We are in a moment of reprieve

I finally got to listen to PDT’s whole speech and it was spellbinding. Mark Steyn and Tucker Carlson both watched it and both have had the same reaction. Who else today can give a speech that lasts an hour and a half and leave you sorry it has come to an end?

I will also draw your attention to the last quarter hour, from around one hour and ten minutes in, where the President kind of summarises the themes of the 2020 campaign to come.

It could all have been so different from how it is. Like the market economy, which effortlessly produces the goods, almost making it seem as if there is nothing to it, in the same way you think that things just go right, when they go right, because they always will. For myself, I am too too aware how we are in a moment of reprieve from a deluge, that if it happens, will wipe our civilisation away until there is nothing left.

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11 Responses to We are in a moment of reprieve

  1. Overburdened

    I think that the game is lost.
    President Trump is the last gasp of the Age Of Reason.
    I don’t think it’s good or bad in the long run of human history.
    I think it shit for a lot of people now.
    I hope to be corrected.

  2. mh

    Who’s been to a Trump rally here?

    Who intends to go to one?

  3. stackja

    Ronald Reagan came and USSR disappeared. DT came, maybe USA voters are now aware of what is needed. A siren call of socialism will only deliver another Venezuela. And the world as we know it, is probably finished

  4. Herodotus

    The zombie left are the undead purveyors of doom. There is no nice way out of this scenario.

  5. Karabar

    Don’t underestimate the power of the movement.
    The swamp is being drained, and now that the preliminaries are over the execution of more than 50,000 sealed indictments will put many of the swamp dwellers in captivity.
    The biggest problem is that the swamp is not in any way confined to the USA. It the swamp dwellers in the remainder of the world that will require the effort of all of us.

  6. mh

    Donald J. Trump
    Had the Fed not mistakenly raised interest rates, especially since there is very little inflation, and had they not done the ridiculously timed quantitative tightening, the 3.0% GDP, & Stock Market, would have both been much higher & World Markets would be in a better place!

  7. max

    I love the Great Lakes because they’re big and deep.
    I love their deepness.

    Compare this with our kind of rehearsed polly speak.
    People are so sick of fake sincerity.
    That’s one reason Pauline appeals to so many.

  8. BorisG

    Who else today can give a speech that lasts an hour and a half and leave you sorry it has come to an end?

    Maybe you need medical help.

  9. .

    No, raising rates is good. Greenspan’s moderation indirectly caused the GFC. I am also aware that the econocrats there are leftists and actually want to sabotage GDP growth the Get! Trump!

  10. candy

    It definitely is a moment of reprieve. Trying to figure out next attack by the Left media. I’m guessing it will be Trump’s family, the daughter and her husband and even Melania.

    They have done he did not win popular vote so not ligit, treason, insanity, locker room talk, Trump as a spy, collusion, racism, sexism. I’ve forgotten some other themes.

    I think the Left media will go after his family, as that would hurt him the most.

  11. Dr Fred Lenin

    Its time for Donald to start picking off the crooked decromats ,easy job they are all crims ,knock them off one at a time put the fear of jail into them ,nice bit of lawfare using the book they wrote . Make them fear the knock at the door ,they richly deserve every bit of it . Love to see clintons. Pelost ,schiff in orange jumpsuits. On the way to Leavenworth , till they come out in a box.

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