Tony Abbott is a volunteer firefighter

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  1. stackja

    TA looks different in this ad! He changed?

  2. duncanm

    lots of truth and common sense up to about the 46s mark.

    Do they realise how stupid they sound?

  3. duncanm

    Computer says no.Rainfall trend is more, not less, over the majority of Australia

  4. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Just put up my feelings about this on the Open Thread. Someone directed me here.

    We all know this is a green beat-up about something that’s part of Australia’s natural ecology, aided by aboriginal traditional fire-farming and now by green resistance to regular fuel load reduction burns. Building in fire prone areas without burn-offs will inevitably produce human disasters.

    Nothing to do with what can only be called inadequate climatic models and unproven temperature rises. The so-called ‘changes’ impelling such a hysterical response are nothing more than normal and expected cyclical weather patterns.

    Historically, bushfires have always imperiled Australians. Deal with it.

    This stuff is the last election redux – climate is the scare, not mediscare as per last time. Both lies.

  5. Pedro the Ignorant

    Pack of ugly ferals spouting bullshit.

    That will convince tens of thousands of people to vote Green.


  6. John Constantine

    Lithium battery powered firetrucks?.

    With lithium battery powered water pumps?.

    If not, why not?.

    Let their australian media ask this simple question.


  7. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    Pack of ugly ferals spouting bullshit.

    Pedro, I’d say you would know as well as I do that the majority of bushfires are caused by sheer, human stupidity, and nothing to do with climate change.

  8. Pedro the Ignorant

    Agreed Zulu. Everything from arson, hot work and cigarette butts to idiots lighting BBQs on fire ban days.

    About one in a hundred bushfires are caused by lightning strikes, and most of those are in the far north.

    I am reminded of the fire in the Kimberley that burned in remote area around Bonaparte Gulf from 1997 – 2002.

    Nobody cared.

  9. RobK

    Gerd Leipold, the current Executive Director of Greenpeace, has just come out on the BBC programme Hardtalk and admitted that they had ’emotionalised’ issues surrounding the melting of the polar ice-caps in a report released on July 15th.

    Although climate change is clearly a serious issue and one that must not be dismissed, it is important that we approach such pivotal aspects of human existence through as objective a perspective as we can possibly muster. The actions of Greenpeace, both now and at various times in the past, have shown that there are some who wish to exaggerate environmental issues in order to bring about change more quickly. Whether or not this tactic is viable is still open for debate, and indeed I would argue that by doing so Greenpeace will have actually alienated many in positions of power who may have been able to make an impact.

    The problem, of course, stems from the fact that by exaggerating these claims Greenpeace has opened up their whole mission to scrutiny and skepticism. Ethical organisations must ensure that they remain as honest and upfront about their findings and analysis as they possibly can, because to do otherwise can lead to suspicion and a detrimental effect to the cause that they are trying to promote.

    No credibility. At all.

  10. Rob MW

    Ethical organisations must ensure that they remain as honest and upfront about their findings and analysis as they possibly can, because to do otherwise can lead to suspicion and a detrimental effect to the cause that they are trying to promote.

    “……their findings……”. Start with the carbon cycle & see if the tyre chasers can objectively analyse that.

  11. Bruce of Newcastle

    I see a bunch of firemen.
    Of the fahrenheit 451 variety of firemen.
    All those dystopian novels of the post WW2 period are coming true.

  12. Louis

    When was it exactly that merely being the victim of something suddenly made you an expert on the topic?
    It’s like those Sandy Hook kids going around lecturing on gun control and the media demanding they be heard as experts.
    I don’t lecture my dentist about my four decades of experience with teeth.

  13. egg_

    Rainfall trend is more, not less, over the majority of Australia

    More tropical would be the logical CC trend.

  14. egg_

    Are Greens more flammable – methane and all?

  15. wal1957

    When will the greenies take responsibility for the fires that are fiercer and longer burning due to the lack of fuel load burns (as mentioned above by Lizzie). If the fuel was regularly burned off we would not have fires of such ferocity.
    Common sense is not an attribute that greens are renowned for.

  16. Confused Old Misfit

    I don’t lecture my dentist about my four decades of experience with teeth.

    It wouldn’t do to lecture him.
    But with a little application and study you could surely provide him/her with an unformed opinion on the state of your dentures?
    Not teeth in general, but yours in particular.

  17. Neville

    This whole “advertisement” actually IS satire .. right? … right?

  18. Perfidious Albino

    Worth finding out whether these are ‘survivors’ or just actors / useful idiots…

  19. RobK

    Either way, the last description prevails.

  20. a happy little debunker

    When the TFS tells ya it’s all about rainfall and fuel growth – maybe we should believe them?

    On second thoughts, why waste a perfectly good bushfire – let’s blame climate change….

  21. Perfidious Albino

    This Greenpeace guff for Tas seems to be remarkably similar to the schtick GetUp have just started rolling out

    Amazing coincidence…

  22. Craig

    The first ugly wench Penny Wong?

  23. Baldrick

    More proof, the NPC meme is alive and well amongst the Filth.

  24. TheSenator

    I must confess to at first being rather impressed by their astute reading of the matter. Alas, as the asinine statements revealed their dark foil, my heart sank.

  25. Bruce

    Perfidious albino:

    It helps to keep in mind that “Greenpiece” started as a Soviet front.

    Get-stuffed? Ït has all the hallmarks of an alien enemy ideology posing as “concerned citizens”. Not the old Soviets, but the slippery “non-state” players that the LSM seems to tongue-bathe incessantly.

  26. Bronson

    Absolute lies and fabrications. The issues around these and other bushfires in Australia stem from and are directly attributable to poor land management practices. It is the likes of green peas and their membership that have contributed to the minefield that is public land management across this country. Blocking of vital activities like planned burning, thinning of over stocked forests and clearing of understorey near assets by ‘activists’ leaves the people in this video who live on or near the bush urban interface exposed to risk of death every summer!

  27. Shy Ted

    So sorry they lost all their self-care and personal hygiene products in the fires.

  28. Alex Davidson

    @Bronson #2977366:

    It isn’t just public land management – their evil agenda extends to privately owned land as well. Clearing is virtually outlawed, but if you do decide to follow their rules and carry out hazard reduction burning on your own property they have turned it into such a drama that more and more simply don’t bother. Why should you have to run along to your local RFS cap-in-hand begging for permission from a bureaucrat barely out of nappies to burn a few piles of twigs, then dutifully notify your neighbours “at least 24 hours beforehand”? We are being treated like children playing with matches – not only demeaning, but yet another way they undermine the rights and responsibilities of ownership.

    It never ceases to amaze me how vegetation is treated with such reverence in Australia, as if it was the scarcest resource in the country, when it is one of the most abundant and of little economic value, and has the potential to cause such damage when it catches fire. There should be no obstacles to landowners carrying out as much clearing as they wished on their own land to protect their lives and property.

  29. whirrwhirr

    Reactionary calls for better land management and more fuel load burns after ever major bushfire are simple and naïve. In the case of the recent Riveaux Road fire in south-west Tassie, the most significant fuel load was the plantation Eucalypts managed by Sustainable Timbers Tasmania. Fire severity is greatest in stands of Eucalypts from ages 7-40years. Most saw-log timber is harvested by STT at 25-30 years. And then add clearing of the forest floor species in and around plantations, which help to keep moisture in the ground and temperatures down, it is not surprising that the fire was so sever.

    With the Gell River fire, much of the area burnt was alpine vegetation and some temperate rainforest. A lot of the area is inaccessible from the ground, and any fuel load reduction that could be done would have simply resulted in the regrowth of more flammable vegetation and the removal of peat soil, which had protected the alpine ecosystem from fire for so long.

    Fuel load reduction can be somewhat effective in stopping the spread of bushfires closer to urban areas, but in the wilderness of Tassie it is much more complicated.

    And by the way both of the recent Tassie bushfires, were ignited by dry lighting strikes. Since the year 2000 the frequency, and the the size of dry lighting fires has increased exponentially in the state.

  30. sfw

    Pedro, I don’t know the situation in Northern Australia but here in the Vic Alps, lightening strikes often cause fires, far more than arson and probably more than accidental causes. Just since Christmas there have been around a dozen fires in our area all caused by lightening but they were all contained quickly.

  31. sfw

    Obviously I can’t spell lightning

  32. Bronson

    Rubbish WhirWhir what were the fuel loads surrounding the plantation? High no doubt with no breaks in continuity except those roads needed to access the plantation. So your landscape was primed for continual fire growth. Your highland area was the same years of no management allowed fuels to build up uniformly across the landscape where once theywuld have been patchy as a result of both indigenous burning and lightning. The landscape was primed and ready for catastrophic fire because of this. Manage your fuels if you want to retain your assets be they built or natural!

  33. whirrwhirr

    The Riveaux Road fire started in a Permanent Timber Production Zone, an area managed by Sustainable Timbers Tasmania. The area around the plantations have been ‘managed’ into a Eucalyptus monoculture, where they do the usual low intensity burns to reduce floor vegetation. But the Huon River breaks up the continuity, as well as some tourism roads. Short of concreting around the plantations there is not much else they could do to reduce the lower level fuel load. There were close to 200 lighting strikes in the area, with multiple ignition points. You can’t defend against the risk that poses with fuel reduction

    As for the highland area, the Tasmanian alpine and subalpine ecosystem is unique, in that it has evolved in the absense of fire, up until European colonisation. You can’t manage that area with burn offs. Anything burnt is not going to grow back. It has been protected for so long because of its peat soil. You know something is wrong when that peat get so dry that it is prone to fire.

  34. Forest Stylist

    The Aborigines had regular cool burns of buttongrass and similar vegetation for 50,000 years that contained fires from lightning strikes. This allowed the fire sensitive species to evolve.
    For example, if fine fuel is reduced 50%, then rates of spread are 50% lower and fire intensity is 75% lower.
    Much of the subalpine vegetation is dominated by Eucalypts that need fire for regeneration .

  35. Dr Fred Lenin

    I knew an old man whose grandfather had settled in the Gippsland High Country farming merinos ,he had told his grandson when white men arrived there it was like a big English park ,no rubbish on the ground all burned by the aboriginals to enable them to hunt their prey easier . Grass fires in forest only singe the mature trees , rubbish on the ground causes Hot fires which damage or kill mature trees . The illiterate aboriginals knew this , the university educated gangrenes don’t they have no idea of the damage they do and the wildlife they kill with their stupidity fires and windmills , The worst ecological vandals they are . Fire fighters would be mad to go into one of those neglected rubbish filled National Parks to fight fires ,You would not get out alive as embers started fires in the rubbish behind you with all the kindling lying there . \

  36. Aristogeiton

    But is he “Potentially Great(tm)”?

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