Gerard Henderson’s Media Watch Dog

Number 445.

Stop Press: David Crowe’s Liberal Party Howler; 7.30 bores; ABC fails to report Peter Ridd case; a Heads up re Peter Charley

Can you Bear it? Julian Burnside’s Post-Nominals: An Update; Peter Fitzsimons Drums on about the Allianz Stadium – again; Ben Knight Goes Soft on New Zealand

MWD Exclusive: A Full Unedited transcript of the Q & A Pile-On against Teena McQueen

Five Paws Award: Joe Aston Steps Up for Demolition of the Red Bandannaed One

Media Fool of The Week: Jane Caro’s Post Election Apology to All Australians

An ABC Update: Will Glasgow, Annabel Crabb and Hendo discuss Barrie Cassidy’s Replacement; Jonathan Holmes channels John Howard re Phillip Adams

Documentation: Why so Many Journalists need to read Victorian Court of Appeal Judgement in Tyrrell v The Queen

Correspondence: Inside Insiders as Dennis Atkins, David Marr, Murph and Barrie Cassidy (sort of) help out

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3 Responses to Gerard Henderson’s Media Watch Dog

  1. stackja

    Watching DT. Will read on my mobile phone.

  2. stackja

    MWD not popular with usual suspects. I am shocked!

  3. John A

    Thanks for the reminder to read Hendo.

    I was much interested in his report on the appeal in Tyrrell v The Queen where their three honours in the Court of Appeal Vic found that Her August Majesty’s servants in the lower court, particularly focussing on the jury, had erred in their decision, and thus they overturned the original guilty verdict.

    I was struck particularly by the similarities with the much more prominent case R v Pell, and hope therefore that the precedent will be allowed to stand.

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