Rafe’s Roundup March 15

Gerard Henderson’s Media Watch Dog. The Libertarian Calendar from Mannkal (Stephen Hicks cancelled).

IPA action on campus bearing fruit. From John Roskam’s weekly letter. The Daily Telegraph newspaper in Sydney has a daily readership of 810,000 people. In this morning’s edition there was an article written by Joanne Tran, a Year 12 student at Burwood Girls School, a government (public) high school in Sydney’s inner western suburbs. The piece was in response to today’s ‘Climate Strike’ by school students and it was titled – ‘Climate change strike students need to learn basic economics.’ Here’s some of what Joanne wrote:

“I am one of the millions of school kids around the world and in Australia who will not be marching today, and who instead choose to attend school. ‘Why? Don’t you care about the environment?’ many school pals and others have asked me. Well, consider this an open letter to both my schoolmates and the organisers of the protest about why I won’t be missing out on a day of my education to join them.

The School Strike for Climate claims that its goal is to send a message to the government to ‘save our future’. However the group’s real mission is to advance a progressive agenda against an innocent group of children.

At one time I, too, would have implicitly accepted this proposition at face value. This began to change once I read more widely on the topic and was exposed to new ideas after taking economics as one of my HSC subjects. For the first time in my school career, I started to hear about how important commodities such as coal, iron ore and LNG are to Australian industry and our nation’s output.

How could a country such as ours, benefitting immensely from the prosperity brought by exporting our natural resources to the rest of the world – including its poorest – forget that this is why we have such an enviable standard of living?

Yet these activists describe the very projects that built our nation, and which millions of us directly or indirectly depend on for our livelihoods, as ‘wrecking projects’. They do this while asking children to opt out of the education that they once benefited from, in order to protest the very things that helped create it.

A great education is a holistic one. An education that features both sides of the argument.

Those of us who speak our mind are increasingly intimidated into silence by the mob who have fallen prey to an agenda sold by activists and enabled by the very system that is supposed to prepare us for our futures.”

Joanne is an IPA member.

Joanne is proud to say to people that she joined the IPA’s Generation Liberty program as a 15-year-old in 2017 after she went to a debate at the University of Sydney on ‘The Dangers of Socialism’ organised by Renee Gorman. Renee was then our IPA Campus Coordinator at the university and is now the National Manager of our 13 IPA Campus Coordinators around the country. Joanne attended the debate after she saw it advertised on the IPA’s Generation Liberty Facebook page. Membership of Generation Liberty cost Joanne $10, and she says ‘it’s the best $10 she’s ever spent’.

Quadrant on Line, looking good after a renovation of the site. A Pell edition.

Greenpeace denies the fact about their founder, scrubs Patrick Moore from the record. Down the memory hole!

Donald Trump quoted Patrick Moore this week — the skeptic with an ecology PhD who was once a Founder of Greenpeace. So Greenpeace leapt to do some damage control on their brandname and created more damage instead. They promptly tweeted that he was never a founder and is a paid lobbyist. (And what is Greenpeace anyway if not paid lobbyists?)

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  1. One ScoMo doesn’t make a Spring says:

    Go go Joanne Tran
    If she can’t do it
    No one can!

  2. Nob says:

    Vietnamese origin I guess, Tran or Tranh.

    Possibly descended from Whitlam’s own Deplorables, “fucking Vietnamese Balts”.

    Seeing such hateful figures being revered by local media establishment would be a powerful inoculation against teenage leftism, as if her parents or grandparents experience wasn’t enough.

    Looks like she’s been on Q&A video before. Possibly not the kind of Diversity they really want.

  3. Win says:

    It is to my eternal chagrin that when the original Green Peace was being prepared to sail to the Aleutions that I turned down an invite to go with it as I had a plane ticket booked out of Vancouver the following day.
    And for the life of me I can not remember their names.

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