And the green grass grows all around, all around

Just finished Stephen Hicks’ absolutely brilliant Explaining Postmodernism more of which anon. In the meantime, a true life adventure on the way to work just today.

The mechanisms used by the left to shut down counter arguments are at every turn, which is a large part of what Stephen Hicks discusses and explains. And there I was just having finished the book, sitting on the train exchanging points of view with a trio of school girls on their way to the demo on global warming – they were carrying their protest signs which is why I even got into this conversation since I don’t normally talk to anyone on public transport. My only point to them was that they have never read anything by someone who is critical of their beliefs, that they have only read people on their own side who mis-represent our arguments. (They tried the riff on me that how could I know what they read, but you know what, in this case I absolutely do know.)

So who should we read? they asked, in their typically insincere snooty and scornful public-school-arrogant way. So I said, Ian Plimer, who was naturally an unknown to them. An Australian, I added. So who have you read? they asked. So I replied, Al Gore. And they said, who is he? You do have to laugh.

And then, on top of everything else, they accused me of being “an old man”. I would have pushed the alarm bell and called the anti-ageist thought police but they had to get off anyway. A good time was had by all, specially me. And let me add that there was an Asian woman I was sitting with – half my age but twice the age of those young maidens – who laughed with me at them when they got off.

It was the absolute closed-mindedness of the three that in the end got me. I suggested to each individually that they might be the type of person who was open to testing other arguments just to see how well their own stand up, but each of them denied absolutely they were that kind of person. Perhaps one of them is, although I will never know. Depressing that they may be right about how absolutely invincible their ignorance is, and how determined they are to remain that way. At least now, however, they are aware that some people might think their opinions are empty and ignorant, even if I am old and past it, and they could not care less.

The picture, by the way, is from The Spectator: How the school student strike reduces kids to puppets.

WHY DON’T THEY SHOW THIS TO STUDENTS? Just for balance. And he even mentions Al Gore, so there’s that as well. Of course, another old man so what would he know?

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  1. Dr Fred Lenin

    Wait untill their gangrene comrades and teachers leave them totally reliant on “renewable cheap energy “ .
    Blackouts ,no fridge freezer, Coffee machines, television ,computer ,transport , heating , cooling cooking .
    The screams will deafen the aparat ,the place will be full of apararatchiks pushing rabbits aside to hide in the burrows ,you cannot deprive the millenials of their way of life and luxuries they are accustomed too.

  2. Perfidious Albino

    and the next the Cats heard of Steve was at his post trial, televised sentencing / two minutes hate…

  3. None

    Haha I’m glad you had a little gentle fun with them. And really you should have done the Barnaby Joyce line of questioning like: where do your shoes come from, and your iPhone? And what do you think will happen when you stop all the coal exports?

    But if I had come across these three girls or any other similar protesters, the first thing I’d ask them is which boys were they hoping to meet. Now you being male should probably never ask young school girls this in this day and age but if I, a female had asked them, they would have confided in me in a typical conspiratorially female huddle.

    Trust me on this. If in doubt, ask your wife.

  4. one old bruce

    Oh Steve, ‘mechanisms’? They’re called hormones. We are transiting to hormonocracy, or gynocracy, which is the same thing. As a wise lady once advised me, ‘You’ll never win an argument with a woman’. Could have saved you all that effort, just remember that one aphorism.

  5. Tel

    It was the absolute closed-mindedness of the three that in the end got me.

    It’s dreadful what the school system is churning out. We are headed for a disaster with people like these. Once long ago a young inquiring mind was considered a wonderful thing … not any more. Any tiny deviation from groupthink is stamped upon.

    Depressing that they may be right about how absolutely invincible their ignorance is, and how determined they are to remain that way.

    Totally the product of our corrupted education system.

  6. You should have said that all they are doing is following what ‘their’ old men and women are telling them to believe in and do. You could have then rattled off a few old people’s names that they would most certainly have known, those who urge them on with these protests. And you should also have asked why they protest in school time and not on a weekend.

  7. Leo G

    It was the absolute closed-mindedness of the three that in the end got me.

    Don’t be naive, Steve.
    The majority of such youngsters have an interest in the climate change action demonstration only to the extent that it provides the backdrop for self-esteem enhancing social networking “selfies”.
    It’s an opportunistic interest they might even share with, say, a certain high-profile economics professor.

  8. Jannie

    And their future is for girls only, boys need not apply. Don’t they just give them Ritalin? In 35 years time the erstwhile victim environmentalists they will be laying charges against their controllers for child abuse.

  9. duncanm

    Posted in the general thread, but worth repeating:

    Mao’s children

  10. duncanm

    Of course, those children made all the placards themselves..

    note in the background

    “Socialist Worker

    System Change, not Climate Change”

  11. Dr Fred Lenin

    Dont you dare call Bernie Sanders and the rest of the gangreneiat crew “old” ,only denialists get old .

  12. JB of Sydney/Shanghai

    Mr Kates, (and other interested Cats), it is often very interesting to talk to Chinese people who to experienced the Red Guards, during the Cultural Revolution. If given the opportunity to do so, take it.

    Many millions died, no one knows how many.

    Even leaders such as Deng Xiao Ping, suffered, his son crippled for life, Deng sent to work in a factory.

    Something to think about, when you see children being taken from school by their teachers, to make a political demonstration.

  13. RobK

    +1 to Mao’s children, Duncan.

  14. stackja

    Year 12 student Joanne Tran said kids were being used as pawns by climate alarmists
    Christopher Harris, Clare Armstrong and Clarissa Bye, The Daily Telegraph
    March 15, 2019 10:00am
    Subscriber only

    Children are scared of coal because public school teachers have told them “mining is going to destroy you”.

    Year 12 public high school student Joanne Tran said pupils were being used as pawns by climate­ alarmists because teachers had made them afraid of coal.

    “I remember being in class (and told) ‘mining is bad’, ‘mining is going to be the end of us’ and ‘mining is going to destroy you’,” she said.

    “We need to fix our education system, especially our curriculum right now. I think fundamentally there is something wrong with our education and how we teach what we teach kids in school.”

  15. stackja

    Kevin Donnelly: Climate strike proves educators are indoctrinating students
    Kevin Donnelly, The Daily Telegraph
    March 15, 2019 10:15am
    Subscriber only

    That so many primary and secondary students are wagging school for today’s climate day strike perfectly illustrates how cultural-left, deep green ideology and group think now dominates the education system.

    And pity those students who stay at school and refuse to strike.

    8 to 15 year old students, many barely able to write a grammatically correct sentence or mentally add, divide, multiply and subtract numbers, are now experts in anthropogenic global warming and are convinced, unless politicians including Prime Minister Morrison act, the world will soon end.

    That education, instead of dealing with controversial and contentious issues in a balanced and impartial way, is now more about indoctrination and group think is proven by the over 600 Australian academics who have signed an open letter supporting students wagging school and taking to the streets.

    The academics, after stating that the Arctic Ocean is about to be free of ice because of man-made global warming, tells students they must act “to counter the ubiquity of corporate interests and climate denialism in Australia”. So much for educators remaining neutral and not forcing their views on unsuspecting students.

  16. When you consider things, these kids are doing something similar to what their predecessors have done, vigorously supporting things like Live Aid, Live 8 and whatever else followed. None of these achieved anything that was promised.

    I debated with a number of youth about these concerts over the years and revisited the debates years later with the same ‘older’ youths and asked them what these concerts had achieved. They were always rather sheepish when confronted with the truth, now realising they’s been had.

  17. duncanm

    “Grass roots” my arse:

    Our Network is
    School student led

    Uh huh
    => Media Enquiries:
    0427 485 233 or 0437 316 331

    0427 485 233 gives us Charlie Wood.

    Charlie has a decade of experience working as a campaigner, organiser, and policy advisor across the environmental movement. She is the former Campaigns Director for Australia, where she helped to launch and implement the Australian fossil fuel divestment campaign, push some of the world’s biggest banks to say no to funding fossil fuel projects and grow the national #StopAdani network. Prior to this, she worked as a national grassroots campaigner with the Australian Youth Climate Coalition and in Parliament as an advisor on climate, energy and environment.

    0437 316 331 gives us (
    Alex Fuller – Communications Manager, Australian Youth Climate Coalition

    A typical NGO action gal:

  18. Beertruk


    Muppets. FIFY Steve.

  19. tombell

    is this really an all girl movement?

  20. yarpos

    Oh well at least the kids good a lovely day in Melbourne to protest catastrophic unprecedented climate change. And how lucky was it that their indoctrinators held it on Friday so they could segue into a long weekend?

  21. Zatara

    There will come a day when those kids finally realize they were brainwashed and used by their parents.

    And it won’t be pretty.

  22. John Stankevicius

    Check out Dr Daniel Britt – “Orbits and Ice Ages” -a scientific talk which times natural history of climate, to changes on earth eg India slamming into China, earths oscillation, sun spot activity, volcanos, sea movt and Moa keeping China in poverty – then on his death the commissars decided to industrialise and CO2 went through the roof – comparatively speaking in recent times.
    Fascinating he is physics professsor who admits he is no mathematician, the power of excell spreadsheets, he does come down on the side of man made CO 2 is causing warming but is unable to correlate temp increase, time together.

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