Thursday Forum: April 11, 2019

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  1. Overburdened

    Another very moving memorial at Moore Park Beach north of Bundaberg.

    The soldier stands resolute.

  2. Overburdened


    It was so good that I had forgotten about that until now.

  3. Mindfree

    Sorry that last one was 1968 but what the heck

  4. Overburdened

    Since I’m being sentimental I would like Barack and Emmanuel how that Arab Spring is working out for them.

  5. Overburdened

    To ask.

    I would like to blame autocorrect but hey

  6. Overburdened


    These days being sentimental is not letting your boyfriends best mate join in the first time.

  7. Overburdened

    Poor ol 1910 Fruit Gum Co.

  8. Black Ball

    They were just supposed to play rugby. They’re ruining everything with their independent thought.

  9. Mother Lode

    Freedom of speech-the right to express opinions without government restraint

    I agree.

    Inconveniently for her, this is not what Assange did.

    But I will guess that is how he described it.

  10. Roger

    Izzy is the difference between losing 25 points to the All Blacks or losing 45 points to the All Blacks.

    True, but Rugby Australia have kept Alan Joyce on side, which is what’s really important.

  11. Mother Lode

    England’s star backrower Billy Vunipola could face sanctions after he appeared to back an Instagram post published by Israel Folau in which the Wallabies fullback made homophobic remarks.

    Homophobic apparently meaning holding an opinion other than God demanding men bum each other.

    All these rugby organisation laying down that while you are free to believe in God, that God must submit to ephemeral social justice pieties.

    Not only are these people shallow, but mentally retarded: the people they seek to placate have no love of rugby and would like to see the game abolished as a relic of toxic masculinity.

    I just hope that when their organisations die they don’t get off scot free. I hope they end up being preyed upon by angry men in the poorhouse.

  12. Mick Gold Coast QLD

    From stackja at 7:28 am:

    ” Epping RSL sub-branch blocked by police from holding traditional Anzac Sunday march

    The Epping RSL sub-branch has been blocked from holding a traditional five-minute march for veterans and schoolchildren after an Anzac Sunday service this weekend over terrorism fears and traffic concerns.

    … has been running in the lead-up to Anzac Day for the past three decades.

    Ryde Police Area Command Facility Workplace Internodal Hub Thingy traffic supervisor sergeant Leonie Abberfield said “it’s just too busy at the location”, near Coles supermarket, to hold the march.

    “We also have hostile vehicle mitigation to stop someone breaching the perimeter in heightened terrorist activity.”


    I think she means “barriers”.

    I wonder if Senior Traffic Supervisor Sergeant Leonie Wadler Abberfield sports a police medal for being a wymminses?

  13. rickw:

    Lady doing fine sheet metalwork on a Lancaster:

    Why aren’t these sheets shaped in a block press?
    This looks like something that could really be sped up, considering the 6,000 + that were produced.

  14. Rafiki redux

    The BuzzFeed site has a summary of Wigney’s reasoning in the Rush case. It states that in Wigney’s view, the most “compelling reason” to doubt Norvill’s credibility was that her account was not corroborated. As a bald proposition, that cannot be correct. Lack of corroberation may make it difficult to act on the evidence, but it cannot justify saying that the truth-telling reliability of the wiitness is adversely affected.

    I am in a minority on this blog here, but I find this a troubling case. As I earlier predicted, Norvill’s generation are gathering around her. Will other stories now emerge?

  15. Rafiki redux

    I am not pissing in your pocket here Mother Lode, but may I say I appreciate your witty style of writing. And do not feel obliged to respond.

  16. zyconoclast

    Four people were gunned down, one fatally, on Thursday in California as fans celebrated the life of rapper Nipsey Hussle following his shooting death at 33 last month.

    The victims aged between 30 and 50 were three black males and a woman who was also black, LAPD stated as they said about the South LA incident around 103rd and Main streets: ‘We must stop this senseless violence.’

  17. zyconoclast

    Got to love the Hungarians.

    In January 2018, the Hungarian State Opera in Budapest was widely criticized for staging the George Gershwin opera Porgy and Bess — whose story wrestles with racism, drug abuse and poverty — with a predominantly white cast, despite the fact that the Gershwin estate requires performances to feature an all-black cast.

    Now, the Hungarian production is back for another series of performances of Porgy this month — and its nearly all-white cast was reportedly asked to sign testimonials saying that they were African-American.

    The Hungarian news website Index said that it had obtained the statement, and published it last Friday. According to Index, it reads: “African-American origin and consciousness are an integral part of my identity. That’s why I am especially pleased to be able to play George Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess.” The Hungarian television network ATV reported that a majority of the cast — 15 out 28 performers— signed the statement.

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