Q&A Forum: April 1, 2019

Update:  ABC viewer advocates violence.


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  1. Mark M

    Thanks in advance for watching.
    14 for me, please, Mr C.
    I’ll be checking in the morning.

  2. Can someone else do it tonight i just got out of a meeting.

    Make a list on paper and cut and paste online

    Konbanwa Sama

  3. Vic in Prossy

    May I have 26,please?

  4. John Constantine

    Recent polls suggest about 70% of Australians are concerned about climate change.
    And ATM Australia’s not on track to meet our Paris target.
    A massive proportion of our emissions come from primary industries.
    Should Australia be trying harder?
    (Featured on Four Corners tonight)

    From their abc rural online taxfunded bully pulpit.

  5. Cpt Seahawks

    Stackja 19
    Mark M 14
    Carpe 52
    Vic in Prossy 26
    Copt Seahawks 39

  6. Westie Woman

    13 please thanks

  7. Tim Neilson

    What’s happened to the comments?
    Has Q&A finally succeeded in boring its audience to death?

  8. egg_

    The UniParty talking about a joint ticket on the minimum wage, live on Q&A?

  9. egg_

    Recent polls suggest about 70% of Australians are concerned about climate change.
    And ATM Australia’s not on track to meet our Paris target.

    Same meme on Teh Dumb tonight.
    Conclusion was we need a better CC Policy IIRC.

  10. egg_

    Arthur Sinodinos, Amanda Rishworth, Rebecca Huntley, John Roskam And Lakshmi Logathassan
    CTC, Premiere, CC, Live

    On the eve of the budget Tony Jones joins Liberal senator Arthur Sinodinos, Labor front-bencher Amanda Rishworth, social analyst Rebecca Huntley, IPA Executive Director John Roskam and People’s Panellist Lakshmi Logathassan.

  11. Rex Mango

    Arthur Sinodinos doing very good Chris Kenny look.

  12. egg_

    Aunty/Al Jiz recording PHON
    Roskam: privatise the [email protected]
    Photios: typical journalism – until he’s stung?

  13. egg_

    Photios going for the inverted head hair look.

  14. egg_

    Photios spelling out Libs’ get PHON policy.

  15. egg_

    Huntley: PHON selling out to the NRA!!!

  16. egg_

    Roskam: Anti Greens – howls of laughter from the audience whenever he speaks – from Green-Left hecklers.

  17. egg_

    Rishworth: “One Labor” slip up.
    PHON: Hate speech.
    Yeah, many hate the Greens!

  18. RobK

    Late to the party.
    Heavens above.
    Shame there’s no ON on panel to respond.

  19. egg_

    Video question from lady with large pink quartz phallic object near her puter.

  20. Rex Mango

    Howard’s government developing a proto emissions trading scheme was the start of the whole Lib sellout and carbon disaster we have endured for more than last ten years. Also video link lady has a phallic shaped crystal behind her.

  21. egg_

    Will the large pink quartz phallic object be on next week’s panel?

  22. RobK

    Ugandan emphasizes he isn’t Sudanese.

  23. egg_

    The Christchurch killer was nuts, Snowcone.
    Plenty of immigrants hate skippys.

  24. egg_

    Violence imbalance with mu zzos escapes the panel, as pointed out by Photios.

  25. egg_

    They’re all minor irritants, Photios!

  26. Rex Mango

    Andrew Bolt hasn’t asked black dude on his show and is therefore implicated in general debate re racism in Australia and why free speech should be suppressed.

  27. One ScoMo does not make a Spring

    Just to add some balance to this discussion, I have a mate who is a Vic Policeman. They recently came off duty doing the night shift in Melbourne CBD. In their words : 95% of the calls out over the radio after 2am Fri, Sat, Sun referred to suspects of African Appearance. The senior cops on the beat advise you will never see this in the media.

    This is supported by another mate in the Vic Police. He tells me they are generally not first gen. Migrants. These are 2nd or 3rd gen who ‘know their rights’ and will push up to the boundaries or beyond.

  28. Real Deal

    Update: ABC viewer advocates violence.

    Pity for areff’s sake (his comments were obvious hyperbole, unlike this one) that Michelle Guthrie is at home counting her undeserved payout. Will any apology be forthcoming for this directly threatening behaviour? I think not. Reprehensible fools.

  29. Percy Popinjay

    What are the chances of that renwick imbecile ever frequenting a church, a temple, a synagogue or a moozley hatespeech hub?

    Zero. He’ll just have to settle for being run down in a pedestrian mall, accidentally shot by cops in a moozley siege, being blown up in a bar or having his brains blown out after leaving his government office.

    What an appallingly ignorant pillock.

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