Climate alarmism. Shouting fire in a crowded cinema?

See who gets trampled in the rush to save the planet from warming. Lomborg estimated the financial cost of mitigation efforts and also the opportunity cost in terms of real problems that might be addressed with a fraction of the money that is being spent (with the effect of increasing power prices and destabilized electricity grids).

The Paris Agreement on climate change will deliver little. Recent analysis shows that of almost 200 signatories, only 17 — including Algeria and Samoa — are meeting their commitments, mostly because they promised so little.

Yet this paltry achievement will be the most expensive policy in all of history, costing $1-2 trillion in lost growth each year by 2030.

Climate school strikes would make more sense if we had solved every other challenge. But this year will see 5.4 million children die before the age of five; a quarter billion kids out of school; almost a billion people starving, and more than two billion lacking water and sanitation.

Despite enthusiasm for Thunberg’s campaign among liberal newspaper editors in Europe and the USA, climate change comes dead last among priorities for the world’s poorest. The UN asked nearly 10 million people what mattered most. They said health, education, jobs and nutrition, and placed climate 16th of 16 priorities.

And then there is the collateral damage:
Deaths in the Third World due to corn taken out of the human food chain and put into petrol tanks.
Forests cut down to plant palm oil for the same purpose.
More forests cut down in north America to provide wood chips to burn in Europe for carbon credits.
The wildlife habitats destroyed to clear the ground for wind and solar factories (could any other industry get away with it?).
The carnage of birds and bats (where are the environmentalists on this one?).
The spectacular financial rorts in Spain, Ireland and most places where there are subsidies for CO2 mitigation strategies. Including the Pink Batts debacle.
The corruption of public debate by hysterical alarmists.
The teaching of lies about the weather to school children.
The threat to the credibility of science.

Some of those items were covered in the IPA book Climate Change: The Facts 2017, notably in the chapter by Matt Ridley, treated in two posts last June, one and two. Ridley focussed on the way the virtue signalling of the rich ends up hitting the poor both at home and abroad.

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19 Responses to Climate alarmism. Shouting fire in a crowded cinema?

  1. Confused Old Misfit says:

    That so called sentient adults have been seduced by this global warming scam to the point were they tacitly approve of politicians distributing their tax dollars to rent seekers, charlatans, con artists and politicians (please excuse the redundancies) beggars belief.
    Any aspirant for public office, at any level, who espouses CAGW should be laughed into oblivion.
    Frankly, I can see no valid reason for not prosecuting businessmen whose took decisions leading to their profiting from taking advantage of the offerings of governments.
    The offers were in themselves immoral.
    It follows that the acceptance thereof was immoral as well, notwithstanding any issues of legality.

  2. egg_ says:

    Yet this paltry achievement will be the most expensive policy in all of history, costing $1-2 trillion in lost growth each year by 2030.

    Socialism, good and hard.

  3. Confused Old Misfit says:

    Top German carmakers charged with blocking clean emissions technology

    EU fines could go as high as 10 percent of a company’s global turnover.

    I’m sure The Donald would welcome them.
    Just not in California.

  4. Steve trickler says:

    Always film those, filming you.

  5. Those comebacks are gold. Eat shit, ABC.

  6. B.A.Lert says:

    Had a close family member working maintenance on wind towers until recently in all eastern states plus SA . The baby wedge tail eagles get smashed the most, they don’t seem to recognise them as a danger and tend to float into the blades. Also on a wind perfect day in SA panic ensued as tower after tower shut down and the crew was locked out of the computer network, power price was dropping because of an adequate power supply. Global warming/ climate change is not a scam ,

  7. Jeremy says:

    What fire? More like expensive genuflecting.
    The costly virtue signaling won’t even change how much CO2 is in the air.

  8. OldOzzie says:

    My comment when I meet people who bring up the topic of Climate Change is

    “Have you ever been to Lark Quarry Dinosaur Trackways – it is a 115Km from Winton in QLD – Guess what there are no Dinosaurs there today – the Climate changed and there were no Humans involved = Global Warming, now Climate Change, is the Greatest Criminal Fraud ever perpetrated on a Society”

    Dinosaur Stampede National Monument at Lark Quarry Conservation Park in Australia is considered to be the site of the world’s only known record of a dinosaur stampede, with fossilised footprints are interpreted as a predator stalking and causing a stampede of around 150 two-legged dinosaurs.

    The dinosaur trackways at the Dinosaur Stampede were formed 95 million years ago when outback Australia was a vastly different place. In stark contrast to the arid climate of today, the landscape was characterised by a great river plain, with towering conifers and lush vegetation interspersed with sandy channels, swamps and lakes brimming with freshwater mussels, lungfish and crocodiles. The climate was humid and cool with an average rainfall of over one metre. It was in this setting that a herd of at least 150 small, two-legged dinosaurs, including carnivorous coelurosaurs about the size of chickens and slightly larger plant-eating ornithopods, came to drink at the edge of a lake. What happened next is immortalised in stone! Over 3,300 footprints of these long-extinct dinosaurs are scattered over the rock face, stark evidence of the terror they must have experienced as they fled the scene upon the arrival of a large theropod. This snapshot of a few terrifying moments has been frozen in time, immortalising the event and making Lark Quarry Conservation Park home to the only known dinosaur stampede in the world. Truly an experience not to be missed!

  9. min says:

    Existential dangers to humans as been around since we learnt to talk to each other . Then the Shaman , the witch doctor the wise man maybe even a witch knew our survival depended on the weather ,no rain no food , too cold , freeze to death too hot the same . They were all wise enough to realise they could not control the weather so invented those that maybe could , like gods and goddesses to pray to to give things to save them . Now the government has to save us.

  10. John Smith101 says:

    On 21 March 2007, The Australian published an article by Paul Kelly titled: Carbon the Currency of a New World Order
    From the article:

    Last week Miliband [Britain’s former Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs] announced that Britain will become the world’s first nation to legislate a climate change bill setting legally binding timetables for a low-carbon economy. It will put into law the target of 60 per cent emission cuts by 2050, the same target pledged by [former Australian prime minister] Rudd’s Labor Party [prior to Rudd winning office]. This decision will affect every British industry, business and household.

    Paul Kelly suggests David Miliband was, at the time:

    recasting social democratic philosophy and practice for the coming century,

    after which he adds:

    The purpose is to impose this [carbon-trading] system on the world. Britain and Europe are setting benchmarks for a new global order.

    Kelly’s article then goes on to quote the then British Chancellor, Gordon Brown:

    My ambition is to build a global carbon market founded on the EU emissions trading scheme and centred in London,

    to which Kelly adds:

    The bill will create statutory carbon budgets that will be managed “with the same prudence and discipline” as financial budgets. For Brown, the carbon will be counted like the pound sterling.

    Kelly summarises this position as:

    the debate is no longer just about the environment. It is about economics, culture, ideology and foreign policy. The old debate about climate change believers and sceptics is dead (being kept alive only for political gain). The new debate is about policy solutions.

  11. Dr Fred Lenin says:

    16,000 children die every day , donate $10 a month for birth control,your donation will save children from starvation.
    “ Cut the breeding fund “ a wholly owhed subsidiary of the Unelected Untidy Nayshuns P/L New York .City .

  12. Gerard says:

    The objective is the end of capitalism. Checkk Maurice Strong’s quotes. He set up UUNEP, IPCC UNFCCC etc..

  13. Mak Siccar says:

    A good article in Quadrant Online somwhat along the lines of Lomborg. A pithy, but accurate, extract follows:

    The bottom line of politically correct thought on the matter—the thought that we must collectively do something drastic now to prevent climate change in the future—is so full of holes that it brings the overall sanity of mankind into question.

  14. Mark M says:

    2020 climate madness looms

    The year 2020 is shaping up to be one of madness when it comes to the climate change debate.
    Several huge milestones are in the cards and these cards are on the table.

    One is the US Presidential election, where the entire world wants to see if President Trump can pull off another skeptical miracle (or curse, depending on who you ask).
    The official date for the US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement is the day after the election, so that too may hang in the balance.

    Via jonova comments

  15. John Bayley says:

    Well the world will end in less than 12 years, so who cares, right? /s

  16. From Bjorn Lomborg: Climate school strikes would make more sense if we had solved every other challenge.

    Come on Bjorn, you’ve missed the point. The “climate school strikes” are just training runs for the next generation of Red Guards.

  17. Baa Humbug says:

    The trouble with Climate Science is that we can’t establish another couple of Earths to do some experiments.
    However we can come close by studying real greenhouses, the agricultural types.

    Set up a greenhouse in the middle of the Outback. Elevate greenhouse gas levels (GHG’s including the more powerful water vapour) and observe.
    What you will find is during the day when outside temps reach say, 40 DegC, the inside temp will be much cooler.
    At night time you’ll find the opposite occurs. When outside temps drop to as low as single digits, the inside temps will be much warmer. HOWEVER YOU MAY FIND THE AVERAGE TEMP OF THE INSIDE HIGHER.

    Indeed, the so called gold standard of climate science, the IPCC reports, state in all of their editions that warming due to man’s emissions of GHG’s will occur mostly at the higher latitudes, mostly at winter time and mostly at night time.
    So, if the planet is going to warm by 3 DegC by 2100, then most of that will happen where people don’t live and mostly at a beneficial time i.e. night time in winter.

    GHG’s reduce the diurnal temperature range making this planet livable. The more the better.

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