Red crab migration time


With apologies to Steve and people who put serious stuff on the page!

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  1. OldOzzie

    Memories of the Red Peril both




  2. It’s OK Rafe, I found other serious stuff at the link you provided.
    Like the ugly womb-man who didn’t like an Easter display at her neighbours place, so she damaged, removed and further damaged the display components including decapitating mannequins.
    The womb-man claimed she had a 16 year old who was a Good Boy and she didn’t want him seeing the display every day on the way home from school.
    I’m guessing she was upset that her “Good Boy” jerked off for hours after seeing the display each day, turning him into a toxic masculine type.

  3. Pickles

    But can you eat them?

  4. Arky

    But can you eat them?

    This was my thought too.
    Anyone know if these critters are good eating?

  5. Up The Workers!

    “Red crab migration time”?

    Last time I heard, she was still in U.S.A., helping Hillary win the 2016 Presidential Election.

  6. John A

    Well, how ’bout that!

    And I was nearly going to post something about being 11 days late…with lobsters which are red only after cooking 🙂

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