Rafe’s Roundup Friday 8 March

Update. Will Happer coming under attack for his role as Trump’s science advisor.

You can tell how important Dr Happer is by the forces that have been marshaled against him. The three major lefty media organizations — CNN, the Washington Post, and the New York Times — all came out to say Dr. Happer’s efforts would be wasted. The Democrats are alarmed, calling Dr Happer’s proposed panel “dangerous.”

The deep resources of the Deep State were mobilized to send a letter to the president signed by some people who once had a connection with the military, such as John Kerry. The 58 signatories to that letter have self-identified as foot soldiers for one-world government and impoverishing the U.S. They are also so delusional that they can believe in global warming even as record cold temperatures are freezing a large part of the lower 48 states.

Calling those 58 signatories delusional is giving them the benefit of the doubt. In one of his speeches in Washington, Obama was going on how dreadful global warming is when the audience started tittering. That reaction indicates what Washington insiders really think of the issue. But leaders of Obama’s ilk can’t afford to have people laughing out loud at their gravest causes. So the next time he mentioned global warming was at a Coast Guard graduation ceremony. Cadets couldn’t laugh at Obama’s inanities without their careers ending.

Unelected environmental loonies attack the roots of our prosperity. Ho hum, what is new, you might say. The Western Australian EPA at work.

Suddenly, with five minutes warning, Western Australia may be going it alone to meet Paris on behalf of Australia. Not because an elected government decided that, but because of five people chosen by a state Minister. Who is in charge here? The West Australian EPA is a QUAGO (quasi-autonomous-and-governmental organisation) – paid by the government, but magically “independent” of it.

A killer post by Dan Mitchell, our man in DC. Get his feed, he has top stuff every day but I don’t want to have to remind you every day! This is a data-based defence of individualism against the common prejudice that individualism somehow trumps goodwill for others. A philosophical defence of Dan’s position can be found in Popper’s critique of Plato’s collectivist theory of justice. Western philosophy is footnotes to Plato and the totalitarian/collectivist theme in Plato’s later work, especially The Republic is at the heart of all kinds of totalitarian thought to the present day.

Another great post from Matt Ridley on pseudoscience in medicine and environmentalism.

So the habit of laundering lies is catching on. Three times in the past month, pseudo-science flew around the world before the scientific truth had got its boots on (as Mark Twain did not say, but Jonathan Swift almost did): in stories about insect extinction, weedkiller causing cancer, and increased flooding. The shamelessness of the apocaholics is increasingly blatant. They know that even if a story of impending doom is thoroughly debunked, the correction comes too late. The gullible media will have relayed the headline without checking, so the activists have made their fake-news hit, perhaps even raised funds on the back of it, and won.

This is coming from Perth on the eve of Libertyfest in the West. More on that later.

Liberty Quote for the day from Herbert Spencer

What, then, do they want government for? Not to regulate commerce; not to educate the people; not to teach religion; not to administer charity; not to make roads and railways; but simply to defend the natural rights of man – to protect person and property – to prevent the aggressions of the powerful upon the weak – in a word, to administer justice. This is the natural, the original, office of a government. It was not intended to do less: it ought not to be allowed to do more.

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10 Responses to Rafe’s Roundup Friday 8 March

  1. Tombell says:

    If Morisson had any balls he’d exit Paris. But all I hear is a high pitched ad man.

  2. duncanm says:

    Jo Nova makes a good point regarding the QA EPA

    Dare I suggest that the oil and gas industry could’ve been helping to explain to Australia how damaging the Paris agreement and pagan weathercraft is. They partly benefit from the anti-CO2 mantra as it hurts coal, and boosts gas.

    Its always dangerous to feed the crocodile — you’ll be eaten in the end.

  3. Myrddin Seren says:

    Under the guidelines developers proposing projects with direct emissions of more than 100,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per annum would be required to demonstrate they have taken all “reasonable and practicable design measures”, including use of renewable energy, to reduce or avoid emissions.

    Everyone under the radar breathes a sigh of relief and thinks, ‘Thanks God, they took Big O&G – not me ! Phew’.

    Precedent set – just like the Rocky Hill coal non-mine.

    Now, move the goal posts from ‘direct emissions’ to ’embedded emissions’ and drop the quantum of emissions to whatever level the Guardianistas need to hit their targets.

    For example, think about the embedded energy – and by extension CO2 emissions – in a modern high rise building ?

    Or a new hospital ?

    Or a pumped storage dam ?

    Tonnes of concrete, steel, aluminium, glass, cabling, piping, Air-con, clean water in/ kaka water out.

    The EPA will now proceed to reduce us all to serfs.

    Homo Davos for the win.

  4. Tom says:

    Via the Matt Ridley extract above: a new word for Muddy’s Catictionary: apocaholic — to describe climate scammers. Perfect!

  5. Confused Old Misfit says:

    Solar input to high latitudes and the global ice volume

    While there is ample evidence that variations in solar input to high altitudes is a “pacemaker” for the alternating glacial and interglacial periods over the past ~ 2.7 my, there are two major difficulties with the standard Milankovitch theory:

    (i) The different cadence of the glacial periods prior to the MPT (41 ky) and after the MPT (88 to 110 ky). Mid-Pleistocene Transition.

    (ii) The reason why so many precessional maxima in solar input to high latitudes fail to produce terminations in the post-MPT era; yet every fourth or fifth one does then produce a rather sudden termination.

  6. Muddy says:

    If Matt is a Cat & the word is his, it’s in.

  7. mem says:

    Climate Change is a complete hoax and a scam says founder of Greenpeace.

    Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace on the subject of the Climate Change narrative; “But this abomination that is occurring today in the climate issue is the biggest threat to the Enlightenment that has occurred since Galileo,” declared Moore. “Nothing else comes close to it. This is as bad a thing that has happened to science in the history of science.” Moore concluded, “It’s taking over science with superstition and a kind of toxic combination of religion and political ideology. There is no truth to this. It is a complete hoax and scam.” Read his devastating interview on Brietbart News. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/03/07/greenpeace-founder-global-warming-hoax-pushed-corrupt-scientists-hooked-government-grants/

    My question. Why isn’t this front page news in every paper in the world?

  8. Ellen of Tasmania says:

    This is as bad a thing that has happened to science in the history of science.

    Oh, I don’t know. Science likes us to forget.


  9. mem says:

    Dear Ellen,

    Oh, I don’t know. Science likes us to forget.

    Thanks for posting the video. Regardless of its subject, that is not what I am talking about here. I am talking about a current corruption of science that is creating a non problem to which governments and private enterprise worldwide are responding with solutions that are costing billions, destroying economies, wrecking the environment and putting their citizens under severe duress. Yes, those involved in the greatest scam in science history will also want to forget. But we are not there yet and we have a responsibility to stop the damage before it is irreparable. I would hope you agree?

  10. Win says:

    How selective are these doom mongers. The beautiful moths beetles and insects that wouldhang around out door lights have gone from where we live. There council swears that their mosquito control only affects mosquitos. How ever as well as no night insect life the frogs have gone from the river dam and designated swimming pool frog pond. Cane Toads and Indonesian geckos are still present .
    As for the medical profession this week another month old baby died suffocated whilst the father was sleeping. If the global warmidsts want a Co2 killer why not have a look at SIDS. The history gores back to the 1800’s.

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