Central Planning – Oz Style

From National Review Mag:

While the amateur schemers in Washington dream of a “Green New Deal,” the people who actually know what they’re doing have achieved a reduction of nearly a third in carbon-dioxide emissions related to electricity production — and not at great cost and inconvenience but while reducing expenses as cheap, abundant, and relatively clean (there isn’t any such thing as “clean energy,” only relatively clean energy) natural gas displaces coal. That wasn’t the result of the fiat of some central-planning committee with godlike powers over the economy; it was the result of innovation, competition, and market choices. That hard work was done while Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was still trying to figure out how to change the margarita mix at Flats Fix.

In fact, U.S. emissions from energy consumption were lower in November 2018 (the most recent figures from the U.S. Energy Information Administration) than they were 20 years ago (in November 1998) in spite of all the economic growth and population growth we’ve seen since then. Coal emissions are down by more than a third in that period. And those are just the gross numbers. Consider emissions per unit of energy output (or per unit of GDP), and the numbers are even better.

Australia on the other hand has achieved some (?) level of carbon-dioxide emissions reduction through massive increase in renewables and electricity prices leading to destruction of industry and commerce.

Next time Alan Jones rants on about electricity prices, be sure to ask him about his contribution to the the gas extraction debate.

The lunacy of one of the world’s largest energy exporters having the world’s highest domestic energy prices defies logic.  But at least it will lead to increased economic equality.  We will all be equally poor.

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5 Responses to Central Planning – Oz Style

  1. stackja

    Oz bought the carbon scam, hook, line and sinker. AJ isn’t totally against gas extraction.

  2. Ben

    Global energy demand is increasing at the fastest pace in a decade, electricity demand increasing 4%
    Gas demand growth strong in US and China
    70% of fuel growth was fossil fuels


  3. Karabar

    ‘Tis true.
    In addition, Germany spent billion upon billion only to INCREASE CO2.
    But the fact of the matter is that reducing CO2 is total nonsense.
    It has NOTHING to do with the weather.
    And on top of that it is good for us.

  4. Mark M

    What the Paris Climate Hoax looks like in a chart

    From today’s IEA report on energy-related emissions — which no one is cutting.

    via https://burnmorecoal.com/2019/03/26/what-the-paris-climate-hoax-looks-like-in-a-chart/

  5. Sam

    The Greens are asking for 100%renewables by 2030 in this country. No sense of practicality and madness of the lowest order. Unfortunately, some of their youth are fascinated by these utopians.

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