Is this the greatest political scandal in American history?

Is a scandal still a scandal if it’s not reported in the press? If not, what is it? Seems pretty bad. Start with this from Ace of Spades.

Thursday and the big story is the reaction to Attorney General William Barr’s unvarnished, unapologetic and clinical declaration that yes indeed, there was spying (or bugging or eavesdropping or espionage or whatever Hawaiian Senator Brian Schatz-n-giggles can understand it) being perpetrated against the Trump presidential campaign. After more than two years of a steady diet of Trump and Russia colluded to steal the 2016 election and the anticipation that Robert Mueller’s persecution of the President and his allies would eject him from office, the one-two punch in the gut and boot to the groin of first the Mueller deception dissolving into thin air and AG Barr openly stating the plain hard truth was a marvel to behold. And without missing a beat, Barr announced that his office was going to at long last launch an investigation to uncover how the whole thing started and who was behind it. Frankly, there’s really not much to investigate since we know the machinations of the phony Steele dossier being used as a pretext to abuse the FISA courts to spy on the campaign and then use that as propaganda to insinuate Trump was a Russian spy or dupe. The real question is was this done with the knowledge of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama or was it done directly on their orders?

No matter what, this entire thing is without doubt the greatest political scandal in American history.

What if the Obama White House really was spying on the Trump campaign during the election? Sounds bad, if true. So a couple more from Lucianne before the story completely disappears.

Barr is right, spying on Trump
campaign did occur
Washington Examiner, by Byron York    Original Article
Democrats and some in the media expressed shock and outrage when Attorney General William Barr said Wednesday that “spying did occur” on the Trump campaign during the 2016 election. Barr “must retract his statement immediately or produce specific evidence to back it up,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said. “Perpetuating conspiracy theories is beneath the office of the attorney general.” Barr has gone “off the rails,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. “The attorney general must retract his unfounded, irresponsible claim,” said Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal. Cable news commentators called Barr´s statement “stunning” and appeared baffled that th


Barr Confirms Multiple Intel Agencies
Implicated In Anti-Trump Spy Operation
The Federalist, by Mollie Hemingway    Original Article
“Spying on a political campaign is a big deal,” Attorney General William Barr told a Senate committee on Wednesday morning. Barr’s comments came in the context of potential Justice Department reviews of the Trump-Russia investigation and how it began in 2016. While it is important that the top law enforcement in the United States publicly acknowledged that the Obama administration and its intelligence agencies surveilled its domestic political opponents during the heat of a presidential election, it is what he said next that was most startling: that the CIA and other federal agencies

Add one more from Powerline.

Democrats cannot handle the truth. We saw this yesterday in their uniform reaction to Attorney General Barr’s acknowledgment that “Spying did occur” on the Trump presidential campaign. The link is to today’s Wall Street Journal editorial (by Kim Strassel, I am quite sure, and behind the Journal’s paywall.

Somewhere near the top of this post, however, I want to quote a sentence from Mollie Hemingway’s Federalist column on the Barr confirmation of the discomfiting truth sentient observers have pieced together over the past two years: “This is a scandal of epic proportions. It is one that threatens the foundations of constitutional government. It is a direct attack on American democracy.”

She puts it bluntly this way: “The fact of the matter is that federal intelligence agencies spied on a rival political campaign. They illegally leaked information about that surveillance. They abused their authority to at best undermine the duly elected president and at worst to attempt a soft coup against him. They did so with the near-total cooperation of the American media establishment.”

It’s clearly only those over-reacting fanatics who worry about such things.

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28 Responses to Is this the greatest political scandal in American history?

  1. stackja

    When did BO/HRC know? What did they know?
    Dems have given us the playbook with their persecution of the GOP in the past.

  2. Shy Ted

    Not a word about it on the ABC website. Not a single article.

  3. Nob

    Spying on a political campaign is a big deal

    No it isn’t.
    It must happen all the time.

    A president using taxpayer funds or a government agency to spy on an opposition political campaign is a big deal.

    Kind of thing Nixon was accused of.

  4. Tom

    It turns out most of the US news media is incapable of reporting one of the biggest stories in American history as the public’s eyes and ears because 90%+ of journalists see themselves as activists for one side of politics over the other. And sooner or later that penny will drop with the US public.

    That is the real scandal: the guardians of the public interest turn out to be rabid wolves biting the hand that feeds them — and establishment puppets doing the bidding of the rich ruling class.

  5. RobK

    I happened to hear ABCs Philip Adams on the radio last night as i went out to check a pump. The interviewee and interviewer seemed unusually reasonable in discussing US politics and the mind set of the punters. In turns out the interviewee was the editor of the US Spectator mag. Quite refreshing, if not a little unsettling; did the leopard change his spots….nah, the next topic caused me to turn it off.

  6. bespoke

    Barr “must retract his statement immediately or produce specific evidence to back it up,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said. “Perpetuating conspiracy theories is beneath the office of the attorney general.”

    How ca you reason with people that have no self awareness.

  7. Bruce of Newcastle

    That’s the thing about the FISA application and Carter Page. The whole idea wasn’t that Page was a Wussian in drag, it was that once they got paperwork for any one Trump insider they could bug the whole place and oh so accidentally listen in on everyone, including Trump. The Page thing was just a cover.

    And it’s not the only case. We know Jeff Sessions was bugged as a senator, as was Rand Paul. Associated Press was bugged. Reporter Sharyl Attkisson was bugged. Never has there been such a regime in American history as the Obama years.

  8. Iain Russell

    Barr plus Assange is a serious one-two to the Great Darkness. The walls are closing in on the Obama-Clinto Cartel!!

  9. OldOzzie

    Ask and ye shall Receive – The link is to today’s Wall Street Journal editorial (by Kim Strassel, I am quite sure, and behind the Journal’s paywall.

    ‘Spying Did Occur’

    Barr wants to find out why the FBI eavesdropped on the Trump campaign in 2016.

    By The WSJ Editorial Board
    April 10, 2019 6:58 p.m. ET

    William Barr knew he wasn’t accepting easy duty as Donald Trump’s Attorney General, and it’s no surprise that the Democratic-media complex attacked him in unison on Wednesday. His sin was disclosing that he wants to find out how the FBI came to eavesdrop on the 2016 Trump presidential campaign. Let’s hope he doesn’t flinch.

    “I think spying did occur,” Mr. Barr told a Senate committee Wednesday, adding that this is “a big deal.” The government has “a lot of rules” in place to guard against abusive “political surveillance,” he said, adding that he has an obligation to examine what happened since “one of the principal roles of the attorney general” is to “make sure that government power is not abused.” Hear, hear.

    Mr. Barr said he also wants to know why the Trump campaign wasn’t notified of the FBI’s concerns, as would “normally” happen. He praised the “outstanding” FBI rank and file, saying that “to the extent there were any issues” it was “probably a failure among a group of leaders there at the upper echelon.” His review will also include the actions of the “intelligence agencies more broadly.” See former CIA Director John Brennan.

    Mr. Barr has access to documents that the Justice Department has kept from Congress. Ranking House Intelligence Republican Devin Nunes is also sending Mr. Barr eight criminal referrals from his own investigation into l’affaire Russe, including evidence of lying to Congress and manipulating the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. By late spring Mr. Barr may also receive DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s review of FBI actions in 2016 and 2017.

    All of this should be encouraging to Americans who want credibility restored to an FBI that lost its ethical bearings under James Comey.

    Appeared in the April 11, 2019, print edition.

  10. One day, hopefully, it will be revealed that the spying on Trump and the efforts to oust him are all related to Benghazi plus the downing of a US helicopter carrying the Seal team (that captured and killed Osama Bin Laden), by Al Qaeda using US Military shoulder mounted missiles which were transferred from Benghazi to Syria (to arm the Syrian rebels who morphed into ISIS) then to Afghanistan.
    Hence the reported Hillary comment “If this bastard wins, we all hang from nooses”.

    Nobody will be hanged for spying on an opposition campaign. But people (hopefully) will hang for the murder of a US ambassador and for indirectly causing the death of 31 US Seals.

  11. Tezza

    Interestingly, our ABC will find it impossible to report this because of its 3-week 4 Corners fantasy. It would have to criticise the performance of its own first family to pick up this story.

  12. BoyfromTottenham

    The greatest scandal is that the MSM doesn’t report this. Truly Orwellian.

  13. Behind Enemy Lines

    Trying again. Earlier draft seems to have gone into the ether.


    Not usually one for long reposts but, yes, this is the biggest scandal ever. Question: what next?

    I have a question for American patriots.

    We know what we have seen so far. We can all see the crimes. A blind man can see this with a wooden stick. It appears that the previous administration weaponized the FBI, shielded a favored candidate from criminal prosecution, abused the FISA court to spy on an opposition candidate, and deliberately worked to subvert the 2016 Presidential election.

    This is astonishing. This makes Watergate, Monica Lewinsky, Teapot Dome, and Iran/Contra look like Romper Room. This was nothing short of an attempted coup, and if you believe rumors and rumblings, the FISA memo is just “the tip of the iceberg”. People are talking about sweeping hearings, numerous convictions, and many, many people going to jail.

    Except that we’ve heard that before. We’ve heard it for years, time and time again, but it never seems to happen. So here’s the question:

    What if, just like always, NOTHING happens? Just like Fast and Furious, just like Lois Lerner and John Koskinen at the IRS, just like the NSA spying on James Rosen and Sharyl Attkisson, just like Benghazi, just like Hillary’s unsecured email server and deletion of subpoenaed emails, just like classified data on Weiner’s laptop, just like pallets of cash shrink-wrapped and flown to Iran, and just like the Democrat primary being rigged . . . what if NOTHING happens?

    Sure, some low-level flunkies or rogue agents in Cincinnati might do a year or two in Club Fed, some others will get reassigned or take early retirement and enjoy thirty years of fat taxpayer pensions with their grandkids, but nothing more . . .

    And the elites and the oligarchs and the political class prove once again that they are just too big to jail.

    Just. Like. Always.

    What then?

    I suppose the question that I am really asking, on behalf of my seven year old daughter, is where is the line?

    What happens if nothing happens?

  14. Robbo

    There is no doubt that the Obama and Clinton lot were in this scandal up to their ears. The Clintons have been engaged in illegal activities of many kinds over a long period of time so it will come as no surprise to learn they were involved in this dirty scam to spy on the Trump campaign. Many, howver, will be dismayed to hear that Obama was also involved. A lazy, incompetent and useless President he was, but never seen as overtly corrupt and criminal like the Clintons. Now the cat is well and truly out of the bag and it will be interesting to see whether the justice system in the USA actually operates in the same way for the well connected and powerful as it does for those at the bottom end of that society’s pile.

  15. Rusty of Qld

    Dan Bongino ex FBI see him on Youtube. He has been all over this like a rash for a few years now. As he says the made up story known as the Steele Dossier bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton/DNC used as the evidence to obtain FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign was known about at the very top of the White House, “keep me informed” were the words used .

  16. duncanm

    ABC actually has the info buried in a story.

    But its “spying”, not spying.

  17. Empire 5:5

    #2985816, posted on April 12, 2019 at 10:19 am
    The greatest scandal is that the MSM doesn’t report this. Truly Orwellian

    Not quite. What’s Orwellian is that people still follow The News!.

  18. Faye

    Read sundance at (The Last Refuge) and you will get the inside understanding of what the lying lowlife Democrats from Obama and Clinton down tried to do to President Trump. I hope they are shit scared. It might seem puzzling but the last 3 plus exasperating years have probably been worth the wait because the criminal traitors thought their plan to get President Trump was watertight and that they themselves were untouchable.
    Too cocky, too corny, too obvious, too much spying, too much leaking and as in the past, too certain they would get away with it… the poor suckers have hung themselves.

  19. jupes

    ABC actually has the info buried in a story.

    Also of note is how the ABC summarised Barr’s evidence. In the ‘Key Points’ they state:

    Mr Barr said he had questions about whether the Trump campaign had worked with Moscow to sway the election, but no specific evidence

    Yeah No. Barr was talking about wrongdoing from the investigators. As the very same report clearly states:

    He was also asked whether he had any evidence of wrongdoing in the course of the federal probe into whether the Trump campaign had worked with Moscow to sway the election.

    “I have no specific evidence that I would cite right now, I do have some questions about it,” Mr Barr replied.

    They are either complete idiots or liars. The smart money is on liars.

  20. Yohan

    Listen to this podcast by Trump campaign associate Michael Caputo.

    In May 2016, long time FBI informant (17 years) Henry Greenberg approached him and Roger Stone offering dirt on Hillary. This was 2 months before Comey claimed the FBI opened the investigation into Trump. Yet months earlier they had FBI informants like Greenberg running entrapment operations against the Trump campaign. This was not the only incident.

    Barr is going to roll these people up, that’s why Comey and Clapper are now panicking.

  21. Yohan

    I should note Henry Greenberg is an alias, this guy is a Russian national, and only resides within the US on an FBI granted informants visa.

    It was the Obama administration that worked with foreign nationals to influence the election. Not only with Russians like this, but with the Ukrainian intelligence services, the British intelligence services. That’s they these Obama people have run so hard on projecting foreign collusion onto Trump, because they themselves are guilty of it.

  22. Zatara

    ABC falsehood by omission – Donald Trump’s presidency has been dogged by Robert Mueller. These were the key players in the Russia probe

    Yeah, not so fast lads, you missed one. That would be Obama’s personal lawyer Greg Craig who should have been prosecuted by Mueller at the same time Gen Flynn was and for the exact same crime. But that sort of negates the whole purpose of your story doesn’t it?

    Mueller Special Counsel Skipped Charging Obama Lawyer Greg Craig Until More Politically Safe to Do So.

  23. Zatara

    The chickens are indeed coming home to roost for the Dems and I predict a bloody year or two for them followed by long terms of peace and quite, in jail.

    Serves the evil, arrogant, narcissistic, wankers right.

  24. Zatara

    death to auto-correct!

  25. Jef

    I cannot believe Obama had nothing to do with the conspiracy. I certainly hope the DOJ under William Barr will get him , of course including H. Clinton, former CIA Director Brennan, Clapper, Comey , Loretta Lynch, and a long list of the other Democrat sycophants. Yes it has to be the greatest scandal in US History to bring down a duly elected President. It is disgusting that , up till now we have not really heard anything from our Australian MSM . ABC , where are you ???

  26. J.H.

    ….. And not to forget that Congressman Devin Nunes has sent multiple Criminal Referrals to AG Bill Barr, concerning the matter.

    This investigation into spying on Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign and interference in his Presidential administration will continue, with or without the media.

  27. Jannie

    The Watergate affair was childs play in comparison to this. The sitting president allowed the apparatus of state security to be used against a political opponent. That apparatus is still functioning as it was intended.

  28. Tel

    The chickens are indeed coming home to roost for the Dems and I predict a bloody year or two for them followed by long terms of peace and quite, in jail.

    Major prosecutions in the USA never finish in one year. The Dems are going to go all out for a win in 2020 because everything is riding on this.

    You can expect this to get very ugly before it’s over.

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