EU pause in alarmism and a surge of insanity in the US

Swings and roundabouts as they used to say, some things go better and some go worse. Merkel has been forced to accept a little bit of reality and called a halt to the EU stampede to unreliable energy while across the Atlantic lunacy rules among the usual suspects.

Europe is divided between the states of the west that are pushing for more unreliable energy and the states of the east led by Poland who want no part of it. The current round of negotiations has been settled in favour of a retreat to reality (no target date for carbon neutrality) behind a smokescreen of talk about how important it is to have more expensive power to save the planet.

And in the US a new bestseller is promoting a wishlist of green strategies. Put this in the “you could not make it up” file.

Project Drawdown’s ranked list of 100 climate change solutions has priced the whole planet-fixing kit at a cool $29,609 billion dollars (of other people’s money). Apparently this is cheap as it will save $74 trillion (trust me), and thousands of entreupeneurs have been sitting on their money waiting for a list like this.

All 100 are ranked through a kind of divination of a “Plausible Scenario” in a computer model. That calculates that wind turbines are ranked at 2, while nuclear energy is way down at number 20. Educating girls ranks 6th and family planning at number 7. Number one on the list is refrigerant management (and I’ll just say China, and a $2b HFC fraud). These people are not good with numbers. Who would trust them with a computer?

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6 Responses to EU pause in alarmism and a surge of insanity in the US

  1. Win

    Climate computer models or chicken entrails,take your pick they both smell.

  2. Mark M

    China’s coal production increased by 3.3 percent in 2017 to over 3.5 billion metric tons—5 times greater than that of the United States.

    China consumes just over half of the coal consumed worldwide.

    U.S. Coal Exports Increased in 2018 as Countries Continue Their Consumption of Coal

  3. Australia will soon be up for a complete fire sale. No electricity, no industry, just a basket weaving, hair shirt, agrarian society, ripe for turning into an industrial first world country.

  4. Dr Fred Lenin

    Bemused,to add to your comment,
    Where the peasants will learn new skills and work for a bowl of rice and a few veg . Even though they live five to a room they are happy they dont have an extreme right wing government, they are under the caring compassionate umbrella of the u.n. Unelected globalist fascist socialist government ,whose comissars are appointed by georgie soros and bought and paid for by him and the other crony capitalists .

  5. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    a kind of divination of a “Plausible Scenario” in a computer model.

    About as good a result achieved here as in the series of Climatic Models we must apparently believe.
    When will they ever learn the correct response to most models is GIGO?

  6. max

    Video: When Obama’s Global Warming Spokeswoman Got Blindsided by a Congressman

    Gary North – March 23, 2019
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    We rarely get to see something this delightful.

    Obama’s Chief Climate Adviser on 1920s global warming: ‘It is a crisis we’re trying to address’

    The global warming movement is losing traction. It is becoming yesterday’s news. But yesterday is a lot longer than we normally think.

    The reality is this: these people do not have a prayer, not even to Gaia. To enforce these measures on the world, there would have to be an enforcement agency. There is only one candidate: the United Nations. The UN is a toothless, feckless hodgepodge of time-serving bureaucrats. It has little money, no power, and almost no influence.

    If the anti-manufacturing global warmers’ agenda is ever enforced in the United States, China will gain the upper hand in manufacturing. Or, better put, gain even more of an upper hand.

    China’s manufacturing empire pollutes more than any other on earth. The government’s spokesmen talk endlessly about cleaning up the atmosphere, Real Soon Now, but the government does not enforce anti-pollution laws whenever enforcement threatens industrial output. Here is a recent report. The government wants output. It wants high employment. It knows that most citizens want jobs more than clean air. China is going to pollute and pollute and pollute until the flatulent cows come home.

    If the greens ever get a political majority in this country, it will not last long. American industry will suffer, American employment will suffer, and the Chinese will enter into the export markets that the new regulations will block to American manufacturers. American voters will then exact political revenge on the greens.

    There is no possibility that the global warming agenda is going to be widely enforced in our lifetimes. These people have bet on the wrong political pony.

    This will be good for the environment. Eras of global warming have been eras of great agricultural productivity.

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