CSP – Corporate Social Propaganda

According to Qantas:

As a major consumer of fossil fuels, we recognise our responsibility to reduce our emissions, work with partners, governments and industry, and contribute to the global response to climate change and resource constraints. Our comprehensive environment strategy ensures that we play a positive role in the community while reducing cost and risk.

If this is the case, why then is Qantas CEO, Alan Joyce travelling (presumably) first class to New York to attend a United Nations gab fest on the status of women?

Air travel is one of the largest sources of carbon emissions and the average emissions of a first class traveler are much higher than that of economy.  Could he at least have traveled economy to speak to the customers who pay his salary and to experience the Qantas economy experience?

Qantas’ climate strategies include:

Influence and inspire others to act.

But what about inspiring themselves to act?

Where is the benefit to shareholders, customers, the environment?  Or is it just about self promotion?  Virtue signally at the expense of others – the new Corporate Social Responsibility.  The Social Responsibility of Corporates to Self Promote.

Note also the nice little gold pin on his lapel – the ultimate sign of successful self promotion.


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23 Responses to CSP – Corporate Social Propaganda

  1. Female is Elizabeth Broderick who was at forefront of Male Champions for Change and reports into police and military that were behind the whole 50/50 male female ratios which now result in best applicants being overlooked in favour of diversity.

    Her report into the AFP was so comprehensive it totally failed to look at other police forces to note what they were doing and their ratios. None cone even close to 50% women.

    Still waiting on her reports into lack of diversity (lack of males) in the Workplace Gender Equality Agency and the Diversity Council.

    Hopefully she can do the same with China and Russia !

  2. Robbo

    In the Alan Joyce world it is all about me and don’t do as I do , do as I say. Hypocrite writ large.

  3. Entropy

    Look at the number of people in that room. All loudly proclaiming the nobleness of their cause, and therefore how great and good they are. On vast quantities of OPM of course. Never their own.

  4. John Bayley

    Please do NOT promote the deliberately misleading label of ‘carbon’ emissions.
    As has been pointed out times and times again by many posters here, there is a world of difference between ‘carbon’ and ‘carbon dioxide’.
    It lessens your argument if you so uncritically adopt the terminology used by the usual suspects.

  5. Judith Sloan

    Doesn’t stop Qantas ripping off regional customers.

  6. Crazyoldranga

    Why would a poofter care about women? 🤭

  7. struth

    We need to get the women back in the kitchen and the poofs back in the closet.
    As for bull dykes, well I’m too scared of them to make any outlandish comment.

    and contribute to the global response to climate change and resource constraints. Our comprehensive environment strategy ensures that we play a positive role in the community while reducing cost and risk.

    Scaling down then, are we?

    If not all of the above is just piss and wind.

  8. Mark M

    Pinned the tail on that donkey.

  9. iamok

    I sat next to Joyce at a luncheon about 18 years ago when he was at Avalon. I was stunned when i saw he got the gig at QANTAS. He came across as a funny little likeable type of person. Sounds awful but true.

  10. Rabid Koala

    What ever happened to teleconferencing? Surely in the name of manbearpig this gabfest could have been done without burning all the fossil fuel required to fly there?

  11. Malcolm Thomas

    He’s not an activist: he’s an engager.

  12. Bruce of Newcastle

    As a major consumer of fossil fuels, we recognise our responsibility to reduce our emissions

    He should sell all the planes then, and liquidate the company. And afterwards put on a hair shirt and go around flailing himself with a copy of Al Gore’s book while crying “I repent of my crimes against Gaia”.

  13. Dr Fred Lenin

    The obvious way for comrade joyce to cut the Quantas carbon emissions would be to close the airline down ,the obvious solution to the problem . Teleconferencing however uses electricity which is still generated by burning coal ,of course they could conference when the wind wasnt blowing too hard and the windfarms were working at top production ,20 per cent of what they claim usually , That would cut the bullshit down a bit ., a reduction of bullshit by 80per cent woukd be a fine result.

  14. dopey

    Al hasn’t stopped smiling since he ordered his first wet dreamliner.

  15. LGS

    As a major consumer of fossil fuels, we recognise our responsibility to reduce our emissions …

    The obvious question then is: if Qantas really feel that way, then why are they still business and flying planes?
    Hypocrisy on steroids.

  16. Squirrel

    We keep hearing about the need to plant more trees to “save the planet”, so perhaps the virtue-signalling airlines (and others) could put some serious money into that – the striking schoolkids could help out by volunteering to plant some of the trees.

  17. Pyrmonter

    This isn’t TAFKAS’s point, but … has it ever struck anyone else how reminiscent of mid-century totalitarian governments (of multiple persuasions) is this wearing of Order of Australia lapel buttons (the ‘super rotary’). Shades of this:


    Or this:


  18. Tim Neilson

    Alan Joyce? Hypocrisy and diversion of shareholders’ funds to self-indulgent virtue-signalling vanity projects?


    Next thing you’ll be saying that he caused Qantas, which partners with Emirates (wholly owned by the government of Dubai where gay conduct gets a 10 year jail term) to use shareholders’ funds to promote SS”M” in Australia.

  19. Leo G

    Influence and inspire others to act.

    Alan’s action on climate change: act to encourage air travellers to fly Qantas first class when attending UN climate change gabfests.

  20. Russell

    It’s not easy to find out in advance from Qantas how much they charge for an “offset” of your flight unless you go through their full booking process. When I recently booked a Biz flight to LHR, I was truly surprised how little it was (less than $60 – just petty cash really in the cost of the tickets). I still didn’t take the option … I’m not that stupid.
    But it’s even funnier that their Carbon Calculator Conditions has a No 8 that reads:

    The calculation method provides an emission estimate only and should not be relied upon as an accurate record of the actual emissions. We accept no liability if the calculation of greenhouse gas emissions relating to your seat on your flight is incorrect or inaccurately reflects actual greenhouse gas emissions attributable to your seat on your flight.

    It seems that virtue signalling only goes so far in the commercial airline industry. Do you wonder how many dopey Greens pay this fee and then claim they are OK with the planet? Ostriches?

  21. Nob

    Do you wonder how many dopey Greens pay this fee and then claim they are OK with the planet?

    Any number greater than zero would surprise me.

    Do they publish anywhere how many passengers pay this?

    And then how much of that is done by their employers rather than themselves?

    And how much by tax-funded employers?

    Try following the money trail on the internet – it’s tricky and hard to verify.
    Also you have to wade through a very thick greenie swamp since almost all info you can google is provided by some greenie crowd.

    The best I can see is a few third world “community” schemes and a lot of “paying farmers to do nothing”.

    If you don’t believe that the scammers aren’t onto this, then I’ve got a nice bridge I can sell you.

    I’ve seen first-hand how landowners in Calabria and Sicily are sucking up this cash and heard reports of Tassie farmers doing it big time too.

  22. Pete D.

    Hollow words Mr Joyce. Qantas is an airline. It should not use patrons money to promote SS marriage. Also, other than overseeing the employment of females, what level of expertise do you have to pretend to be an expert on the status of women? Last but not least, the responsibility for “cleaner” emmissions rests with the design and manufacture of the jet/gas turbine engines. Your responsibility is with the operation of a safe and efficient airline. As one commentator has already stated, it’s all about me, me, me and maybe my ‘friend’.

  23. j.arimathea

    Re Corporate Social Responsibility. I think it should be mandatory for every company to contribute to social goals. A proportion of their profits should by law be paid into a fund that can be used to further social purposes. This requirement should be enforced by a statutory authority or similar with huge coercive powers. I don’t know what we would call this (probably massive) authority, but can I suggest.. Australian Tax Office?

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