ALP Climate Policy – the family car of the future

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23 Responses to ALP Climate Policy – the family car of the future

  1. Bruce of Newcastle

    I like this version.
    Maybe needs one of these though.
    Farts are deadly these days.

  2. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    John Hughes is Western Australia’s biggest independent car dealer. He’s tipped a massive bucket of odure over Shorten’s plan, calling it “unachievable” and “potentially calamitous for the industry.”

  3. Rob MW

    Hopefully the meteor will drop anytime soon now.

    “In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.”

    Friedrich Nietzsche

  4. When Labor and the Greens demand energy policies that can only end up with us in the stone age again, why oh f…ing why do the Liberals let them portray themselves as the parties of the future? Can someone point them to a course on marketing please?

  5. Dr Fred Lenin

    We already have the design of the future , Fred Flintstones car .One or two personpower ,wonder what the registration fee will be and speed limit,cant do without the revenue from both .
    They will however be quicker than the EV s with flat batteries ,waiting for the sun to shine or the wind to blow at the right speed .
    This election ,put the sitting member last on the ballotpaper ,they are the ones advocating this lunacy .
    50 odd seats are held with a margin of 5 per cent or less a couple of thousand votes and they are cactus .spoil their careers ,turf them out .

  6. Fang


    What happens if Goverment cuts ABC/SBS budget in half?

    What happens if Goverment cut all immigration in half?

    What happens if Goverment  cut RET to zero (0)?

    What happens if Goverment  cut all subsidies to renewables?

    What happens if Goverment  cut all moratorium/bans to fracking?

    What happens if Goverment cuts bans to coal/uranium mining?

    What happens if Goverment cut taxes in half?

    What happens if Goverment cut logging bans?

    What happens if Goverment cut green tape?

    What happens if Goverment cut Goverment in half?

    What happens if Goverment cut all impediments/bans to Nuclear power?

    What happens if Goverment cut educations funding in half?
    What happens if Goverment cut medical support in half, and let market forces do their thing?

    (And no doubt many, many other cuts could be done!)

    Would many of us really notice much diffrence after a month or so?
    But I would bet our economy would be booming!

    The libs/Nats could go to this election stating that they want two terms to put Australia back on track.
    The public/media will go bonkers, but! Libs/Nats need to just tell Public/Media, sorry, but this is what were offering the electors. Win or loose. We stand on basic principles and pragmatic policys for the betterment of Australia.

    Oh to dream 🙁

  7. Chris M

    Well in a race the Tesla beat a Model T Ford. Over a week it was an hour faster. Not unlike Labors world leading NBN.

  8. Overburdened

    Mr Garrison’s perpetual motion bicycle is the answer.
    It may be that other issues have a place in deciding who will control the Treasury.

  9. None

    I still marvel at those brilliant hand drawn cartoons that were filmed frame by frame.

  10. Mark M

    This is Bedrock, county seat of Cobblestone County, 200 feet below sea level, population 2500.
    Even though Bedrock is an average stone age town the wheel isn’t the only invention …

    Flintstones Wacky Inventions – Season 1

    It’s that green utopia politicians of all stripes aspire for everyone else … but them.

  11. Up The Workers!

    You think that Fred Flintstone cartoon is funny?
    Don’t laugh!

    Up until the Krudd/Gillard/Krudd-Regurgitated Misgovernments, Australia used to have a car industry of its own.

    Some 14 New South Obeid A.L.P. seats are currently controlled by people who aren’t much further advanced than Fred Flintstone and his pals, and are still into such progressive leftard third world entertainments as religious head and hand-loppings, eyeball gougings, stonings, throwing bound homosexuals off tall buildings as a public entertainment, and whose most advanced mode of home-grown transport is the camel or the “flying carpet”.

    When Bull Shitten ‘gillards’ about “rechargeable vehicles”, a camel is probably what he is talking about – provided you have sufficient palm dates or Mung Beans to recharge the beast with. And watch out – these rechargeables bite and kick.

    I suppose there is always the horse as an alternative, but ‘Bull Shitten’ might then have to change his name to ‘Horse Shitten – same stink, but different crap altogether!

    Bull Shitten – the eponymous Leader of the Australian Liars Party.

  12. Bruce of Newcastle

    Hehe, even Kudelka is putting the boot in to the Electricity Bill’s EV extravaganza.
    Election Game Changer: the Vegan Ute

  13. egg_

    Bull Shitten – the eponymous Leader of the Australian Liars Party.

    Lecherous ‘lectricity Bill!

  14. egg_

    Election Game Changer: the Vegan Ute

    Is there an optional crocheted hemp steering wheel cover?

  15. struth

    The truth is Bill “Barney Rubble” Shorten, looks at the cartoon above , and does see a problem with this for the future of Australia,…………..the misogyny of the men always driving, no seat belts and Dino has his head and arm protruding from the vehicle.

  16. Percy Popinjay

    The free riding dinosaur is a nice touch. This country is infested with them.

  17. areff

    If Fred and family lived in Paleotoria he’d still be fined for speeding.

  18. Up until the Krudd/Gillard/Krudd-Regurgitated Misgovernments, Australia used to have a car industry of its own.

    Except Rudd and Gillard had precious little to do with it.
    The rot started with Howard and the Australia Thailand Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA) which came into force on the 1st January 2005 and was implemented by Prime Minister John Howard.
    The nail in the coffin was the Abbott Government, and not merely because of its extraordinary use of a bullying speech in Parliament by the Treasurer, Joe Hockey, to goad Holden into announcing a decision that its masters in Detroit had probably already taken.
    By then the Abbott Government had decided to cut the $400 million co-investment payments to $200 million a year, with no guarantee of public assistance in the longer term.

  19. Dr Fred Lenin

    Flintstone cars will be a danger to revenue ,they will need registration ,third party ,insurance ,registration tests , the fuel will have to be excised ,thats food ? Parking fines ,what about speeding fines too ,they are going to need more public servants to police this ,they can make the pollie they all hate commisar of transport, and pre book his place in the psychatric hospital he will end his days in .
    Another thought I belive an all veg diet makes you fart a lot? So as well as cows they will have to ban vegans as a threat to the environment , we must make good use of the 12 years the world has left. According to a lunatic US decromat.

  20. Dr Fred Lenin

    PS, wonder what name they would dream up for thr Flintstone regulatory commisariat.

  21. Habib

    The Australian car industry finally fell over and decomposed (it’d been dead for years) because it was one of the most egregious examples of crony capitalism, a moribund management in cahoots with successive idiot governments with open chequebooks, building a shit product no-one wanted to buy, and employing lazy, dim unionist troglydites being paid well over the odds for an abject absence of productivity and quality control. Should’ve never gotten off the ground in the 1st place. Socialism in all its rancid glory.

  22. mullumhillbilly

    … family car..

    So regressive ! Under Labor, this will be the family used to model the car.

  23. Rob MW

    The good news………… every story has a happy ending 🙂

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