Roundup March 29

The tax system explained in beers! Very neat! How unfair that the rich get more benefits than the poor from tax cuts.

Greens set new targets inspired by Venezuela.

The Australian Greens are actually proposing an end to thermal coal exports and coal plants and a ban on new internal combustion vehicles by 2030.

The Greens policy blueprint suggests Australia would become a “renewable energy superpower”, with coal exports to be replaced by clean hydrogen, and the construction of a $6bn taxpayer-funded ­energy grid upgrade to develop new renewable energy zones.

Gerard Henderson’s Media Watch Dog will be posted this evening or tomorrow. The Libertarian Calendar from Mannkal.

The Taxpayers Alliance Campaigns.

Rising power prices cost jobs. A case study in Queensland from the Australian Institute for Progress.

The descent into administration of century-old brick manufacturer Claypave is just the latest indicator that Australian manufacturing faces an existential crisis because of high electricity and gas prices caused by government policy.

From the week. Michel Bacos, hero of Entebbe. Sinc on the tax system. Alan Moran on the NSW Election – Triumph of the Irrigators. PM vs Waleed Aly.

The Portal to a collection of fellow-travellers

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Climate. Viv Forbes Carbon Sense, Watts Up With That?, Jo Nova, The Global Warming Policy Forum, Global Coal Plant Tracker, Tony From Oz, Paul Homewood, Climate Depot, Wodfortrees – do your own graphs and regressions! New – The Five Dock Climate Realists You Tube collection.

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4 Responses to Roundup March 29

  1. Louis Hissink

    Targets inspired by Venezuela? A nation that has 80% of its energy produced by hydroelectric, has the largest petroleum reserves on the planet, is an economic catastrophe, or so the fake news media reports, and it’s an inspiration ?

    I suppose utopian solutions should be expected from utopian cultures, whether utopia is in the materialistic present or in a future metaphysical state as believed by the Abrahamites.

    These are more than interesting times.

  2. Entropy

    This “clean hydrogen” scam seems mental. Unless you are making the hydrogen from CSG, why not just do it locally rather than import it from somewhere. A clean hurdrogen superpower. You would have to be mendacious to think you can put such crap out there, and as stupid as a journalist to swallow it.

  3. Chris M

    Sad that Claypave closed at a time when Councils and businesses will literally pay you to take their unwanted bio-fuel. Could have set up a generator perhaps.

  4. Fred

    Why is it that all these renewable targets and bans are off in the future?

    If they are serious about it, then propose do it now.

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