Why socialism cannot work in The Spectator

I have an article in The Spectator, My Pencil Knows Best, in which I discuss my just-released publication, I, Mechanical Pencil: Why a Socialist Economy Cannot Work. If you are interested in why socialism is inevitably an economic catastrophe, this will explain why. And as I have noted in the past, the arguments are trickier than you might think.

Yet for all that, everyone who has ever looked at any of this seriously knows socialism doesn’t work. You either leave production to the market or you live in poverty. Government direction of the economy will, with certainty, kill off growth and prosperity. Yet here we are, once again: Bernie Sanders: Need To Do ‘Better Job’ Explaining How Socialism Leads to a ‘Vibrant Democracy’.

“I think what we have to do, and I will be doing it, is to do a better job maybe in explaining what we mean by socialism — democratic socialism,” Sanders told National Public Radio’s (NPR) Morning Edition on Monday. “Obviously, my right-wing colleagues here want to paint that as authoritarianism and communism and Venezuela, and that’s nonsense.”…

But despite Sanders’ new twist on an age-old and failed system of government, the presidential candidate admits the bottom line of his ideology is the redistribution of wealth, without using that specific description.

“Second of all, what it means … is that the wealthiest country in the history of the world we can provide a decent standard of living for all … people,” Sanders said. “That’s just the reality.”

“That’s not Utopian dreaming; that is a reality,” Sanders said. “Health care for all can be done, and we can save money doing it.”

“We can have a minimum wage which is a living wage, and I’m delighted to see that, you know, right now, five states already passed $15 an hour minimum wage,” Sanders said. “The House of Representatives is gonna do it.”

“We have got to do that,” Sanders said.

What an ignorant dingbat! Sadly, politicians offer socialist solutions to our economic problems because many people are themselves ignorant enough to believe not only that they can get something for nothing, but that somehow the economic system has been rigged so that they deserve to have the incomes of others diverted towards themselves. What they inevitably get instead are their own pockets picked and often a crash in the economy that surrounds them.

Every socialist running for office is a liar, either to everyone else or to themselves. If they are too ignorant to know that socialism cannot work, then they are too ignorant to be allowed to hold public office.

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  1. duncanm

    “Second of all, what it means … is that the wealthiest country in the history of the world ..

    Hey Bernie — why do you think that is?

  2. stackja

    USA tried ‘socialism’ under FDR and?

  3. USA tried ‘socialism’ under FDR and?

    They tried fascism first under Wilson and FDR was a senior official in the Wilson government.

    But Steve’s Spec article is really good, so read it.

  4. FelixKruell

    Based on that quote, he’s right though. I’d argue Australia already does provide a decent standard of living for all (other than those who actively forsake it), and does provide healthcare for all (that’s cheaper than the American model). And we do so so without being a socialist country – the market remains the dominant means by which production is determined/occurs.

    Somehow I think Bernie wants more than that. And it’s that ‘more’ we should be focusing on.

  5. Some History

    Why socialism cannot work in The Spectator

    But will it work elsewhere? 🙂

  6. Dr Fred Lenin

    Wonder if the swamp decromats will pull the rug from under comrade sanders like they did to stop him contesting hilarity ? At the time I got a feeling they had something on him , some criminal act he was invlolved in they threatened to expose in their media ,his haste in withdrawing indicated this could be the case . Now if the soviets were still going there would be a real case of Russian involvement, in a big way .

  7. Biota

    Socialists are blind to the fact that these wealthy targets will not out of the goodness their hearts continue to generate that wealth. Bernie and co, if you want wealth to share around get out and create it yourselves, you know you can(‘t).

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