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The Anti-Humanist Ideology of the Christchurch Killer.

As with the ideologies that spawned so many genocides and massacres through the twentieth century and into this one, Brenton Tarrant’s weighing of individuals’ lives as of no account against tribal fealty and group identity challenges us to promote something better. To achieve this we must first take our heads out of the sand. And actually read what he wrote instead of trying to hide it like Ms Ardern.

How Labor Will Impose the Queer Revolution

In LGBT parlance, “heteronormativity” represents the first value system marked for destruction. Queer humans, it is argued, are inherently “othered” by a social order in which gender congruence and heterosexuality are normative. Genuine “inclusion”, therefore, can be achieved only where new norms, based on queerness, are established. In this crusade, activists have the alternate government as their ally.

Unions Return to Class Warfare

In her book On Fairness, ACTU Secretary Sally McManus clearly sees herself as a proletarian dissident battling some totalitarian regime. But other than knowing who is on which side, there is no indication she and her grasp of how economies work have evolved beyond the shallow ken of her memoir’s sixteen-year-old, a supporter of her team come what may.

Israel as a leader of Western conservatism

Roger Scruton’s short stories

The Architecture of Thomas Hardy

Directors who rewrite Shakespeare

The British stage is now riven with racism, if by racism we mean the tendency to believe that race is and ought to be an important determinant of policy. Sadly, the passion of certain directors to enlist the Bard as an agent of politically correct agitprop too often produces not tragedy but farce.

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  1. Mark M

    Mongrel Mob leader says members won’t hand in their guns


    Sonny Fatu, president of the Waikato branch of the Mongrel Mob, said that, while some members of the gang may have illegal guns, they will not be handing them in as they are necessary to their protection.

    “The attacks between our organisations are gang-on-gang, they do not involve the non-gang members. Although there may be peripheral damage and violence that occasionally spills out into the public eye, it is absolutely and without intention for any harm to be caused to non-gang members,” he said.

  2. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    The infinitely equitable Lord Marx hath given thee the magic incantation which thou must cherish and recite daily. Use this incantation wisely for it has the power to banish inequality and drive us towards universal Darkness.

    The magic incantation: LGBQIP+

  3. C.L.

    The Anti-Humanist Ideology of the Christchurch Killer

    How Labor Will Impose the Queer Revolution

    There is a direct link between these phenomena.
    The extreme left has significant state powers and – this is important – are not being opposed because opposition to extreme leftism is now illegal. That means more and more people on the right will organise their own radical responses to the left’s murderous tyranny. Blowback.

  4. Hay Stockard

    I’ve asked for an explanation of that LGBQIP+ thing.
    Haven’t received a straight answer.

  5. Vicki

    To achieve this we must first take our heads out of the sand. And actually read what he wrote instead of trying to hide it like Ms Ardern.

    Apparently anyone found to have sent a copy of the Manifesto to someone else is liable to a sentence of imprisonment.

    Besides being a portent of an Orwellian future, it is actually counterproductive. As a commentator wrote in The Weekend Australian, such a move promises to incite resistance – the very thing that the shooter wants.

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