What has Janet Albrechtsen been drinking

What has Janet Albrechtsen been drinking?  Really.

Writing in the Oz today, Dr Albrechtsen (for a doctor she is) writes that:

in 2019 we both deserve and need a Shorten government.

Are you out of your mind Janet?  Not only does Australian not deserve or need a Shorten government, it did not deserve or need an Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison government.

Dr Albrechsen argues that the chaos of Whitlam brought Australia Hawke and Keating and that the chaos of Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison will delivery Australia the next great government.  But Dr Albretchson is only part right.

No body, not Hawke, Keating nor Howard has been able to unwind the mess that Whitlam bequeathed Australia.  And no body has been able to unwind the mess that Rudd-Gillard-Rudd left.  And no body will be able to unwind the mess that will be Shorten-Plibersek.

Without going line by line through policy, consider the budget consequences of Whitlam:

Whitlam took a Commonwealth budget that had payments as a percentage of GDP of around 18% and has left a legacy of an average of close to 25% since and not 1 single year of sub-20%.  No one has been able to touch it and no one ever will.  Note the nice little Rudd-Gillard-Rudd kicker also.

There is also the delusion of sending the Liberal Party to the naughty corner to reflect on their bad behaviors:

A rotten Labor government may be just what the Liberal Party needs, too, forcing it to reflect on wasted years in government, factional fights, personality contests and only then discern what it stands for as political party. That means returning to core liberal values.

Aside from the fact that the Liberals, at least for the moment, are in a coalition with a bunch if illiberal, big government, high tariff social agrarians, the chances of this happening are quite slim.

The parliamentary class (Liberal, Labor, National, Green) are a clique of apparatchiks.  They are about winning and not losing.  Tactics and not strategy.  Inputs (spending) and not outcomes (results).

What Australians need is not a Shorten government but rather democratic reform to ensure we get something better than a Shorten or Morrison government.

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54 Responses to What has Janet Albrechtsen been drinking

  1. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Janet having a ‘make the best of it’ moment?

    It will be a nightmare and imprint further leftism into our society and culture.
    Another generation will be over before it passes.

  2. stackja

    If voters want ALP. Give it to them. Good and hard! Until voters stop dreaming about easy living, give them some hard labor. Australians have been electing ALP expecting a different outcome since Scullin, I exclude earlier ALP they did little damage.

  3. Ian of Brisbane

    Janet also supported Turnbull over Abbot, so I wonder what she drinks.

  4. John Bayley

    The parliamentary class (Liberal, Labor, National, Green) are a clique of apparatchiks.

    But in the absence of a viable alternative that does not fall into the ‘illiberal, big government’ category, I don’t really think that Albrechtsen is all that wrong.
    Punishing the Liberal party for the betrayal of their base appears to be the only possible way that may shock at least some of the more ‘liberal’ members of that outfit to remember what they supposedly stand for. That may require a new political party to be formed, because, frankly, I suspect the current one cannot be redeemed.
    Putting them back into government, in the current shape, will only reinforce to them that being Labor-Lite is the way to go.
    And if they are not to be reelected, then realistically Labor is the only option.

  5. Genghis

    I just wonder if after this election and the ALP get in whether there will again be ‘free & fair’ elections. Remember the Liberals have just got Australia to a position of a balanced budget, no paying off debt, and the mood is to put the ALP in to destroy the middle class and start class warfare. If you remove a goody chunk of peoples retirement income these people will button down and not buy cars, etc and especially less entertaining. However the ‘socialists’ will fill the restaurants until the money runs out.

  6. Charles

    The parliamentary class (Liberal, Labor, National, Green) are a clique of apparatchiks. They are about winning and not losing. Tactics and not strategy. Inputs (spending) and not outcomes (results).

    I think you meant to say ‘claque’.

  7. Squirrel

    The impressive fall in payments as a percentage of GDP in the early years of the Hawke Government is most unlikely to be replicated under a Shorten Government, but that may have something to do with the fact that the current Opposition does not – so far as I can see – have a Peter Walsh in its ranks.

    Most likely the Finance ministry under Labor will be used to find (or pretend to) a bit of fiscal room for their grand plans and, according to some reports, will have tacked onto it something amounting to a partial rebirth of Whitlam’s Department of Urban and Regional Development (?!?) – presumably keeping an eye on Labor fantasies like the east coast high speed rail, and other fiscal monstrosities which will be justified in the name of nation building and fending off our long overdue downturn.

  8. David Bidstrup

    Yes we need democratic reform. How will we get it? Not from the established parties as it is in their interests to continue the status quo. If enough people are prepared to get off their bums, draft folk with the necessary qualifications and experience and work to get them elected there might be a chance of grabbing back “democracy”. If not we will just continue to be electoral fodder and fed a diet of pure bullshit. Time to reprise my favourite political cartoon ever: Prime Minister and wife are in bed. She says to him “I want you to do to me what you are doing to the country, but slower”.

  9. Nato

    Given who is retiring at the next election and who is rising in the party (wish I could cite the blog I read that first dropped all the names a few weeks ago, butI am pulling a total blank. It was nice who’s who) This as the most hope-filled election for small-government conservatives since Fraser & Howard booted Gough in 1975, then flashed us all the big finger with a hearty “Sucks to be you, peasants!”
    Too bad our prime Minister seems to think he can attract socially conservative AND progressive voters by tearing down micro party types.
    Did he really turn Albrechtsen to the dark side?

  10. Roger

    What Australians need is not a Shorten government but rather democratic reform to ensure we get something better than a Shorten or Morrison government.

    Well, we’re not going to get that in the space of two months before the election.

    So Shorten it will be.

    For the sake of my health I may have to swear off politics and devote more time to gardening and charitable works.

  11. Pyrmonter

    It was the chaos and disorder of the Gorton and McMahon governments that opened the path to Whitlam. Inflation soared, the corruption of the Country Party’s deals with the tariff-eaters were exposed. The disgrace is that generations of the centre-right haven’t learnt; in reality, they’ve regressed. Who among them now is remotely on par with the likes of Barwick or Ivor Greenwood?

  12. BOF

    JA has a doctorate. She has spent much of her life in universities. What else can she possibly think?

  13. But in the immediate future, a Shorten government would be a corrective, as Janet Albrechtsen rightly notes.

  14. Warty

    What former Spart. seems to have forgotten was that Trump won the Republican primaries because the rank and file had had it with the Republican Party and their soft socialism. OK the analogy breaks down in that Shorten is no Trump, but for there to be any chance of the Liberal Party swamp being somehow resurrected (and I very much doubt it) it has to do a spell in the wilderness.
    Janet is not entirely wrong.

  15. Deplorable

    Well I suppose it was a bit hard for Tony Abbot whose policies received a huge tick of approval from centre right Australians but when he attempted to drain the swamp he came across 54 left wing vipers who trashed the mandate and mortally wounded him and liberal policies. The Liberals need to take back their party from the left wing homosexuals and whining women with no talent by preselecting Liberals and putting forward policies consistent with centre right thinking. Otherwise we have labor 1 and labor 2. Onward to centre right victory.

  16. Cassie of Sydney

    “Ian of Brisbane
    #2964926, posted on March 20, 2019 at 4:59 pm
    Janet also supported Turnbull over Abbot, so I wonder what she drinks.”

    So did our great Doom lord.

    To be fair to Janet….I think she knows she made a BIG mistake about Turdbull.

  17. Realworld

    And what a massive indictment on the LINO party it is, that we are still dealing with fallout from the communist Whitlam government. As much as I despise what Whitlam did – the Liberals have been a more destructive force, as they have taken up the centre right space and done stuff all with it. Traitorous pricks most of them, starting with little ( lets steal 200 bill worth of private land and trees to prove our green credentials ) rotten Johnny Howard. No wonder the country is stuffed!

  18. Siltstone

    So did our great Doom lord.
    To be fair to Janet….I think she knows she made a BIG mistake about Turdbull.

    But does Sinc still think the sun shines out of the Potentially Great Ones’s clacker? Strangely silent on that score.

  19. jupes

    Has Trump drained the swamp?

    He’s got rid of few drops but it is a lot wider and deeper than anyone knew.

  20. We either go through a lot of pain now, or we go through excruciating long term pain later.
    There are no other choices.
    We need some heavy pruning. However this is not possible under the current political and media climate.
    People need to feel the pain hard enough and long enough for them to get loud and get off their butts.

    We need pain, and we need an example set for the people to “see the light.”
    Shorten will provide the pain until 2025, as will a Chinese economy tanking in a hurry.
    Trump is providing the example until 2024.
    Maybe the stars will align in 2025?

  21. Damienski

    Fear not, Kittehs and Cats. The Election Winning Machine will fail to perform to specifications without its Number One driver, Mr Pyne. I’m sure Clive Palmer’s election spending will deliver a Palmer Government.

  22. Texas Jack

    Dunno what more evidence we need that the Libs need a monumental political drubbing.

    Industry sector-specific taxes? Preparedness to confiscate legally captured export LNG? Renewables subsidies, resulting in non-despatchable crap dumped into NEMCO? Snowy 2? Gonski I and II? NDIS? 47c in the dollar? Migration as a growth-driver? Retrospective super changes? Royal Commissions handed out like confetti? Affirmative action denied but implemented?

    The list is endless. I’d vote for the ALP if I wasn’t in TA’s seat. I’ll cling to him, but a brief Shorten experience will be good for everyone if it brings on a reformation. And if it doesn’t? We were already screwed…

  23. From where is this myth of Tony Abbott governing conservatively. Income tax increases. Fuel tax indexation. Paris agreement. Gold plated paid parental leave.

  24. Oh come on

    Why don’t Australians deserve a Shorten or Morrison government? We didn’t get here by sheer bad luck.

  25. Overburdened

    Maybe a reflective GnT will soothe the nerves.

  26. Jannie

    Albrechtsen was a Turnbull girl. Didn’t she invent the meme about deluded conservatives? Latham was right, she is a skanky ho.

  27. Tel

    Has Trump drained the swamp?

    He firmly scratched the surface.

    More usefully he has revealed a lot of the media smear tactics, and demonstrated that by outraging the “Progressives” you can encourage them to overextend themselves because their entire tactical repertoire consists of doubling down.

  28. Beachcomber

    Abbott was brought down by the ABC-TASS media who campaigned relentlessly against everything he did until Turnbull replaced him. Abbott and Credlin didn’t have the wit or conviction to kick back against the ABC and neither does anyone else in the Liberals; even after Trump has shown them how. Venezuela here we come.

  29. Deplorable

    The Artist Formerly Known As Spartacus
    #2965112, posted on March 20, 2019 at 7:18 pm
    From where is this myth of Tony Abbott governing conservatively. Income tax increases. Fuel tax indexation. Paris agreement. Gold plated paid parental leave.

    The only myth was the voters thought they were voting for a centre right government and policies but they were all smoke and mirrors to elect the black hand socialists thus ousting Abbott and his policies . The vipers worked against him from the beginning but we did stop the boats. Liberals/conservatives need to dismantle the socialist network that labor/greens and socialist liberals have allowed to fester within Australia. No welfare to immigrants until tax has been paid for 10 years, see a very easy dismantled socialist scam that Australians would vote for.

  30. John Constantine

    I don’t know much, and am nobody from nowhere.

    I did know shorten on his way up though, when I was a lefty.

    There will be no surprise when he begins his purges.

    Shorten wins, always has, and always the losers can’t believe they lost to him.

    Then he purges his enemies and branch stacks those useful to him.

    Purges and voteherds.

    Two trick pony.


  31. Davo

    Anyone…anyone who thought Turnball had any potential has no judgement of people teams and leadership

  32. Pyrmonter

    @ TAFKAS

    Also – wrote a blank cheque to the AMWU on submarines; sought to impose taxes not for economic reasons, but ‘fairness’; failed to implement even the modest successes on IR obtained by Turnbull; kept the RET while making great play of (and expending political capital on) abolishing the ‘carbon tax’, even though Labor had gutted it. Anyone who thinks TA has a single pro-market cell in his body hasn’t paid attention to what he and his followers say.

  33. NuThink

    Anyone…anyone who thought Turnball had any potential has no judgement of people teams and leadership

    Precisely Davo. When Turnball rolled Tony Abbott I was working at a small company and I said that MT will be a total disaster. No one agreed with me. All of them thought he would be great. They have since changed their tune. But what I could not understand is how MT could have fooled so many. He was so easy to see through.

  34. And don’t forget 18c, joe hockey as treasurer (lmao), turnbull’s nbn which we all got nice and hard.

  35. Karabar

    Has Trump drained the swamp?
    Memes are important.
    Mod attached re: FBI only re: last drop re: FIRED.
    If nothing criminal (i.e. treason vs duly elected President) occurred, why then did majority of senior FBI leadership get FIRED/removed?
    What do they ALL have in common?
    DOJ later ([2]departures imminent).
    First requirement was to weed out the corruption in the alphabet bureaucracies; CIA FBI NSA etc.

  36. John Constantine

    Abbott stopped the boats, then the turnbullites outsourced australis migration policy to transnational crime syndicates and flew a couple million in on planes.

    Their shortreich will finish the turnbullites work off by appointing panels of enraged wymynsys activists to grant full voting rights to all visa holders that want them.


  37. Alessandro

    Is it not crazy that my parents and my own generations were so antagonistic towards totalitarian socialism and now the poor uninformed youth of today see it as nirvana. Facts are obviously illusory and emotions become facts. Oh how the development of western civilisation can be undone within maybe one or two generations. The citizens of the former soviet republics must be amazed at how the west can be so stupid. Have we learned nothing? Well some of us, YES and for some of us with any common sense, NO.

    In 100 years some academic will have an absolute mine of information to write a thesis called something like “How the West lost it’s Way though emotion and a general lack of common sense”. God help our future generations.

  38. Lutz

    At a minimum we can still assume that a Morrison government will do less damage to the country than a Shorten Union government. And, who knows, maybe the horse will learn to read.

  39. TBH

    I get where JA is coming from and actually agree with her. The old HL Mencken quote about democracy good and hard is apt for this country at the moment. There is so much soft-left bullshit sentiment here that a good dose of real calamity may wake some people up. Labor will be appalling, to be sure, but not much more appalling than this Coalition rabble have been. Those guys can get stuffed as far as I’m concerned.

  40. tombell

    ensconced in NYC at moment where the current progressive talking points are, in no particular order:-
    1. lowering voting age to 16;
    2. dismantling the (largely Democrat built) extant southern wall;
    3. renewables, renewables – an economic boon to the nation apparently;
    4. reparations for “African Americans” descended from slaves. (Will Oprah Winfrey be giving back any of her fortune to fund this ? lol);
    5. eliminating Electoral College – with a view to entrenching power in the progressive states of NY and CA;
    6. removing “white privilege”;
    7. taxing the rich – could’ve knocked me over with a feather with that one;
    8. increasing numbers on the Supreme Court – the thinking being next time the Dems are in control they can stack it good and hard with people (no doubt of color) who find the Constitution an irritant;
    9. impeach Trump – collusion with Russia is irrelevant. Current focus is on electoral funding laws – needless to say Michael Cohen has been singing canary like (BTW what sort of judgment did Trump show engaging this guy?).

    Making the necessary adjustment for Australian conditions, does anyone think a Labor/Greens government will govern differently in Oz? And regrettably about half the current Liberal parliamentary caucus are on board with much of this stuff too. With over 50% of the population already living wholly or in part off the government (ie us) I think it fanciful to think a short dose of Shorten will bring people to their senses. The answer is always more government and higher taxes – you know it’s “fair” .

  41. Win

    Was it not a Janet Albrechson who wrote the day after John Howard’s government,you know the one that gave us the third highest standard of living in the world ,when it lost to Kevin Rudd and John Howard lost his seat to a journalist that “the people have made the right decision”?.

  42. egg_

    Has Trump drained the swamp?

    He’s got rid of few drops but it is a lot wider and deeper than anyone knew.

    They say it takes 2 years for toxicity to subside – but if corruption is entrenched?

  43. Win

    In view of our esteemed TAFKAS mild critique of the Nationalas as big gov.high tariff social agrarians just how would he/she advise farmers across the continent as one man bands access their markets.
    We saw what Keating did to manufacturing when he purged the little man,the so called uneconomic businesses.

  44. Mr Johnson

    “What Australia needs is… democratic reform.” — but we won’t get that with a Shorten government, or a Morrison government. So, Albrechtsen ponders a future conservative government yet to be formed. If you think this is out of line, then maybe you should check the numbers of comments and their message on her article – all these conservative Australian newspaper readers agree with her. Bottom line, Morrison is simply seen as Turnbull lite.

  45. Pickles

    Janet doesn’t fear a Shorten Junta cause whatever happens she will be fine in Toorak.

  46. Nob

    tombell, those talking points all sound like “waaaahhh, we lost!’

  47. Thomas Ray

    Reform = Republic, get rid of this democracy nonsense. IMHO, democracy is what leads to this “governing by the polls” approach. In a democratically elected republic, the machine must move slower to enact these crazy and sometimes even redundant laws. Make 3 branches of government and get the leader of the country out of the day-to-day faction fighting within party rooms.

  48. Bruce

    Is JA just another churnalist?

    You know; the self-described “opinion-shapers” whose greatest psycho-sexual “jolly” is to witness their toxic sludge being recycled by cretinous politicians, other malignant MSM types and, most importantly, the dumb bunnies in the street.

    When they want your opinion, they’ll give it to you, good and hard.

  49. Nato

    Everything good from the Howard years was from Costello.
    I saw 3 direct responses from Our Lady Spartacus in this thread, mainly deploring that Abbot had no Costello and US politics, of course. Every serious Aussie commentator must spend at least 1/3rd of their time on US politics.
    Also a test to see if I was moderated because of amazeballs.

  50. Cynic of Ayr

    Albrechtsen supported Turnbull, to the extent of adoration. Repeatedly.
    And… she expects me – anyone – to be awed by her insight?
    She’d be better off predicting the weather in one hundred years time.

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