Global warming hitting hard in the northern hemisphere

Good for the ski resort operators but!

Two weeks ago snow mass in the Northern Hemisphere hit “exceptional”. This graph below is from the Finnish Meteorological Institute and unlike other datasets includes both snow and ice.

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17 Responses to Global warming hitting hard in the northern hemisphere

  1. Snoopy

    They don’t say if this is an all-time record (since 1982).

    If it’s good enough for warmenists….

  2. sfw

    Victoria has had very good ski seasons for some time, but there are those who hold to the global warming line and say that the industry is doomed. When Vail Resorts recently bought Falls Creek and Hotham the chat on facebook was along the lines of bad investment there will be no snow in twenty years. The same people were saying that twenty years ago.

    There will be poor seasons to come, we’ve had them before but when they do come the believers will think that their delusions will have come true, when the good seasons come again they’ll still insist that in the long term we’ll all be living in hot deserts.

    I remember one season in the 80’s when there was only one lift running at Falls in mid August, The Sun Valley T Bar, you could drive your car to the top and there was about a 100 metre wide strip of brown snow under the T Bar. Good years, bad years it’s just the way it is. We are overdue for a bad one.

  3. If the predictions, by non-global warming worrier scientists proves correct, we will be having plenty of snow everywhere in the not too distant future.

  4. Percy Popinjay

    in the long term we’ll all be living in hot deserts …

    … under a hundred metres of seawater.

    Lying communist idiots (BIRM).

  5. Percy Popinjay

    I blame Tony Abbott.

    Nah. Fatty Trump’s “sphere of influence” would be the Northern Hemisphere. Yabbott just creates havoc south of the equator.

  6. Tel

    Children heard saying, “I don’t even know what this is?”

  7. Bruce of Newcastle

    Propaganda works:

    Poll: 1 in 5 Americans Blame Global Warming for Cold Winter Weather (20 Mar)

    Nearly one-fifth of Americans blamed global warming for “colder than usual” winter weather this season, according to a Gallup poll released Wednesday.

    Forty-three percent of Americans surveyed said temperatures where they live were colder than normal, with 19 percent blaming global warming for colder weather. However, 23 percent said the cold was due to “natural variation,” Gallup found.

    Thirty-six percent of Americans said they experienced a typical winter while 20 percent said it was warmer than normal, according to the poll.

    If global warming causes cold winters does global cooling also cause cold winters?

    At least despite the global warming indoctrination over twice as many Americans noticed that winter was colder than usual than warmer than usual. I wonder who should they believe, climate scientists or their lying eyes?

  8. Yohan

    There is now peer reviewed studies that show more snow and more rain is caused by human induced climate change. So pointing out stuff like this makes no difference to the global warming cultists.

    More snow, less snow. More rain, less rain. It doesn’t matter what occurs, they can point to a different study to show we are at fault.

  9. NuThink

    No doubt that if a study showed that there was absolutely no change in temperature then that too will be blamed on Global warming, or rather Global warming meets Global cooling.

    The weather presenters have no shame or memory. A few days ago a presenter said paraphrased “The temperatures today were different to the predictions”. Wow, so over one day they get it wrong, but over 30 years they get it spot on. Amazing.

  10. Dr Fred Lenin

    All these snow reports are fake news , put out by the extreme right Trumpist denialists to interrupt the income flow from the renewable industry ,the science is a proven fact , global warming will destroy civilisation in the next 12 years if we stop subsidising renewable energy . Its common sense ,our reduction in coal fired energy will counter balance the Chinese and Indian increases in emissions and keep the equilibrium .
    With the West weakened by these actions it will be easier for the unelected global communist fascist u.n. To take control of the world ,open borders will ensure extreme right wingers will not be able to overthrow the new elitist government . Dont believe any denier stories even if you have to shovel 10 feet of snow off your front door to get in your house ,its all extreme right fake news . Forward into the past side by side ,back to back we will march forward with our beloved devoted leaders .

  11. Up The Workers!

    So on one page of today’s budgie-cage liners, we are told these apocalyptic catastrophist weather figures from Finland, and on the very next page, we are told that the “World Happiness Report for 2019” has conclusively found that the people of Finland are the happiest people in the world?

    Are these Finnish people all raving masochists?

    Are the fact-phobic weather-gillarders purloining the micturition?

    Would the Finns be the most miserable bunch of Sad Sacks in the world if their weather suddenly warmed up to habitable levels?

    What the hell’s going on?

    Fair dinkum, you’d be hard-pressed to find more crap in Bull Shitten’s election policy speech.

  12. What the hell’s going on?

    Bullshit from the same sources as for all western countries, Heard about Finland’s great health system and it’s happy customers?

  13. Mark M

    sbs Factbox:

    Finland introduced the world’s first carbon tax in 1990, initially with exemptions for specific sectors or fuels.

    28 years later … Heavy snow brings traffic chaos in Finland

    Who can deny the ‘science’?

  14. billie

    OMG it’s worse than we thought!

    (runs around room waving arms, then checks what is new on Instagram)

  15. Dr Fred Lenin

    I would have thought a miserable wet windswept freezing place like Finland woukd have welcomed global warming ,another couple of degrees warmer would have made the place a fraction more habitable .
    I seem to remember reading suicide and acute alcoholism were endemic in those Northern n European countries where vodka was the peoples friend ,lots and lots of vodka .
    Figures quoted from any government sources these days should be treated as socialist bullshit .
    Why dont they get comrade soros (schwartz ) to give them a few billion more to make them happier ,he owns the EU pollies , 225 bought and paid for,according to Nigel Farrage , and no one contradicted his statement at the “european parliament “a fully owned subsidiary of the soros group .

  16. I would have thought a miserable wet windswept freezing place like Finland…

    It’s far from being such a place. In spring and summer it’s very pleasant to say the least and beats some of the God forsaken places in Australia, such as SA.

    Autumn can be enjoyable and often little different to say Bright in Victoria. Winters can certainly be cold, but that can have its own charm.

    Finland has a temperate climate, much like Victoria, though less extreme.

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