With Friends Like Photios

NSW political operator, Michael Photios has made a second contribution in the Australian in recent weeks.  This time with “With contributions from Tom Loomes”.  

No need to be dishing out an ultimatum on stadiums

For Cats outside of NSW, there happens to be an election in NSW.  Even inside NSW it is not that obvious with less media than in previous years.

That all changed earlier this week when Labor Opposition Leader Michael Daley hit the charts on Alan Jones radio show with, let’s just call it, a dispute about the knock-down and rebuild of Allianz/Sydney Football Stadium.  Then into the fray came Photios writing:

Only $1.9bn and less than 1.4 per cent of the total spend is on three stadiums. Even then, only one of the stadiums, costing $719 million, is at issue. And Labor would still spend half of this on an alternative refurbishment, maybe saving $350m. That’s 0.25 per cent of the entire infrastructure spend, just what the upgrade of Gosford Hospital will cost.

Basically Photios is suggesting that because (according to his numbers), the difference between a rebuild and refurb is only $350 million, then you may as well rebuild.

Only $350 million apparently, and Photios thus implies that this is not material the context of the total NSW budget and capital works program.

You know, TAFKAS remembers a time when $350 million was real money.  Apparently not in Mr Photios mind and company.

But demonstrating his true feelings, Mr Photios closes with this point:

A quality government can build schools, hospitals, transport and stadiums. It’s not either or.

He is right.  It isn’t either or.  A quality government could also cut taxes, but god forbid that ever happening.

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14 Responses to With Friends Like Photios

  1. The world would be a far better place if this Phobius and his clan (Zimmerman for instance) were to be transported via the star ship Enterprise to a distant planet. Such an event might even save the Liberal Party, if it is worth saving.

  2. Buccaneer

    Photios is a knob, but the NSW govt is well in surplus. They are not borrowing to do the infrastructure, instead have completed an innovative lease deal for electricity assets. And, the stadium in question is unsafe and unfit for purpose, essentially it’s a fire trap. Worse, Daley was caught out lying about it and this will not be reported in the MSM, we only hear the constant deceptive refrain that 85% of people don’t want new stadiums. This govt has also renewed more school, hospital and other infrastructure than any other in NSW history. Photios aside they deserve to be returned.

  3. Bruce of Newcastle

    The Allianz stadium was built in the days when the world was more innocent.
    There’s no way you could retrofit its toilets to accommodate all 57 genders.
    Or all the women’s and LGBT changerooms that are so desperately needed.
    SJWs also have to have somewhere to keep the lions.
    Christians don’t eat themselves you know.

  4. Bruce, you forgot the prayer rooms replete with prayer mats.

  5. stackja

    SFS either gets rebuilt or forget any more sports events. Other states borrow money to build their stadia. NSW has money to spend on both stadia and others.

  6. stackja

    Photios is a nonentity except in his own head.

  7. Pyrmonter

    There may be a ‘commercial’ ‘need’ to rebuild Allianz (it has less enclosed ‘box’ space than modern stadiums tend to, reducing its value to its tenants) but the sources of information about its alleged ‘danger’ (the Trust (which has obtained taxpayer backing to meet the costs of the re-building) are as impartial as Sally McManus’s views on the CFMMEU’s rights of site entry and ‘wage stagnation’. The stadium is 30 years old. It defies rational belief that it was built so badly that it needs demolition. (It has long been Pyrmonter’s preferred venue for viewing Association Football).

    The flippant disregard for the value of money – and recognition that all government outlay comes with an opportunity cost, measured in foregone useful outlays in those areas of life government has (more or less) appropriated to itself (health, indigenous affairs, education, transport infrastructure) and in lowering taxation – will be sore points with the electorate once the music stops, commodity prices fall and government in NSW is delivered to a Labor party run by the B-team left behind by Obeid and Tripodi. This stadium, when finally built, will be a permanent memorial to a succession of NSW coalition governments that betrayed the mandate given to them in 2011 to drain the swamp and who’ve barely managed to disperse a bit of the surface water.

  8. Alex Davidson

    Related from the SMH 3 days ago:

    As political combat over rail and road spending intensifies ahead of the state election, NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet said infrastructure investment would be the “mainstay of the economy”.

    I fail to understand how using force to loot citizens then allowing the political class to decide how to spend it produces any greater overall economic benefit than if the plunder did not occur in the first place. Are the entrepreneurs who create wealth somehow incapable of deciding what to do with it?

    If this is to become the “mainstay of the economy”, then we are well on the road to serfdom.

  9. Dr Fred Lenin

    When they knock it down sell the land to Photios ans his developer mates to build dogbox for Cinese and reffos . Use the money they get for the land on updating hosppital security for staff ,stop tham being assaulted by bogan scum .

  10. Percy Popinjay

    A “quality government” wouldn’t be composed solely of corrupt clueless cretinous cockheads, as Beryl’s is (and labor’s will be).

  11. Pyrmonter

    @ Alex

    That would be Dominic Perrottet, luminary of the NSW Liberal Right; in some quarters, a budding Thatcher. He who cites Picketty approvingly (https://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/state-politics/liberal-party-risk-being-captured-by-wealthy-elites-nsw-treasurer-warns/news-story/22b5ad8c198bce3c58818bd45e6ee517) and precipitated an entirely unnecessary cascade of pre-selections (ultimately costing the saintly Peter Phelps his position in the LegCo) in order to move half an hour’s driving distance closer to Macquarie St. That Dominic Perrottet

  12. A Lurker

    Bread and circuses for Sydney.
    Meanwhile the regions cry out for critical infrastructure.

  13. Rob

    Meanwhile the regions cry out for critical infrastructure.

    Sporting stadiums are critical infrastructure in the modern world. Sport in Australia as a percentage of gdp is on par with agriculture, so perhaps we would be off if infrastructure investment was withdrawn from the regions and put into more stadiums.

  14. TobiasE

    The problem lies in the process — the tail was wagging the dog.

    They started by allocating $2 billion from the privatisation of the state’s poles and wires businesses to stadiums, and then went looking for ways to spend it.

    I’d love to be proven wrong on this, but I don’t think there is a single person on the public records suggesting — even as an unrealistic pipe dream — there was a need to knock down and rebuilding Allianz before the government came along, slapped the money on the table, and said ‘What can we do with this, boys?’

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