Measured electoral debate


This is very funny – but a bit crude.


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  1. struth


    Just another young’n who doesn’t quite get it yet.
    Not my cup of tea, that’s for sure.

  2. Jonesy

    He is under thirty….there is still hope.

  3. Sinclair Davidson

    Pyrmonter – good spot. I’d forgotten about that.

  4. Tel

    Libertarians don’t show up on the radar really.

    The Australian Conservatives have been very consistent and precise about the friction points between Western Liberal Democracy and Islam.

    The reality is that traditional Islamic doctrine and teachings are not compatible with our Western democracy. Sharia (or Islamic) law is built around segregation, misogyny, brutality and Muslim exceptionalism. It does not recognise the separation of Church and State, the equality of women, nor many of the freedoms available in the enlightened West. Sharia law has no place in our country and it is inseparable from Islam.

    Pretty easy to understand I think. You might not agree with it but a bit slimy to pretend they were talking about something else.

  5. bespoke

    Old school irreverence. Need more of it.

  6. Roger

    Old school irreverence. Need more of it.

    Too risky for the ABC then.

  7. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Sinc, his frenetic election selection was pure millennial. It gave me a headache, nothing else.
    His education experience was also millennial, and there he really does speak from experience.
    That was so chillingly funny and true. Should be played to all students on their first day at uni.

  8. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Pyrmonter has put up the education youtube. Do watch it. Hilarious. And sad.

  9. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Sydney vid reminds of Summer Heights High. It’s actually funny.
    Great experiential from a range of ethnicities and localities.

  10. It might be the editing but it appears he’s over his proclivity for coke.

  11. Nob

    Mr Rusty
    #2986417, posted on April 13, 2019 at 12:20 am
    It might be the editing but it appears he’s over his proclivity for coke.

    I’ve been to a few young comedian comedy club gigs, in Australia and the UK.
    They’re usually a lot funnier live than their Social Media vids, but that’s not saying mch.
    And man, they are all coked up.

    Some forgot to prepare any material, but they didn’t forget the coke.
    Confidence for shy guys, I get it.

    But they mostly come over as hyper and shouty.

  12. tgs.

    Remember your age group, Sinc. Jeez.

  13. NuThink

    Many modern so called comedians laugh at their own “jokes” so that the audience does not have to laugh. We do the laughing for you seems to be their motto.

  14. Mitch M.

    Thanks Sinc. I enjoyed that.

  15. Dianeh

    I thought it was funny.

  16. Iampeter

    There’s also a good shot of your typical, thoughtful cat poster.

    In any case, the biggest takeaway missing, is that all of politics today is pretty much an interchangeable mess of collectivists and leftists that want their group regulating everyone’s lives instead of some other group.
    There is no alternative to this anywhere to be seen.

  17. J.H.

    The Rodney Rude of the Internet age?

    The more we change, the more we stay th’ same.

  18. wal1957

    I have seen it before.
    Replace the ‘woke’ students with Liebor/Greens/SJW and a sprinkling of retarded Liberals and you can see where this is leading to. Common sense is not a desired commodity. Nor is it sort after.

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