Jimmy Carter Down Under

Last week, SMH Political and International Editor Peter Hartcher had a series run on the “demise” of the Turnbull administration.  One particular chapter asked the question What was the point of the Turnbull government?

Good question Mr Hartcher.  Good quesiton.

What was the point of Malcolm Turnbull? His government was not without achievements. But major reforms proved elusive. The point had become mere survival.

Turnbull’s enormous political capital was depleted pointlessly. The firebrand had become a fizzer.

The whole series reminded TAFKAS of another “great leader” of whom the same question (what was the point) could be asked, Jimmy Carter, the 39th President of the United States.  The man who blamed the US people for an economic “malaise”.

Carter was succeeded by Ronald Reagan.  Sadly for Australia, Scott Morrison is no Ronald Reagan, and nor is Bill Shorten.

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6 Responses to Jimmy Carter Down Under

  1. stackja

    Ronald Reagan took many years to reach the presidential office. So did Menzies to become PM again.

  2. achievements



    Almost worthy of a “lemon post”.

  3. bollux

    The whole point of Turnbulls government was to destroy the Liberal party. Who doesn’t know, or couldn’t see that?

  4. Brian

    “Enormous political capital”??
    People held their noses to allow him to scrape through the election.

  5. DD

    TAFKAS, our frustration with MT was real but he did not disappoint anyone. The result was foreordained.

    Just as will be the result of the destruction being wrought upon our country and all its citizens by the combined efforts of our own global communists and a religion unchanged for centuries.

    What to do? Well, Muddy has a way with words, perhaps he can redraft the rules for radicals to be suited to conservative use. Together with potential case studies to assist those of us unused to radical political activism.

    Conservatives are spinning their wheels; we need to get traction.

  6. a happy little debunker

    The whole point of Turnbulls government was to destroy the Liberal party

    Actually it was to wrest political power from and fatally undermine his arch nemesis – Tony Abbott.

    Abbott beat him outright during the republican referendum and then took Turnbull’s leadership in the post ute-gate, climate-change kerfuffle.

    Blood had been spilt & Malcolm Bligh Turnbull wanted an eye for an eye – damaging the Liberal Party was just a side effect.

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