NBN remote from ground control

Today in The Australian

It is, as Gibbons said about Corsica, easier to deplore the fate, than to describe the actual condition, of the National Broadband Network.

And with the campaign now under way, Labor’s announcement that, if elected, it will launch yet another review of the NBN only makes the network’s future all the more uncertain.

About Henry Ergas

Henry Ergas AO is a columnist for The Australian. From 2009 to 2015 he was Senior Economic Adviser to Deloitte Australia and from 2009 to 2017 was Professor of Infrastructure Economics at the University of Wollongong’s SMART Infrastructure Facility. He joined SMART and Deloitte after working as a consultant economist at NECG, CRA International and Concept Economics. Prior to that, he was an economist at the OECD in Paris from the late 1970s until the early 1990s. At the OECD, he headed the Secretary-General’s Task Force on Structural Adjustment (1984-1987), which concentrated on improving the efficiency of government policies in a wide range of areas, and was subsequently Counsellor for Structural Policy in the Economics Department. He has taught at a range of universities, undertaken a number of government inquiries and served as a Lay Member of the New Zealand High Court. In 2016, he was made an Officer in the Order of Australia.
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15 Responses to NBN remote from ground control

  1. stackja

    Another back of the drink coaster ALP scheme?

  2. Shy Ted

    From which the maaaates will benefit handsomely.

  3. Rohan

    Sell it off to the highest beder and cut our losses.

  4. Clam Chowdah

    Electric vehicles will be the next NBN. Labour will kick it off and sink tax dollars into it, fuck it up and then the LNP will get back in and have to carry it through to yet another stillborn mess. LNP will wear full blame for it of course, as with the NBN. Both parties are as culpable as each other when it comes to shit economic policies. Central planners the lot!

  5. NuThink

    @Clam Chowdah, If you plan to fail and you do fail, have you succeeded or have you failed?
    Do you not think that there is method in their madness, keeping themselves employed. As long as other peoples money rolls in and they could claim to be fixing things up. Hard to hold such people to account.

  6. Clam Chowdah

    Probably. But a lot of them are idealists who overestimate their ability to predict the course of future technologies it to make sound economic investments. Let the market decide. The NBN will soon be obsolete and THAT was predicted by critics of government intervention in a technological trend.

  7. Clam Chowdah
    #2985689, posted on April 12, 2019 at 7:57 am

    Electric vehicles will be the next NBN. Labour will kick it off and sink tax dollars into it, fuck it up and then the LNP will get back in and have to carry it through to yet another stillborn mess. LNP will wear full blame for it of course, as with the NBN.

    LNP is to blame for where we are with the NBN.
    Tony Abbott made that carpetbagger Turnbull the communications minister responsible for the NBN.
    It was about as bad a decision as Howard making Turnbull environment minister.
    A good honest investigative reporter could find out how much the Turnbulls and their circle made from these boondoggles.

  8. Ve2

    A review into the NBN, great, just as I am getting used to the slow speeds, constant dropouts and 3 hours of complete non-functioning Labor want to find more ways to stuff it up.

  9. Habib

    It’s now creaking past our place, I’m just hoping the Optus 5G gets switched on before they cut off our perfectly decent fibre to the router cable. The fuckers responsible for this statist imbecility should be personally liable for the losses. And actionable for loss of amenity.

  10. Colonel Crispin Berka

    it will launch yet another review of the NBN

    Never start an official inquiry unless you know what the answer will be.
    Therefore the ALP has an agenda already.

    Probably all sorts of unproven conspiracy theories will be suggested about Abbot being in bed with Murdoch to keep Foxtel afloat by hobbling the competition. At the very least there will be more subsidies for regional Internet infrastructure and retail bills, because if you can’t remote control your tractor from your lounge room by live streaming it in 4k HD on Youtube for less than $30/month then obviously something is very unfair and rotten in Renmark.

    Possibly it will be a new declaration that all network backbones will be nationalised and Internet access run as a public utility the same as water. And a National Broadband Guarantee of 100megabits for all. A sort of Volksnetzwerk. It will be a socialism for the 21st century. Because whatever has failed elsewhere must be tried over and over again. The risk to democracy by government control of the Internet will never be mentioned.

  11. Insert witty name here...

    @ Clam Chowdar Optic fibre is currently 10 Gbit / sec and rising. You can currently get 250/100 on the NBN if you need, live or have an office in the right areas and are willing to pay. You can pay for fibre to the home, if you need it. 5g speeds will be shared across the tower and will suffer from interference from rain and atmospherics.

  12. Clam Chowdah

    Yes it’s been a sterling success.

  13. The NBN will cost over 250 bn AUD and it will never be completed.

  14. Bad Samaritan

    Sorry Clam (9.03am), but everything indicates there was no idealism involved in the NBN; no miscalculations etc. It was, and is, fraud from the get-go.

    Mike Kaiser; “In September 2011 he became NBN Co’s Head of Quality, responsible for customer/ consumer satisfaction, process improvement, data quality and response management.”

    This is the ALP guy thrown out of Qld Parliament for corruption, then being put in charge of “quality control” on about a million a year. Nah….a straight up money making venture for the ALP and associates, with nothing whatsoever to do with providing a proper service. Cheers

  15. Clam Chowdah

    Whatever the motivation the NBN was a misbegotten steaming pile of shit from the get go. EV will be the same.

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