Muddy: It’s a Cat-word Thing.

Well, well, well, look what the Catictionary dragged in!

To avoid any further horrendous puns – hand over your NEW words (with definitions please) quick-smart.

As examples of what I’m looking for, the following have been plucked from various threads since the last round:

ARTISANARIANISM from Stimpson J. Cat (inspired by Infidel ‘Artisan’ Tiger, I believe); VIGILTAINMENT courtesy of C.L;

PITH-HEAD by the one-and-only Carpe Jugulum;


and for the sake of my touch-deprived ego: POLARAZZI, and URBIGENOUS, by yours truly.

To those whose suggestions I have rejected – please keep trying. You might feel better knowing that all contributions pass through a rigorous quality control process, otherwise known as the Yeah-but-Nah Test.

Please let me know if any of the strays I have picked up since the last round were NOT your own originals. As much as some of you have created apt and entertaining redefinitions of existing words, as a simple Muddy with a simply-functioning cognitive process, I want to keep this, well … what’s the word? So I’ve chosen to focus on new/original words only.

The plan is to harass you another two or perhaps three times in the coming months, before I present the whole of the Catictionary – this year’s contributions, plus your old favourites – towards the end of 2019.

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39 Responses to Muddy: It’s a Cat-word Thing.

  1. Terence Barr

    I find using the term FITH in describing the rantings of the warmista crowd ,most rewarding because I am always asked for the meaning. F*#%#~<d in the head seems quite succinct but fully descriptive. Could this word be added to the catictionary?

  2. Muddy:
    How about Catharass? Meaning to have a Cat member harassing us about stuff?

  3. IainC

    Red Whine – a bitter, century-old formulation initially derived from rich, plump, nutritious free market fruit that is crushed and squeezed until all goodness is gone, and the dry remaining husk is then vilified for not producing more, then more, then even more.
    Colour Bar – in response to a new racial exclusion concept whereby a slightly less brown actor cannot play a slightly darker subject, necessitating the use of a long paper strip of several dozen shades of brown and black (a “colour bar”) to ensure a statistically significant match.
    Re-no-ables – cockamamie attempts to substitute reliable 24/7 energy with intermittent weakling versions (see Degenerators) that cannot possibly do the job.
    Degenerator – a source of renewable energy that is 5 times as expensive and produces a fifth of the energy as the one it is replacing (also derived: Degeneration – the action and end result of enacting this policy.)

  4. Muddy

    My apologies for the dodgy line spacing.

    Terence: I’m intrigued, but also confused by ‘Fith.’ Can you elaborate?
    Winston: Sounds great.
    IainC: Yes, No, Yes, No. The nos are because they are existing words, even if the definitions are new. The rabid ferrets inside my head make the rules; I just enforce them.

  5. Shy Ted

    Small Cat words were so much easier but –
    Transgander – someone who decides to change sex but just ends up looking a goose.
    Malclaim – a claim to would-have-been greatness if not for the actions of inferiors.

  6. Muddy

    OH. I just understood Terence’s acronym.
    Sorry Terence, no acronyms. Aside from that, straight abusive insults – while perhaps largely true and sometimes amusing – tend to have novelty value only.
    If you can create a new word that essentially means the same thing, but is not so explicit, I’m all eyes. [I don’t have a problem with calling people names where I think it is deserved, however the ambition is for some of these words to eventually enter the broader lexicon].

  7. One ScoMo doesn’t make a Spring

    Greensided: to have your Parliamentary ambitions julianed.

  8. Shy Ted

    Tintarella di Luna comment on the open thread inspired “QuotaQuoter”. Someone you see on The Drum, Q&A etc who you just know is going to advocate for quotas before they open their mouths. Split the prize money 50/50 TDL.

  9. Shy Ted

    JuliaBared. Vegan woman who you wonder what she’s like naked but you know there’s only a skeleton under the expensive threads.

  10. Squirrel

    Homo bandannus – gents of a certain age who respond to their (late-ish) mid-life crisis by dressing ostentatiously to the Left.

  11. Baldrick

    Smugnorant: Terri Butler (ALP) – Shadow Assistant Minister for Equality.

  12. Danoz


    What about a smugonought?
    Someone who is smug and supercilious but with nothing to back it up? Perhaps there could be an apostrophe in there, and/or a hyphen, I don’t know.

  13. Neville

    “… otherwise known as the Yeah-but-Nah Test.”
    ROFL bigtime!

  14. Dr PC

    Keep up the good work in this quest for neologisms.

    Keep in mind however that the use of neologisms can be a sign of psychiatric disorder such as schizophrenia, or (my favourite from medical school) – Korsakoff psychosis due to chronic alcohol abuse.

    With that in mind, my suggestion for the Catictionary is “Prurious” (…. obviously, a combination of prurient and curious)

    For example – ” although the email was flagged as NSFW, I opened it because I was prurious”.

  15. MatrixTransform

    Wokestan — it’s the place where numbers lives

  16. thefrolickingmole

    Sharticle: What the guardian and ABC push out to cover space on their websites.

  17. Herodotus

    Polytician – polly with multiple and interchangeable views on a subject depending on what audience they are addressing.

  18. Nob

    Loopy California hippie bullshit: Haight speech.

  19. One ScoMo doesn’t make a Spring

    Sub zero : Australia’s naval capacity

  20. Nick

    Muddy, I’m putting ‘Liarwatha’ back out there. Inspired by the Native American who provoked the Covington students.

  21. Muddy

    Thanks for the catributions, folks.

    There has been a change of plan: In late May or early June, I will put forward those words which have made the list since the last complete list was published, and at the end of this year, the catalexicon itself (I’m open to renaming the Catictionary, by the way, if you have a better idea). Existing words and acronyms won’t be making it (as much as I laughed at One ScoMo’s ‘sub zero’).

    In the meantime, feel free to harass me with your words on the odd occasion I comment on other threads here.

    Take control of the language you use.

  22. Shy Ted

    Suevivor. Alleged victim of alleged long ago committed offence who comes forward when there’s money to be had.

  23. Bones

    lying hunter: conservative commentator

  24. Shy Ted

    Omosexual. That overtly gay ABC guest who has nothing to say but has beautifully white teeth and clean clothes.

  25. Dr Fred Lenin

    Muddy . I still like my “Ruddificatiion “ making a simple statement totally uninteligibke ,a phrase has been “Ruddified” as in “people will understand that statement if you dont Ruddify it “ , a method used usually inPoliticcs or the public servants particulary foreign afffairs wallahs. .

  26. mh

    #2954849, posted on March 10, 2019 at 6:04 am
    Loopy California hippie bullshit: Haight speech.

    Too boomer-ish, imho.

  27. Muddy

    #2955127, posted on March 10, 2019 at 5:00 pm

    #2954849, posted on March 10, 2019 at 6:04 am
    Loopy California hippie bullshit: Haight speech.

    Too boomer-ish, imho.

    Thanks for the feedback, mh.
    I’m seeking what I might describe as utilitarian words that will be understandable and relatable to as wide an audience as possible; NOT, as some might believe, only to we specials here in the echo chamber.

    My theory is, that if I don’t understand the reference within a brief period, others may think similarly. It’s not a perfect process, but as no-one else has come forward with advice, this is what I’m working with.

  28. Faye

    Educryptocracy: Socialist takeover of education

    Jonestowns: Flourishing Marxist communities

    Socialistanks: Similar to smelly septic tanks wherever socialists gather

    Smotherism: Parents’ modern progressive way of stunting children mentally and physically

    Surtrump: Turns up trumps against all odds for America and the world surpassing all expectations

  29. Henry2

    Trampion; Trans winner of a female competition

  30. Nob

    Did I mention this one before?

    Tenderpreneur: crony capitalist scooping up govt contracts.

    Not coined by me. Borrowed from the Saffers’ Rainbow Nation.

  31. Nob

    #2955213, posted on March 10, 2019 at 7:05 pm

    Smotherism: Parents’ modern progressive way of stunting children mentally and physically

    Faye, I think that has to be Smotherhood.

  32. IainC

    Nologism – a superbly crafted, intellectually deep and stunningly apt new word of heartbreaking genius and beauty that is summarily rejected by Muddy’s rabid mind-ferrets.
    Sloganocracy – rule by a cadre of intellectual robots who maintain control with constant repetition of short, anodyne edicts that must be believed without question. Examples include: “diversity is good”, “Australia must build more wind and solar NOW”, Green New Deal”, “Capitalism is bad, Socialism is good”, “Israel is bad, Palestine is good”, and “for social justice to prevail, we must take away your…(fill in current benefit/human right)”.

  33. Faye

    Thank you very much Nob. May I now change it to –
    Smotherhood: Parents’ modern progressive way of stunting children mentally and physically.

  34. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    Goughed – what happens when a Govenment brainwashes a population into thinking the Government will do it all for you – no need to think for yourself at all. ( H/t to the commentor on the Oz I pinched this one off.)

  35. Muddy

    Oh dear. IainC provokes the mind-ferrets.
    I’m keeping out of this one. You’re on your own, Iain.

  36. Faye

    (Muddy is open to renaming the Catictionary.)


  37. IainC

    Muddy, you do realise, I hope, that it was an affectionate riff on your earlier comment (“The rabid ferrets inside my head make the rules; I just enforce them.”), or perhaps there is some deep trauma that I should not have poked with a lexical stick.
    Sargasm – the explosive, body shaking realisation that the comment you assumed everyone would interpret as ironic or playfully sarcastic has been interpreted literally.

  38. Muddy


    It’s ‘all good’ as the young riffraff apparently say now. I wasn’t offended, and I acknowledge the input you’ve had to the Catictionary. I’ve found that it tends to be lurkers such as yourself who appreciate the idea of a catalexicon perhaps more so than the regular Cool Cats.

  39. IainC

    Bless you, Muddy, there is now a strange salty fluid forming in the corner of my eye which I cannot explain, after reading that.
    Lachrymost – intersectional woke competition, involving copious tears, to demonstrate that you have been the most egregiously victimised person on the greatest number of identity fronts.

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