Muddy – Purr Like a Rabid Ferret

Given that I have nothing better to do with my life than begging for and then collating, the eclectic words of random (one suspects emotionally enigmatic) strangers … here we go again.

Following is the list of additional, thus-far-accepted contributions, since the full majesty of the Catictionary was publicly exposed toward the end of last year.

In case I haven’t mentioned this previously, the concept is to provide a record in which Cats can browse, choose a word they relate to or find inspiring, and then take that word and use it in their everyday life beyond.

Before you get to the textual satisfaction, however, I’ll make two observations: the definitions that accompany the more recent words are very helpful, so please continue providing them; some of the earlier contributions (not featured here) inspired by individuals, have dated badly already. These type of words will eventually be shaved like a blunt pencil.


Artisanarianism – [Definition?]. Stimpson J. Cat (inspired by Infidel ‘Artisanal’ Tiger?).

Bimbocracy – [Definition?]. Egg.

Bloodger – Using race to suck from the taxpayer’s teat. Struth.

Catharass – To have a Cat member harassing us about stuff. Winston Smith.

Educryptocracy – Socialist takeover of education. Faye.

Foolies – Neither Schoolies nor Toolies: uneducated students protesting on the public teat. Fibro.

Grenema – Green enema. [Definition to come]. Muddy.

Gendercide – The destruction of biological gender as we know it. Faye.

Greensectomy – Removal of the Greens. Faye. [Sounds too painless – Muddy].

Greensided – to have your Parliamentary ambitions julianed. One ScoMo doesn’t make a Spring.

Gendercreep – The feminisation of society. Egg. OR: Public education on just how many ways to have sex. Faye.

Herarsement – Womanspreading on the bus. Nob.

Hivivistan – [Definition?]. Dot & Struth to have a chainsaw duel to settle who originated the term.

Homo Bandannus – Gents of a certain age who respond to their (late-ish) mid-life crisis by dressing ostentatiously to the Left. Squirrel.

Horronated – “I’m horronated to find out how she knows…” Notafan.

Jesbian – [Definition?]. Dr. Fred Lenin.

Jonestowns – Flourishing Marxist communities. Faye.

JuliaBared – Vegan woman who you wonder what she’s like naked but you know there’s only a skeleton under the expensive threads. Shy Ted.

Liarwatha – Inspired by the Native American who provoked the Covington students. Nick.

Malclaim – A claim to would-have-been greatness if not for the actions of inferiors. Shy Ted.

Moberats – ‘Moderates.’ Faye. [Hmmm, this requires a better definition].

Mochadigenous – see Urbigenous. Muddy.

Molecoin – The worth of which is measured in moles (either the live ones or the unit of measurement), Bitcoin’s more underground relative. Highly sought after as indicators of social media worth, the coin that truly values peoples intellectual output on the interwebs. Eg: That sharticle Van Badham wrote was the equivalent of 5000 molecoins of stupid. As a general indicator one molecoin is worth about 1/10,000 of a scholarly tome by Mr Ant Lowenstein [not linked to here – ask Mole for it]. The Frollickingmole.

Mustoush – An irresistible urge to argue over nothing. Calli.

Omosexual – That overtly gay ABC guest who has nothing to say but has beautifully white teeth and clean clothes. Shy Ted.

Patriarchybearpig – [Definition?]. thefrollickingmole.

Photiosism – [Definition?]. Bruce of Newcastle.

Pith-head – One who uses witticisms as a bludgeon for PC Speak. Carpe Jugulum.

Polarazzi – A former sportsperson or other high-profile individual who seeks to extend their ’15 minutes’ by becoming a politician. Muddy.

Polytician – Polly with multiple and interchangeable views on a subject depending on what audience they are addressing. Herodotus.

Pre-mortispidity – An older cousin of Peak Stupidity. Muddy.

QuotaQuoter – Someone you see on The Drum, Q&A etc. who you just know is going to advocate for quotas before they open their mouths. Shy Ted/Tintarella di Luna.

Red Whine – A bitter, century-old formulation initially derived from rich, plump, nutritious free market fruit that is crushed and squeezed until all goodness is gone, and the dry remaining husk is then vilified for not producing more, then more, then even more. IainC.

Reflexirage – The ability to switch victims of activism automatically and without question. Calli.

Regreticide – Killing a person’s career after a casual sexual encounter. Calli.

Re-no-ables – Cockamamie attempts to substitute reliable 24/7 energy with intermittent weakling versions that cannot possibly do the job. IainC.

Ruddification – Making a simple statement totally unintelligible; a phrase that has been “Ruddified” as in “people will understand that statement if you don’t Ruddify it.” A method used usually in Politics or by public servants, particularly foreign affairs’ wallahs. Dr. Fred Lenin.

Sharticle – What the Guardian and ABC push out to cover space on their websites. The frolickingmole.

Smotherhood – Parents’ modern progressive way of stunting children mentally and physically. Faye/Nob.

Socialistanks – Similar to smelly septic tanks wherever socialists gather. Faye. [My initial reading of that was ‘socialistskank’ – Muddy].

Sloganocracy – Rule by a cadre of intellectual robots who maintain control with constant repetition of short, anodyne edicts that must be believed without question. Examples include: “diversity is good”, “Australia must build more wind and solar NOW”, Green New Deal”, “Capitalism is bad, Socialism is good”, “Israel is bad, Palestine is good”, and “for social justice to prevail, we must take away your… (fill in current benefit/human right)”. IainC.

Suevivor – Alleged victim of alleged long ago committed offence who comes forward when there’s money to be had. Shy Ted.

Surtrump – Turns up trumps against all odds for America and the world surpassing all expectations. Faye.

Smugnorant – Terri Butler (ALP) – Shadow Assistant Minister for Equality. Baldrick. [Is the acronym for that title an in-joke? – Muddy].

Smugonought – Someone who is smug and supercilious but with nothing to back it up? Danoz.

Snoutcomes – The intended result of pork-barrelling. Calli.

Social Hector – Those who think if their gift to hand out ‘social licenses’ having never produced anything for the sustenance or wellbeing of their fellow man, or, God forbid, trying to make a living from it. Davefromweewaa.

Snarxixism/Snarxixist – [Definition?]. Mr. Rusty.

SoupandasarnieNoun. A beta male incapable of seeing the world outside the prism of race-baiting. Carpe Jugulum.

Trampion – Trans winner of a female competition. Henry2.

Transgander – someone who decides to change sex but just ends up looking a goose. Shy Ted.

Trollypop – A comment designed to get an instant, snarky reaction. Calli.

Turnmerkel – A habitual liar. Carpe Jugulum.

Urbigenous – Urban indigenous. Abbreviated to Urbi. ‘The Urbi’s are clapping their iphones together for more shame-funding/grief lubrication.’ Muddy.

Vagitarian – Someone who thinks anything female is good, wholesome, beneficial, pure etc. It influences their views on everything. Business? More quotas! Law and order? Must not be doubted. Something men like doing (such as certain sports)? Government funding and programs to encourage women! Mother Lode.

Vagan (Extreme Vagitarian) – Being female does not influence their views – it is the basis of them. Everything is about making the world woman. Boys should be made ashamed of themselves and try to be girls. Girls should be free to do what boys used to. Men should be removed from power and position because they are toxic and destructive. They should strive to be female while being forever fated to be denied. The first world should be feminised (they never seem to worried about their poor brown skinned sisters). Mother Lode.

Vigiltainment – C.L. The warm, frothy head atop of and distracting from, the bitter, tragic beverage beneath. An opportunity for posers, pretenders, and provocateurs to attract public attention to themselves as the result of a tragic event, despite having little or no direct connection to the event itself, and no practical contribution to make … [Definition – Muddy].

VulvanateVerb. To replace the functional with the decorative. Bob’s wife vulvanated his shed while he was in hospital with kidney stones. Muddy.

Wiki-Smollett – [Definition?]. Farmer Gez.

Wokestan – [Insert a better definition here when Matrix provides it]. MatrixTransform.

Woking Class – A substratum demographic educated just sufficiently to assign relative degrees of morality and worth to every member of the population except themselves. IainC. [Tim Neilson added: “… it should cover all relatively comfortable, affluent, white collar “progressives” irrespective of their level of supposed or actual education”].

Wymynsys – [Definition?].  John Constantine.

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35 Responses to Muddy – Purr Like a Rabid Ferret

  1. bespoke

    I think I got it from instapundit.

    Vichy conservative ie John McCain.

  2. Shy Ted

    ITAnerary. That list of ABC employees who should be rendered unemployed with immediate effect.

  3. Dr Fred Lenin

    Jesbian a jooish lesbian decromat?

  4. calli

    Cacophoney – loud, confected outrage

    Wail Privilege – the result of a successful cacophoney

  5. calli

    Smite Supremacist – the Doomlord

  6. duncanm

    I read “Wokestan” as “Wokestain

    – the puddle of residual idiocy cleaned weekly from the floor of the Q&A studio.

  7. Ainsley

    Shouldn’t be here during work but just quickly I’d to refine the definition of “Liawatha” because it was applied to good old Liz “Fauxcahontas” Warren way before the Covington kids were accosted by some stolen valour native indian fridge mechanic!


  8. Dr Fred Lenin

    Duncanm. What a bloody job , that wouls be ,have to be done by an african refugee who didnt understand English, racial profiling perhaps?

  9. notafan

    I like suevivor very much

  10. Tintarella di Luna

    Bimbocracy – [Definition?]. Egg.

    can definitions be suggested? I will boldly do so until told otherwise: Bimbocracy: administration by CEW (Chief Executive Women aka the ClitClub presided over in Australia by some value-drainer whose name momentarily escapes me.

  11. Percy Popinjay

    Muck of GC was the first to coin the term “wymminses” (Plural), which has it origins in the terms “womin” and “wymin”. I first remember seeing these bandied about by feminazis back when I attended Monoversity* in the early 1980s.

    *The opposite of both university (and diversity).

    Neoloj’ism: Newly coined word or expression sprayed around by j’ismists. e.g. “Renumeration” as originally coined by Antonio Jones Jr ($432,871) on the ALPBC.

  12. Tintarella di Luna

    Muddy, not feeling well this afternoon so this has been the best medicine. Thank you.

  13. Tintarella di Luna

    Neoloj’ism: Newly coined word or expression sprayed around by j’ismists. e.g. “Renumeration” as originally coined by Antonio Jones Jr ($432,871) on the ALPBC.

    And corrected not once by twice – can’t remember who it was that looked askance at Snowcone with mild dismay when she corrected him the first time then with shock and horror the second time.

  14. Don’t forget;

    Lycracide – the mistaken belief that a 120kg loaded bicycle has right of way over a 52 tonne truck

  15. Buccaneer

    Arderngasm – breathlessly reporting every single woke virtue signal from a lefty politician while distracting from any message that might counter one’s narrow world view

  16. rafiki redux

    Thanks Muddy! here are a couple of old ones, but maybe not well known.

    ‘Bending over blackwards’ – self-explanatory I suppose. “The [insert here a Catictionary word for the media and/or the chattering classes] bent over blackwards to excuse Adam Goodes idiotic behaviour”.

    NESBIAN – a word that might still be heard in public service circles (although probably sotto voce by an unreconstructured male in the privacy of a toilet stall) to describe the policy of according preference in access to employment and the perquisites of the job to a person of a non-English speaking background.

  17. rafiki redux

    Er, the word describes the person preferred rather than the policy.

  18. Muddy

    Thanks for both the definitions and additions, keep them coming. At the risk of sounding like a broken 8-track, please remember they are required to be Cat Originals. If you ‘borrowed’ them from somewhere else…’Computer says no.’

    Two questions:
    1). What do you think of the title ‘Catictionary’?
    2). What will we do with the end result?

    I hope you are feeling better soon, Tinta.

  19. Arky

    Someone who molests your posts by pointing out minor and irrelevant errors.
    Looking at you right now Calli.

  20. Dr Fred Lenin

    Muddy,another one ,”this guy is telling the truth we will have to Pell him to get rid of him , Andrews government way if avoiding the truth , fitting people up in a star chamber court.

  21. Cardimona

    What do you think of the title ‘Catictionary’?

    Catalexicon is good, too. A vote? It would be democratic…

  22. Nick

    Thanks Muddy. Also,

    Muellerbate: an act of Leftist onanism, sure that Donald Trump will be impeached at any minute now.

  23. Muddy

    Cardimona – I like Catalexicon too, however I feel it describes what is contained within the Catictionary, rather than the vessel itself. There is no democracy with the Catictionary either: I am El Supremo. I would like more options to choose from though. (Welcome, by the way. I haven’t noticed you before).

    Dr. Fred – Eh? I don’t understand what word you are nominating.

  24. Ruthm

    Someone in the last week or so on the blog used “southpossumarsed” to explain that they couldn’t be bothered to spell David Leyinholm’s name correctly. Liked it although I expect it has a very narrow application.

  25. Shy Ted

    Boos bus – the public transport that delivers the luvvies to the Q&A studio where they intend to boo the token conservative. Rumour has it they practise coordinating the boos on the bus.

  26. Cardimona

    I haven’t noticed you before.

    Cheers, Muddy, I’ve been around a while.
    Came out as a real person because famous mattress-‘lation.
    What a drag on free speech – much couldn’t be said.
    So I rescreennamed.
    But I identify in Latin now, because this is a classy place.

  27. calli

    Arkyology – unearthing useless artifacts from the OT midden and giving them overblown cultural weight


  28. A Lurker

    Socialistmedia – social media that shuts down speech and opinions that they don’t agree with, for example: Facebook, Twitter, You Tube.

  29. A Lurker

    Homo termitus – individuals who have embedded themselves in Western Institutions in order to weaken and destroy the West from within. There are sub-species of Homo termitus – such as Politermitus, Journotermitus, and Acaditermitus.

  30. Faye

    Thank you Muddy.

    Moberats – Wolves in sheep’s clothing

  31. mizaris

    1). What do you think of the title ‘Catictionary’?


  32. mizaris

    oh…came in late and I see someone else has also suggested.

    using the double l makes it a collection of catallaxy lexicons maybe??

  33. Faye

    I agree Muddy “too painless”

    Greensectomy – Operation to gut the Gangrenous Greens of all political power

  34. Faye

    Second go…

    Moberats – A pack of wolves in sheep’s clothing to give the false impression of appearing politically Moderate.
    Moberats – A mischief of rats conveniently named Moderates of Centre persuasion which is supposed to hide their Socialistist Left practices.

  35. MatrixTransform


    the area in each city occupied by The Woke.
    In Melbourne for instance this roughly maps to held, or strongly contested Green seats.
    The regions are further delineated by [email protected] such as The Peoples Republic of Darebin, Yarragrad etc.

    Curiously it appears that a person doesn’t have to actually physically reside with the boundaries to be Woke
    and there are numerous examples where belonging to Wokestan seems to be entirely either in their heads, or in cyberspace.

    Some pundits suggest that Woke has both real and unreal components and that the easiest way to imagine this is by trusting that Wokestan exists at both ends of the rainbow

    Recently a theory has emerged that the denizens of these climes are a sort of parallel race to normal humans due to their self selective breeding and associative behaviours.
    Controversially this fits neatly into the interesting theory of “Budding Sympatric Speciation”

    Though given that the Wokest routinely sterilize themselves, abort their progeny, or show strong preference for same sex relationships, whilst promoting economy killing climate initiatives,
    it has been argued that as a distinct race, their chances of future survival are slim.

    see Joly, E. (9 December 2011).
    “The existence of species rests on a meta-stable equilibrium between inbreeding and out-breeding.
    An essay on the close relationship between speciation, inbreeding and recessive mutations”.
    Biology Direct. 6: 62. doi:10.1186/1745-6150-6-62. PMC 3275546. PMID 22152499.

    A consequence of the model proposed is that the existence of species would correspond to a metastable equilibrium between inbreeding and outbreeding, with excessive inbreeding promoting speciation, and excessive outbreeding resulting in irreversible accumulation of recessive mutations that could ultimately only lead to extinction.

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