And on it goes

I wish the news wasn’t almost always so dark with menace. The left never admits fault, never relents and never seem to learn from history. They just stay the course and events just keep moving their way. These are from The Top Twenty Mueller Report Memes where they overlap with Jussie Smollett, whose charges have just been dropped! It’s not just that they are corrupt, but they don’t even try to hide it any more.

But I’ll add this just in case you haven’t seen it already.


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  1. stackja

    Leftists lying? I am shocked!

  2. Dr Fred Lenin

    They have been lying since Narx the unwashed was invented . Its like the old inquisition , we are never wrong , same type of fanatic mongrels running the thing.

  3. Overburdened

    As previously mentioned, when they left believes that the time has come to go all out it will be brutal and sudden.
    FWIW my thought is that the reactionary position of the left has forced them into a corner where they can no longer keep up any pretence of logic or consistency.
    The msm and the web were the tools that were supposed to delude the population.
    Now all that’s left is war.

  4. Bruce in WA

    You mean like the current assault on One Nation? Quelle surprise!

  5. Behind Enemy Lines

    And on it goes
    Posted on 9:59 am, March 27, 2019 by Steve Kates
    The left never admits fault, never relents and never seem to learn from history. They just stay the course and events just keep moving their way.

    The self-appointed ‘left’ is simply the group of people who are willing to do absolutely anything to get power. Wherever they’re tolerated, things necessarily end the hard way. The longer they’re tolerated, the harder it has to be.

  6. The hole that the Democrats are digging for themselves is just getting deeper. Soon they simply won’t be able to crawl out of it no matter what. Hmmm? Maybe the Democrats are trying to dig a hole to China?

  7. tombell

    Jussie Smollett charges dropped. The Obama fix is in. Even Rahm Emanuel is outraged.

  8. Dr Fred Lenin

    The decromat disinformation aparatchiks must be racking their tiny closed minds for other ways to complete the resistanceand get rid of Trump before he damages their swamp beyond repair .
    If I were Trump I would get my people to start picking off the crooked decromats one by one ,a very easy thing to do in their case,the decromat gang is full of tiny lawuer crooks ,start knocking them off one by one ,make their lives a bloody misery of fear wondering if they will be the next one to go to jail. Its hard to concentrat when you fear the hand of the law on the shoulder,self preservation beats party loyalty every time I dont see many Martyrs amongst these maggots ,giving their all for the principle ,they dont have principle to start with Only number one .

  9. John Smith101

    Rumour has it that 2020 Democratic presidential front-runner Kamala Harris is Jussie Smollett’s aunty. Rumour also has it that the fake attack by Jussie Smollett on himself was a false flag operation to assist his aunty in this endeavour. Of course, Rahm Emanuel (tombell above) is outraged but it is a faux outrage. Rahm and Barry Obama are very close.
    Slightly off-topic but here’s a nice youtube you may not have seen: Trumpwave – WE ARE THE WEST

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