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MAY THE SAME THING HAPPEN HERE: There Is No Left Left In Israel. “The most far-reaching consequence of the 2019 Israeli election may well be that it verified, beyond any reasonable doubt, that there is functionally no left left in Israel. It has become a country with a center, a right, and a far right, but no electorally viable left to speak of.”

It’s not as if there is no welfare state. There is. Everyone seeks to find ways to make life easier for everyone, while the left are a bunch of socialist freaks, who also are even lax beyond sense about border protection. The left is filled with screwballs with a constituency who have no obvious understanding of the damage they inflict. And in this, I am not just referring to Israel.

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  1. Nob

    Young Israelis do national service.

    This is not a pointless bludge.

    Israel faces an existential threat which they have faced in real life.

    They can see leftist propaganda for what it is.

  2. Faye

    Thanks to the Israelis for leading the way. Wow, we are living in a most interesting time of history. Get rid of the Left and the Right can get on with the business of wealth creation for the people to enjoy self-sufficiency, security and freedom with the added bonus of being able to look after their less fortunate mates.

  3. Mak Siccar

    If, perish the thought, that the dreaded Greenfilth/Labor wins control over both houses in the Oz federal election, then one is very tempted to consider relocating to Israel, in spite of the obvious dangers!

  4. Jock

    Israel appears to be the exact opposite of the UK. As a Scot I can tell you that all the parties in the Scottish Parliament are leftist. The Tories pretend to be cerntrist but even they are slightly left of centre.

    On Israel, it is a shame that the great Labour Party has been brought so low. This was the Party that led Zionism and the birth of the Nation. I may be an old conservative but I still thought Golda Meir was a real leader.

  5. Dr Fred Lenin

    Jock. I read where Whitehall subsidises Scotlad by about 14 billion pounds a year, so the socialist bludgers in the stupid Sci]ottish “parliament are living off the English they dont like ,Ulster , Wales and the North of England also get huge subsdies ,seems th South of England is keeping all the rest of the UK .
    The lefties in Scotland dont want Brexit, Im sure the EU commisars would welcome the mendicant Scots. Into the EU ,but no way they are going to feed it money ,they are socialists too and are there to loot money not give it away .

  6. Jock

    Fred. I entirely agree. I thjought Scottish Independence would have been good for the scots. They need to get off their bums. I suspect as a Greek friend of mine opined over a nice scotch: We left scotland and greece in the 60s and left the s**t behind.

  7. Jock

    A friend sent this. its the leader of the AfD having a go at merkel in the parliament. What a speech! No wonder the left is trying so hard to tar them as fascists.
    Have a look;

  8. Bruce of Newcastle

    Actually Israel is a country with a left, centre and right. But the typical politically distant-left journo thinks Gantz is a centrist.

    We on the other hand have a loony left, a far left and a left. We have no right to speak of. ABC journos think the Libs are right wing, but based on their actual policies they are well towards the left end of the spectrum.

  9. There may not be much of a support for leftards in Israel itself, but there are stadiums full of leftard (those who shall not be named at the Cat, rhymes with choose) in the US and elsewhere.
    The difference is, those in Israel DO face existential threat. The left being what they are – open borders globalist commies, even those of the thou shalt not name them at the Cat variety – want Israel to embrace those who would wipe them out.

    We can see the pattern all over the West. Relaxed and comfortable? Go hard left and environutty. These people live in the relaxed and comfortable places like Western Europe, East and West coast urban areas of the US and the extra relaxed and comfortable places like Scandinavia, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
    The most relaxed and comfortable of all are our wonderful perfessers, especially the tenured types. And man are they the open borders environutty globalist commies.

    Unless we get it good and hard at some stage, the fast march down the path of socialist serfdom will not end.

  10. Tim Neilson

    What a speech! No wonder the left is trying so hard to tar them as fascists.

    Indeed. The only wonder is that there are German citizens who don’t vote for her.

  11. Dr Fred Lenin

    Turnbull was very right wing ,abbott is extreme right wing ,shorten is a centre rightist and di natale is a pure centrist ,now have I got that right comrade alpbc aparatchik ?
    The UN unelected comrade leaders are the worlds hope of the future ,they will reverse the end of the world if we give them lots of our money ,who needs elected governmnts when we have the u.n.and their wholly owned susidiary the EU soros funded comrades .
    Wonder who soros (schwartz) owns in Australia? ,bet he hasnt bought too many Chinese , they shoot ztraitors there

  12. PB

    And yet Shorten parties with Pratt and co. They may not have a Left, but they are quite happy for us to have one.

  13. 2dogs

    It should be obvious why. While Jews in general are as politically diverse as any other group, Right wing Jews want to live in Israel, while Left wing Jews want to live elsewhere – many of them are in the US.

    It’s just the end of result of voting by foot. Israel is not causing the creation of Right wingers, and the US isn’t turning its Jews Left.

    If, as you say, you want the same thing here, do you plan to make the place the haven for the Right, and deter the Left?

  14. J.H.

    Bah…. Left and Right. Pffft. Only Socialism has “Wings”. Leathery appendages that holds their obscene ideology aloft above the mass grave of any society that is stupid enough to be deceived by Socialism as it plays one off against the other.

    Liberalism doesn’t have “Wings”. It has freedoms and it has responsibilities. No fukin’ wings.

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