If only he was, you know, like, in government

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11 Responses to If only he was, you know, like, in government

  1. Pyrmonter

    To be fair, the Senate blocks proposals for industry fund and IR reform: the legacy of Abbott’s disastrous Senate campaigns of 2010 and 2013; and then Turnbull’s mess in 2016, which leaves any red-blooded centre-right government stymied.

    We can only hope (and for some of us, pray) that Shorten’s government will be so restricted. (And a point at which to remember that, however wet they may have been, at least the Australian Democrats tempered some of the worst excesses of Keating and Hawke: Australia Card, etc)

  2. Bruce of Newcastle

    the Superannuation Guarantee Administration Act 1992 and the applicable regulations shall not apply

    Flagrant breach of the law by a union example no. MMCXIV.

    On the other hand maybe the Shoppies could add a clause to the EIA saying that the Road Rules 2014 Act does not apply and union members can drive as fast as they want while at work. I’m sure that would be popular.

  3. RobK

    You get the feeling both the unions and government think it is their money.

  4. Dr Fred Lenin

    Perhaps the union thugs are collecting the workers money so that when they get elected to parliament they can loot the workers money to pay for the promises they need to give to keep their snouts in the public trough . Sounds plausible doesnt it ? Whatever it takes comrade.

  5. Natural Instinct

    Did we not have a Royal Commission recently?
    Don’t remember forensic questioning of union or industry fund bosses. Nor the days of headlines.

  6. Deplorable

    Time to quit super and hide the cash under the mattress. Bull sh****#n is after it all.

  7. Rockdoctor

    Honest question. What if they say no? We all know terms & conditions cannot consumer trump law, I would say any contract stipulating would be worthless. Maybe needs to be tested.

  8. Pyrmonter

    @ Deplorable

    So long as you’re saving AUD, Shorten will get it using the inflation tax (I expect several of his backbenchers, at least, are enthusiastic ‘Modern Monetary Theorists’ aka inflators)

  9. Win

    Now what would Bronwyn have done.With a record of routing Keatings henchmen Falinski seems to be a pawn imitation of the formidable Bishop.

  10. Herodotus

    Rest is a well run fund, and they can move to another later if they wish.

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