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From Zero Hedge a couple of days ago … assuming it has not been blocked on your ISP – You’re A Sucker If You Don’t Believe The System Is Rigged.  Here’s a snippet:

Why do you think our elite is so eager to pass new laws and regulations? Is it because normal people like you and me are running wild in the streets? No, of course not. They don’t want to regulate political campaigns to make sure elections are fair. They want to regulate them so they will always win and we never will again. 

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  1. Genghis

    Yup, This maybe Australia’s last election!

  2. stackja

    #2977696, posted on April 2, 2019 at 3:29 pm
    Yup, This maybe Australia’s last election!

    In the absence of any genuine test of opinion, and in conditions of intimidation and repression for those who might dare to challenge official propaganda, when the only public opinion which existed was that of the regime’s agencies, such a figure can only be guesswork, and is probably too high.

  3. Bruce of Newcastle

    Always democracies have to guard against oligarchs.
    Usually the only answer when a bunch of oligarchs do manage to get control is violence.
    Which isn’t much good for anyone, especially not the oligarchs.
    Since lampposts in Venezuela no longer are used for light they may soon get a new use.

  4. Democracy as we know it now is aristocracy. Bring back demarchy, sortition, etc.

  5. Likewise, I don’t believe the “Hillary ain’t runnin'” line and suspect the laying in of the boot to Biden is from her camp.

    “Why, she rejected the Crown three times, we better make her our first Queen since Anne…”

    “Wow, she looks really nice in that white pantsuit and purple scarf…”

  6. Dr Fred Lenin

    Just read Harry Richardson on Pickering Post,great article about the Washington Swamp . These political mafiosi are an incestuous pack of bastards . The FBI ,DOJ and CIA are rotten with these crims whi]o seem to go from one to the other with ease . If this is really true ,and I have no reason to doubt it Washington is a cesspit of legal scum . Comey .Mueller, Rosenstein ,the Clintons and many other should all be in jail for life plus ten years and be stripped of all family assets . Inland revenue and the obama gang don’t escape notice either . If Donald wanted to he could get the lot of them into courts with real Republican Judges .
    Go For It Donald ,make America Cleaner Again MACA along with MAGA .

  7. OldOzzie

    You’re A Sucker If You Don’t Believe The System Is Rigged – You mean like this in Australia

    Doctor Dastyari teams up with private equity

    Will Glasgow
    Margin Call Editor
    Christine Lacy
    Margin Call Columnist

    If former Labor senator Sam Dastyari rocks up at your door in a white coat, carrying a small black bag, don’t be alarmed.

    Margin Call can reveal the Sussex Street powerbroker turned lobbyist’s relationship with former Liberal health minister Michael Wooldridge extends beyond mere spruiking for the medical industry.

    Not only has Dastyari signed up with the former Howard minister Wooldridge’s lobbying outfit The Strategic Counsel.

    The pair have also teamed up as fellow directors of a private equity-backed outfit called NHD HoldCo Pty Ltd, which is the parent entity of the National Home Doctors Service (aka 13SICK), the leading provider of after-hours general practitioner services across Australia and Canada.

    That puts the former pollies in bed with Sydney-headquartered private equiteers Crescent Capital, which has a controlling stake in NHD.

    Crescent Capital founder Michael Alscher (a former Bain consultant) and partner Nathaniel Thomson (a former McKinsey consultant) are directors of the HoldCo alongside Dastyari and Wooldridge.

    The private equity shop — whose motto is “Grow. Increase. Expand” — is also a Strategic Counsel client.

    After his abrupt departure from the senate, Dastyari joined the NHD board in mid-June last year, while Wooldridge joined in May.

    The group operates under the National Home Doctor Service banner in Australia and bulk bills Medicare card holders for its services.

    All of which should see Dastyari — who has returned to the Canberra bubble for budget week — make regular trips to shadow health minister Catherine King’s door after the May election.

    Shareholders in NHD include a range of nominee companies, so it remains unclear whether the pair are also equity holders in the group, which turns over about $55 million a year for a profit most recently of just over $2 million.

    Previously, the local operation was run by Ben Keneally, the husband of former NSW premier Kristina Keneally, who replaced Dastyari in the senate in early 2018.

    Mr Keneally, a former Labor mayor of Botany who now works at the Boston Consulting Group, was also a NHD shareholder until he parted ways with the firm in late 2016 and his stake lapsed.

    Still, a few familiar faces to help out the 35-year-old Dastyari as he learns the roll up stethoscope trade.

  8. Dr Fred Lenin

    Lobbying ? That’s another name for giving politicans bribes isn’t it ? No one makes political donations without strings attached . Politicians love board Lunch meetings once a month for a fee of $200k a year when they give up politics to spend more time with their mistresses ,wives and both families.

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