New York waiters know economics better than leftwing celebrities

But how hard is that?
Dan Mitchell reports that waiters in New York have rubbished a high-profile push by female showbiz celebs to raise the minimum wage. (Using waiters in a gender neutral sense like pilots and captains. Who needs to use the absurd ‘waitpersons’?)

The resounding message from servers in New York to these actresses in Hollywood is to just leave us alone,” said Maggie Raczynski, a bartender at an Outback Steakhouse in upstate New York. “These celebrities have literally no idea. I feel like they need to butt out.” …D. Sweeney, a former actor who said he made a “very comfortable living” as a bartender in New York, was adamant about his opposition to the proposed change. …Raising restaurant labor costs any further, he said, could trigger several changes in the business model that would hurt workers more than they would help. “Immigrant support staff will be the first to be fired,” he said. …The servers fired back in a letter to the actresses, saying, “Thank you for your concern. But we don’t need your help and we’re not asking to be saved.” In an interview this week, Ms. Raczynski said her employer had already trimmed staff to offset the steady rise in wages that Mr. Cuomo championed a few years ago.

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14 Responses to New York waiters know economics better than leftwing celebrities

  1. stackja says:

    Higher wages means no job. Then what? Will female showbiz celebs offer them some subsidy? Probably not.

  2. bemused says:

    Well, Hillary called Trump’s tax cuts ‘crumbs’ and the celebrities now want to take those away as well.

  3. Lee says:

    Bill Shorten and Labor should read this report.
    Businesses have only so much money in the pot. If Labor are going to demand that they increase wages (as part of their election campaign), the money is going to have to come from somewhere. The two most likely ways for business to make up the shortfall in money are to increase the cost of products or services, or to lay off staff.
    Neither is a desirable proposition, and I certainly don’t think the ALP has the answers!

  4. Dr Fred Lenin says:

    Lee. What would the present day alp luminaries know about real taxpayingworkers ?
    I dont think there has been one of them who ever had a real job since the 1970s ,
    Its the Workers Party with no Workers runing it .
    Bunch of suburban conveyancing lawyers ,legal aid shit stirrers and union hacks who hated working . They tried it once but didnt like it .

  5. feelthebern says:

    Too much.

  6. flyingduk says:

    “Thank you for your concern. But we don’t need your help and we’re not asking to be saved.”

    As a libertarian, that pretty much applies to every daily interaction I have.

  7. Perth Trader says:

    But,…If wages increased then workers will have more money to spend and that will flow back into the economy. What could go wrong?

  8. That could have been written only by a graduate of the Magic Pudding school of economics.

  9. Cynic of Ayr says:

    Reading more on this, the rich lefty “actresses” were:
    Sarah Jessica Parker, (who?)
    Michelle Williams, (who?)
    Amy Poehler (who?)
    Amy Schumer. (Oh FFS! That, stupid, brainless, incompetent whale!!! Now I get it!)

  10. Bazinga says:

    Cause and effect. Speaking of which, how many female (or male) showbiz celebs will now have to be otherly talented now that the casting couch isn’t really an option?

  11. TBH says:

    The old law of unintended consequences at work again. Lefties clearly don’t understand it. How could raising the minimum wage by anything more than a small amount *not* have an effect on employment levels? You take a cost to a business in a competitive market and make it higher, what do you think is going to happen?

  12. Baa Humbug says:

    A smart conservative governor and legislature would immediately increase the minimum wages of theatre employees by $20 per hour to about $30 per hour. Living wage an all ya’ll.

    We just don’t know how to fight these fvckers.

  13. Diogenes says:

    Sheesh the actresses are cheap as. Why $15 per hour? Why not say $1500 per hour ?
    I didn’t pull this number out of my rear end …
    In 2008 SJP reportedly earned $15mill for the Sex & the City Movie (runtime 2.25 hours) Lets be generous and assume she worked a 12 hour day , 7 days a week for a standard 6 week shoot for a movie this length we have 504 hours of “work”, and lets assume she did about the same amount of “work” to promote the movie – lets use a round number of 1000 hours to make the calculation simple therefore 15 mill divided by 1000 hours – 1500 per hour.

  14. EJ. says:

    ..any willing “savvy” worker here in Australia prepared to write and tell Sally McManus the same?
    ….crickets )(

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