What is the technical term used to describe an anti-semitic socialist?


The left has gone truly bonkers, vile and repulsive.

The rest is from Ace of Spades from a while ago but the same thing is found everywhere, except in the newspapers or on the media. They did end up passing the resolution to condemn “hate”. Hate is not a policy, but an emotion. What they really mean to condemn is racism, but since they are defending rascists, they have to obfuscate once again. Dark times ahead.

So The Alleged House Condemnation of Antisemitism Is Already Watered Down, and Now the Congressional Black Caucus and Progressive Caucus are Delaying It

As David Harsanyi wrote, the resolution which is supposedly a condemnation of antisemtism is so deliberately vague so as not to offend actual antisemites.

Democrats’ draft measure condemning anti-Semitism, which the House will vote on this Wednesday, is a useless and transparent attempt to distract from a serious problem. The melodramatic resolution mentions Alfred Dreyfuss, Leo Frank, Henry Ford, and “anti-Muslim bigotry”–because, hey, even when Jews are being smeared it’s about Islamophobia, but not once does it condemn Rep. Ilhan Omar or the strain of Jew-hatred she is helping normalize on the left. The resolution, teeming with useless platitudes, is one that even Omar could probably support.

But even that’s too much.

Even watered down to the point of saying nothing, it’s still too aggressive a statement for an idea — Jew-hating — that is all too popular in some communities.

I guess “GOAT” Farrakhan has some problems with the resolution.

Meanwhile, Alexandria Donkey-Chompers is defending Ilhan Omar’s antisemtism by making up Whataboutism situations that didn’t actually happen.

This is PDT discussing the vote in Congress.

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16 Responses to What is the technical term used to describe an anti-semitic socialist?

  1. a happy little debunker

    Is it a 4 letter word, starting with an N and utilise a symbol formerly associated with good luck in the sub continent near India?

  2. With reference to AOC:
    I believe that the information provided in the attached video is actually the case.
    AOC was selected in a casting call to act the part of congresswoman for the “Justice Democrats”.
    She is a puppet, and the puppet masters have a sinister agenda.
    If this is correct, watch the attached video at your peril.

  3. @karabar – Thanks. I wondered the same question.

  4. Tom

    Thanks, Karabar. Let’s see how long that YouTube lasts before it is taken down. AOC is, after all, a Silicon Valley project to take over the bits of Washington DC it doesn’t already control.

  5. Mitchell Porter

    Can we wind back the paranoia about AOC’s hidden masters a little? Yes, she was part of a movement (‘Justice Democrats’) organized by Sanders supporters who blame Hillary’s ‘corporate Democrats’ for costing them the presidency. They ran a number of candidates in Democratic primaries late last year. But AOC’s individual victory was a big upset. She was not groomed to be the new face of socialism in America, she was catapulted into that position by unexpected success.

  6. IainC

    I hate mass murdering anti-Semitic Communists and Nazi socialists. Are they condemning my hatred? Should I bury my hatred (bit hard to find a spot with the mass graves and all) and learn to love them?

  7. LGS

    According to left-wing racists, to paraphrase Lewis Carroll: “anti-Semitism means exactly what I want it to mean”.
    In their world you’re sometimes accused of being an anti-Semite if you’re a conservative or right-winger, even despite all the evidence to the contrary – President Trump (who has a Jewish son-in-law and Jewish grandchildren) and even Andrew Bolt (being against globalism apparently makes him an anti-Semite, despite being a fierce defender of Israel, and Jews in general!), for instance – whereas the most virulent and outspoken anti-Semites on the left – Ilhan Omar and Jeremy Corbyn, for example (but there are a great many others) get a free pass, or excuses are trotted out for them.

  8. Dr Fred Lenin

    The definitive anti semites were socialists ,Hitler et cie and Stalin and co . They dont come any more anti semitic than those two marxists .

  9. AussieMAGA

    The term is heretic. An anti-semite is a blasphemer of the unofficial religion of Western nations, Holocaustianity.

  10. Kingsley

    I suspect you could also alternatively call them the Pro Hamas party and not be too far off the mark.

  11. John A

    Karabar #2954284, posted on March 9, 2019, at 1:19 pm

    With reference to AOC:

    If this is correct, watch the attached video at your peril.

    No, FAIL TO watch that video at your peril…

    We may deride her silliness and the total impracticability of the Green New Deal, but we need to be alert to where the ideas really come from.

  12. AOC fumbled in the youtube clip where she mumbles from the depths of her own ignorance something about “settlements are the occupation probably maybe but I dunno ‘cos I’m not up on geopolitics”. Now that being accused of antisemitism has been shown to be a cunning weapon against the old fuddy-duddy Democrats her minders will groom her with a new script.

  13. Nicholas (Unlicenced Joker) Gray

    Didn”t Karl Marx claim that the Jews were the moneyed interests? So Communist would also fit your question! And another reason the left hates Israel- where have all the Kibbutzim gone? Israel is a successful, and Capitalist, enclave in the Middle East. How can a Socialist NOT hate it?

  14. Zatara

    And yet 71% of J-ish voters voted Democrat (socialist) in 2016, the highest proportion of any religious affiliation to do so.

    Which is more than a little curious.

  15. Zatara

    Update. 79% of J-wish voted Democrat (socialist)in the 2018 congressional/senate elections.

    That’s J-wicidal.

    On an interesting side note, AOC claims she has J-wish heritage, when speaking to J-wish voters that is. Somehow she seems to have forgotten to talk about her anti-Israel policies at that event.

  16. Iampeter

    Nazi stands for Nationalist Socialists.
    In other words, the movement that wants to regulate things like trade and immigration, etc, for the good of the nation.
    So, what do you call someone who agrees with Nazi’s on all the essentials except anti-semitism?

    Usefull idiots? Politically illiterate leftists? Majority of Cat posters? Steve Kates?

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