The joy of socialism

Jo Nova on load shedding in Venezuela. The South Australian experience on steroids.

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  1. Bruce of Newcastle

    South Australia had some trouble recovering from their system-black event. So you can see why a country which has given all the well paying engineering jobs to party hacks might have a degree of difficulty in rebooting a complex electricity system.

    And we’re about to hand our electricity grid over to a bunch of similar ignoramuses.

  2. Speedbox

    Was recently reading this:

    I grew up in Venezuela, and lived there for 25 years. Venezuela used to be a fun country to live in: people were relaxed, good humored, generous and they used to have a tendency not to take themselves too seriously, as it is unfortunately the case in many other countries. But Venezuela collapsed when Chavez took control of the country, and has gotten worse under Maduro. Even for someone like me, who knows Caracas like the palm of my hand, it is now a very dangerous and tricky place to visit. Unless you have friends there who can take care of you and guide you every step of the way, I do not recommend going to Venezuela.

    The warnings elsewhere on the web are all insistent that civilised society has effectively collapsed. Even when (if) power is restored, the damage caused by decades of socialism has caused deep country-wide problems that may never be resolved.

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