The anti-free-speech outrage machine

More on the same from Mark Steyn: Tales of the Tape, with the background story to Carlson’s polemic.

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4 Responses to The anti-free-speech outrage machine

  1. Cassie of Sydney

    I have been following this. Tucker is standing firm…NOT giving an inch and NOT apologising….because, as he says, there is nothing to apologise for and it is purely political…to shut down Fox and his show.

    This is how you face the death squads of the left…you stand firm, you don’t cede anything AND YOU FIGHT.

  2. Lilliana

    Agree – it’s the only way.
    Give an inch and you’re gone.

  3. Tom

    Carlson is one of the tip five opinion writers in American cable TV. The opening monologue of Tucker Carlson Tonight should not be missed if only for the crackling prose. He isn’t just a pretty face: he co-founded The Daily Caller website in 2010 and was its first editor-in-chief. He has also worked for what are now his loony left competitors, CNN and MSNBC, before they stopped being news outlets in the Obama years to become extensions of the Democratic Party. His show doesn’t take itself too seriously — one of the attributes that makes him one of the humourless, totalitarian left’s most feared enemies (you’ll remember that leftist Brown Shirts surrounded his home in Washington DC last year and terrorised his wife).

    The left has made it personal, so Carlson has too. A must-watch on weekdays.

  4. Iampeter

    Mark Steyn actually wrote, “Big Tech totalitarianism.”
    I think me purging my bookshelf of this dumbo’s books probably should’ve happened a lot sooner.

    This paragraph is awesome in demonstrating how far left the conservative movement has gone:

    But night after night Tucker uses the small details of the day to paint the big picture of our times – Big Tech totalitarianism, the crisis of men in rural America, the cultural transformation of immigration, the death of the family, the hollowing out of communities…

    Needs more mention of all the wrongs being perpetrated against the poor VOLK and this hopeless diatribe of a clueless, collectivist would be just perfect.

    Conservatism is done. Stick a fork in it.

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