Update on the failure of green energy in Europe

Update on the failure of green energy policy in Europe. A warning for Australia!

Wind energy needs practically 100% backup hence it is virtually impossible to reduce CO2 until mass storage is available.

The European wind fleet averages 24% of capacity and much of the time operates below 10% of capacity.

Massive expenditure, more expensive power and less grid stability!

Nothing really new here for Cats but a really good review of the situation and something to circulate to your friends and relations to provide a comprehensive account of the economic impact, increased power prices, the failure to reduce emissions and the growing awareness that something has gone badly wrong.

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  1. a happy little debunker

    I note that non-western countries are looking in at the expenditure on the New Green Deal and wondering where their cut is.

    To quote a noted congresswomen (un-censured by her peers)

    It’s all about the Benjamins

  2. Slim Cognito

    They should teach this stuff in school. After all, the kids are the ones who will have to pay or this. Don’t see them marching in the street about it.

  3. Iva Right

    Yes Slim, the scales will fall from their eyes once it is them paying the bills!

  4. sabena

    100% back up means power costs are at least duplicated.

  5. JohnL

    They should teach this stuff in school.

    No, they don’t teach them this stuff in school. They teach them to protest against “climate change”!
    In fact, they teach them very little (useful stuff) in the school today. Maybe LGBTQ, gender fluid, gender equality, gender quota, carbon pollution, renewables – all the important stuff!

  6. hzhousewife

    They should teach this stuff in school.

    The stuff they DO teach in school was exactly demonstrated yesterday buy the two teenagers on Outsiders who had marched. They were word perfect. If you bailed up any other kid from any another school or State, they would spout identical words. Because they have been brainwashed (97% of scientists etc etc) – not an independent thought in their minds, and no way to develop one (which is worse).

  7. min

    Sent it on to Josh Frydenberg, now he has to pay for their unresearched policies it might hit home.
    However have been sending info to him ever since I saw all the non functioning turbines in Germany last year.

  8. Denis Hardiman

    Indonesia will become the largest Exporter of COAL.

    Who pays all the ‘australian’ based agitators?

  9. Rafe Champion

    People need to understand that the 97% consensus includes all the sceptics who I know. The consensus is that we have had warming and humans have contributed. The paper by Cook and colleagues gives no indication of how much warming, or how much human contribution. I think we have had a small amount of beneficial warming and human CO2 may be a small contributor. The paper makes no case for alarm and less for the war on CO2. See if you can find anyone who has actually read the paper.

  10. hzhousewife

    I’m cutting and pasting this from JoNova because I think it’s an interesting item that kids taking science classes in High School might be interested in, a challenge is presented and a good science teacher (like Arky) could build some fascinating coursework around it.
    Yes it’s long, so scoot past if it doesn’t grab your attention.

    Venezuela shows how fragile (and marvellous) a working grid is
    History books will be written about this crisis. Matias Delacroix points out in Wired, that it’s very difficult to restart a decentralized grid which has been badly managed and poorly maintained. No one knows exactly what went wrong to bring it down, but fingers are pointing at the huge Guri Hydro plant, which provides a whopping 80% of the electricity.

    Normally a blackstart begins with a small diesel unit to kick over a bigger turbine. Then the whole grid is gradually rebuilt bit by bit by “bootstrapping”. At all times the supply has to match the demand, so before an engineer throws the switch someone has to have already done the numbers to make sure things will stay balanced. As each new generator-load segment is added it must also match the frequency and phase set up by the original first generator. It would be dangerous to set up a bunch of little separate grids and then try to meld them together. Getting the frequency or phase wrong can cause explosions. Hence the grid must be built from one point out, and carefully. Wind or solar generators can’t be used in a black start, but a large Hydro plant should be able to do that, assuming people can open the water gates, but restarting a badly managed grid means there are many fragile failure points that don’t reboot properly. After days of darkness it must also be difficult to estimate how much load will be waiting to take new power.

    Matias Delacroix, Wired
    While distributed systems don’t have a single point of generation failure, they can be more difficult to black start if they do go down, since more generation sites need to be bootstrapped and there are more loads to balance.
    Regardless of the setup, the crucial component of all black starts is understanding what caused the outage, having the ability to fix it, and working with a system that can handle the power surges and fluctuations involved in bringing power back online. Without all of these elements in place, says Tim Yardley, a senior researcher at the University of Illinois focused on industrial control crisis simulations, black starts can be prohibitively difficult to execute.
    “Reenergizing a grid in some ways is more of a shock to the system than it operating in its norm,” Yardley says. “If infrastructure is aging, and there’s a lack of maintenance and repairs, as you try to turn it back on and try to balance the loads you may have stuff that’s not going to come back up, infrastructure that’s been physically damaged or that was in such a bad state of repair that reenergizing it causes other problems.”
    I asked a network engineer once what happens to the energy if, say a large turbine, was connected to a grid at the wrong frequency. Energy can’t just disappear, and if the phase or the frequency flatlined, and and opposing waves cancelled each other out, where would all the joules go? He replied that it could be catastrophic — those kind of events shear through the steel turbine shaft (and these turbines can weigh up to 600 tons). When there are megawatts of energy at stake, mistakes are violent.
    Crews attempting to deal with black-starting a frail and brittle grid also face major safety considerations, like explosions. “You have a maintenance issue and a manpower issue, because it’s extremely dangerous to reenergize a system if you have gear that hasn’t been maintained well,” Yardley notes.
    Venezuela has faced years of power instability since about 2009, including two major blackouts in 2013 and a power and water crisis in 2016. At times the blackouts were caused in part by weather conditions like El Niño, but overall they have established a pattern of poor planning, mismanagement, and lack of investment on the part of the government.
    Yay. Socialism.


  11. billie

    This is going to run its course, and no amount of obscure articles (clearly funded by evil people) is going to change it. They know very well 97% of scientists etc ..

    The activism is taught in schools by all the teachers and the kids are encouraged to become activists.

    Mobs like the AYCC, Australian Youth Climate Council, are encouraged by schools to come in and indoctrinate kids .. and it’s very effective. There is zero work done by school management into looking at the mateial delivered or at having any so called “balance”.

    As far as the teachers are concerned, any talk of “balance” is just misleading anti-science rubbish by “deniers”.

    You have no chance of addressing this behaviour.

    It’s the same as all the gender stuff, it’s couched in terms of anti-bullying and is anything but anti-bullying as you will be ostracised (bullied) if you don’t comply or take part in all the mateial and role-playing propaganda that is being delivered in our schools.

    If any kid questions the climate crap being foist upon them, they will be ostacised and punished for it as only kids can punish ach other. Insidiously and mercilessly and there is no intervention by the schools as they don’t believe that ostracism and such behaviour is anything but proper.

    We lost this a long time ago.

    I asked one child who was pointing out to me that all the unions supported the Children’s Climate Crusade Day Off, why the Maritime union didn’t just ban all the ships carrying coal and stop the whole industry dead, she didn’t have an answer but knew enough to say there was no way she would backchat a teacher on climate activism, because, and in her words “it’s popular”.

    Go on fight that!

  12. Rohan

    All this is moot as argued by those up-thread. Check out the latest issue of Energy Source and Distribution magazine. It’s now nothing more than the mouthpiece for the conga line of gang-green suckholes demanding OPM. Including an Op-Ed from our current federal energy minister, who says it’s all sweeeeeeet! Except for the minor aberration of the odd widespread blackouts this summer caused by the closure of Hazlewood.

  13. Up The Workers!


    It’s the one thing that the Brown Movement and their dull-wattage acolytes in the A.L.P. do really well.

  14. Rohan

    Actually, I didn’t look hard enough through that edition. The president of EESA, Robert Barr, has said pretty much all of what we’re saying here on page 7. The online format doesn’t allow me to cut and paste, but he does say the population is being fed a lie that all that needs to happen is increase PV and wind and everything is hunky dory. If something major isn’t done, the grid runs the real risk of total system black event within the short to medium turn.

    But everything else is about ruinables and how wonderful they are.

  15. Roger

    Because they have been brainwashed (97% of scientists etc etc) – not an independent thought in their minds, and no way to develop one (which is worse).

    The Young Pioneers of the coming Socialist Republic of Australia.

    Prepare to be informed on by your grandchildren

  16. Squirrel

    “Wind energy needs practically 100% backup hence it is virtually impossible to reduce CO2 until mass storage is available.”

    And, according to the renewables spruikers, mass storage has been about to happen for many years now – we are still waiting.

    A competent right-of-centre government would have hammered this point doggedly, and put the onus on the renewables spruikers to prove the availability of affordable and reliable mass storage before we started closing and demolishing coal-fired power plants.

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