction – beats me. Surely if Pell had taken the stand he could have made mincemeat of the allegations.

    On Neinfax, they sure are going the Full Heffernan:

    Rumours have surrounded the cardinal, especially among survivors of abuse and their advocates, for many years. Some of the allegations might seem preposterous at first, but the same argument was made by some about the choirboy’s claim that he and another boy were assaulted more than 20 years ago. This makes the other allegations more relevant.

    Yes, but not the way they think. If the choirboy case was the best they had, how flimsy were the rest?

  30. Overburdened

    The frolickingmole
    A tardy response to your suggestion.
    One would hope that the people who enter Law would learn enough about separation to be able to dispense their judgements according to the process.
    If they have personal behaviours that conflict with the Law, then hopefully they deal with cases with integrity and wrestle their own conscience in their spare time.
    The same position you hypothesise applies in other professions- Police that grew up in a world of dope smokers, abstemptious medical people dealing with people suffering the effects of their addictions.
    The risk is that people will not be treated equally.

  31. BorisG

    How police proceeded with such a far-fetched allegation of events 20 years in the past – and got a conviction – beats me.

    Police may be bastards but they cannot convict. Jury does. Obviously the jury was convinced beyond reasonable doubt that the testimony of the victim was genuine. Juries are selected very carefully, although of course they are not immune from the prevailing public opinion. In this sense I am not sure a jury trial on a matter of such political significance can be fair. But is there any other way?

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