Climate and EU realists come up trumps in Holland

Jo Nova reports on the surge of climate realism and objections to the EU octopus in Dutch provincial elections.

In the Dutch provincial elections the Forum for Democracy (FDV) Party has rocketed to 12 seats from nothing. They only launched in 2016. The FDV campaigned against “climate change hysteria” and against immigration and for more direct democracy. The Financial Times calls them Eurosceptics.

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  1. herodotus says:

    The global warming hysteria was reaching a crescendo in the lead up to the climate confab in Copenhagen in 2009 when a civic-minded person released the Climategate emails, deflating the whole thing. Those emails, concocted from the fevered imaginations of the scientists involved.
    Nigh on 10 years have passed since then and we are currently experiencing another peak in the hysteria that seems to be coordinated worldwide. But why? Why now? The global warming scientists have plenty of time on their hands and plenty of money. Idle curiosity would have got some to have a stab at figuring out what is going to happen to climate. Do they see an imminent cooling and they have to get legislation in place before that is apparent?
    The passage of those ten years has given us another lot of data points on the global warming. There are now 40 years of satellite measurements of atmospheric temperature (there’s a graph here). What the graph shows is the departure from the average for the 30 years from 1981 to 2010. The last data point is February 2019 with a result of -0.03 degrees C. So we have had 40 years of global warming and the temperature has remained flat. In fact it is slightly cooler than the long term average. Is it possible to believe in global warming when the atmosphere has cooled? No, not rationally. Is it possible for global warming to be real if the atmosphere has cooled? Again no.

    Read more at American Thinker

  2. John Bayley says:

    Leaving aside the fact that the concept of ‘global average temperature’ is quite nonsensical in itself, one only need look at Tony Hellers’ dissections of the massive fraud that is the ‘reported data’ the media regularly hyperventilates about to know that the ‘climate change’ scam is one of the worst ever perpetrated.
    I can only wish to live long enough to see the major culprits, including the politicians forcing this on us, to be prosecuted and put away for a very long time.
    One can dream.

  3. NuThink says:

    But why? Why now?

    Maybe the rainbows with the pots of gold at their ends are disappearing. You know, climate change and all that malarkey must surely affect rainbows (which have been culturally appropriated anyhow).

  4. Ellen of Tasmania says:

    The Financial Times calls them Eurosceptics.

    Eurosceptics, climate sceptics, conspiracy theorists, nazis, and a plethora of fill-in-the-blank-phobias.

    What happened to ‘question authority’? Where have we seen this clamp-down of unsanctioned opinion and debate before? Oh, but this time it’s different, hey?

  5. Ellen of Tasmania says:

    Watch the first few minutes of Scott Adams as he explains how even verifiable facts won’t change people’s minds. You’ll smile, because the scenario he paints has probably happened to you.

  6. Boambee John says:

    John Bayley

    If you have the time (and the patience to deal with genuine “true believers” in CAGW), drop over to and join the next climate related thread.

    Actually, one or two manage to make most threads climate related!

  7. HP says:

    Probably good to provide a bit of context here:
    Yep, this was the Elections of reps for the Provinces, so more on the local level.
    But that does not do it justice. Let me explain:

    The Dutch Senate elections are mindbogglingly opaque. It results from these Province reps that were elected in this election. As reps for their respective Province, they vote for their Senate reps. That is how the Senate seats get filled on the national level.

    The number mentioned, 12, is the estimated number of Senators the FvD is expected to get in the Upper House. They indeed went up from 0 to 12. Out of nowhere they are now the largest political party in the Senate.

    Moreover, this means the coalition government of lefties in the Netherlands has now lost control of the Senate. By a huge margin. This was a landslide.

    The course will need to change for the government to able to pass legislation and remain viable. To get legislation through, they will need to negotiate for additional vote. That could mean, either a lurch to the left, or to the right.

  8. Dr Fred Lenin says:

    Perhaps the cracks are starting in the Fourth Reich , merkel resigning is the start in Germany ,the gilets jaunes in France , intransigence and resistance in Poland and Hungary ,Greece going broke ,Italy argueing about the third world invasion created by merkel ,Spain in a mess , its all accumulating . The Collaborators in Brussels are losing it . The E.U. Commission is stacked with former prime ministers , government ex ministers and stuffed out geriatric left wing politicians all highly paid and collecting huge pensions from former oositions and 225 of them are wholly owned by the aspiring dictator of the world Schwartz or soros as he calls himself ,the pretend Hungarian whose father collaborated with the German socialist nazi murderers . Brexit is the beginning of the end for the elitist criminals , coukdnt happen to a more deserving pack of bastards . Hope the gilet jaunes bring back the guillotine for them .

  9. Tim Neilson says:

    ,the pretend Hungarian whose father collaborated with the German socialist nazi murderers

    I thought Soros himself was a collaborator, and that was how he took the first step to massive wealth.

  10. Beachcomber says:

    The FDV campaigned against “climate change hysteria” and against immigration ……….

    The Liberal Party are not capable of doing this and most of them don’t even want to do it. It is a rotting political carcass inhabited by political careerist maggots.

    Corey Bernardi are you watching? Get out there and make some unapologetic conservative noise! Give people something to vote for!

  11. Beachcomber says:

    Unfortunately the take-home message fro Jo’s post is

    …….. the populists’ improved performance will not easily be translated into increased clout in the upper house, since the other parties have pledged not to work with them.

    The Merkelite fascist left euro-establishment in Holland will repress this show of independence from the Dutch; just as the British establishment have thwarted Brexit.

  12. John Bayley says:

    @Boambee John

    It has been my repeated experience that genuine AGW believers are like the Terminator:
    ‘They can’t be argued with, they can’t be reasoned with, and they absolutely will not stop’… until capitalism is destroyed.
    I have referred such people in the past to Evan Mearns’ Energy Matters and to Paul Homewood’s Not a Lot of People Know That for re-education, but it falls on deaf ears.

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