Regulatory overreach?

The Justice Department’s antitrust division warned the body that presents the Academy Awards that a proposed rule change designed to exclude Netflix Inc. could raise antitrust concerns, according to people familiar with the matter.

Makan Delrahim, the department’s top antitrust official, said in a letter to the Academy that such a rule change, requiring eligible movies to be released more widely in theaters, could represent an agreement among competitors to sideline an emerging rival, these people said.

One member of the Academy’s board of governors who has worked with traditional studios and Netflix expressed surprise that the Justice Department was wading into the adjudication of a Hollywood awards show.

“Can’t a contest set their own rules?” this person said.

From the Wall Street Journal.

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19 Responses to Regulatory overreach?

  1. Rafe Champion

    For the dedicated regulator there is no such thing as regulatory overreach. And given the value of regulations for lawyers it is very hard to recruit lawyers to criticise regulations and given the complexity of so many regulations you need to be an expert in the field to talk convincingly about them and by that time…

  2. MikeS

    Netflix’s reputation would likely be enhanced by exclusion from the Oscar’s circus. What colour dresses, ribbons and fashionable opinions will be in vogue next year anyway?

  3. Bruce of Newcastle

    Hollywood produces SJW rubbish these days so who cares if they give awards to each other?
    Like the MSM here which shares around meaningless incestuous Walkleys.
    They may as well give themselves Best Dinosaur awards.
    Won’t keep the asteroid away but they’ll feel better.

  4. Entropy

    Who cares what the academy thinks anyway?

    But yeah, regulators gotta regulate. Might as well as why a rabbit has to copulate.

  5. Perfidious Albino

    Look, I’m as anti regulatory overreach as the next Cat, but have to admit I’m enjoying seeing how much the luvvies enjoy having some regulatory overreach thrust their way. They don’t like it up em… (h/t Corporal Jones)

    Also, change out ‘contest’ in that quote for any other thing which might be important to individuals: ‘club’, ‘property owner’…

  6. CameroH

    What goes around comes around. Leftist celebrities are quite happy to stick their noses in everybody elses business and want government to regulate as they desire.

  7. Baldrick

    The fact the Academy Awards is scared of competition from a streaming service is hilarious but the DoJ should butt-out with its regulations.

    I love it when Leftards start eating each other. Break out the popcorn.

  8. Helen

    So how come it is bad to have men only clubs?

  9. Percy Popinjay

    So how come it is bad to have men only clubs?

    Because their mere existence causes 97% of women to work themselves into a seething petulant hysterical frenzy, which then of course becomes everyone else’s problem.

  10. Shy Ted

    Thought Obama had scored a gig at Netflix. This wouldn’t make sense if he had.

  11. Herodotus

    The Academy Awards are a dead duck.

  12. As much as I despise the coke sniffing, virtue signaling self entitled quatrosexuals of Hollywood, it is their event and they should be free to sniff any arse they want.
    However the Awards are a competition? As one former Carlton FC and Liberal Party President might have said “Pigs Aaaarrse”

  13. Pyrmonter

    Regulatory overreach?

    Maybe, maybe not.

    What are the impediments to replicating the Academy? Are there any? Does it have some sort of exclusive dealing requirement preventing its members being appointed members of a competitor body?

  14. bespoke

    Odd, Rick on Porn Stars (a show about a porn shop in Vargas) said he is not allowed to sell Golden Globes. They can sell war medals and NFL rings.

  15. Zatara

    Rick on Porn Stars…

    Pawn Stars. He runs a pawn shop. Must be the accent.

  16. Leo G

    “Can’t a contest set their own rules?” this person said.

    Possibly- provided their proceedings are distributed strictly only to members, thereby avoiding possible charges of collusive practice or restraint of trade.

  17. J.H.

    LOL… It’s not a “Contest”, it’s always been a political cartel monopolizing thought and expression.

    But whatever, it’s their show, they can live in their bubble. Streaming movies, programs and their production is the future. Cinema’s will increasingly become a niche market and so will their films.

  18. John A

    Percy Popinjay #2979037, posted on April 4, 2019 at 8:46 am

    So how come it is bad to have men only clubs?

    Because their mere existence causes 97% of wymmynses to work themselves into a seething petulant hysterical frenzy which then, of course, becomes everyone else’s problem.


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