Windwatch 13 April

Not much from the wind factories over the last 24 hours, from 5 to 15% of capacity maxing under 1GW. Gas, hydro and black coal ramped up but see how it does without Liddell (2GW) on a day with more demand.

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  1. stackja

    Much money for little! Smart money getting it from gullible people.

  2. Iva Right

    And the mindless fools continue to vote for this! Australia deserves what it will get.

  3. Dr Fred Lenin

    It will be better when shorten rakes over the wind will blow at the right speed to power his EVs .
    Its going to be interesting seeing hiw this fiasco ends up ,politicans and cronies swinging from gibbets ?

  4. Bones

    As far as I can see, the fundamental problem is that politicians spend unwisely for several reasons;

    1. When a government controls the treasury, spending money to correct a fault and bring supposed good to the world is always going to be a winner with the punter in the high street.
    2. Spending money, especially other people’s, is very easy to do.
    3. Spending money postpones thinking hard and cleverly and kicks the can down the road.
    4. governments in power do not have a corporate memory.
    5. who in your cabinet is going to destroy their career over an issue which the punter sees as pretty harmless?

    Soon after the Rudd/Henry pair of clowns embarked on “Go hard, go households” fools’ errand in 2008, posting $900 cheques to every dead or alive Tom, Dick and Harriet, (bloody hell………think about it! Lines such as “What do we owe the Romans?”, the Black Knight, the Dead Parrot skit come to mind), John Howard was asked by a journalist what he would have done had he been Prime Minister in 2008 to counter the likely effects of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis.

    This is the John Howard who was first appointed as Treasurer in 1977 and remained Treasurer until the Coalition lost the 1983 election and Bob Hawke became Prime Minister.
    John Howard later won the 1996 election and was by my count Prime Minister for 11 years approx.

    Also he had been a senior member of the parliament from the moment he was first appointed Treasurer in 1977 until 2007; about 20 years.

    If my memory service me correctly, John Howard’s reply was something like; “I would cancel payroll tax and then $8 billion dollars self directed by big and small businesses will be going back into the economy almost overnight”.

    Pretty clever to my mind.

    I have never seen any other report of this story other than my recollection stated above.

    I mean, who would ever want to promote John Howard as knowing anything about treasury and budget matters?

  5. Bones

    Cleary my post beginning, “As far as I can see should have been posted with Keynes rather than wind.

    However both produce a lot of unproductive hot air.

  6. NuThink

    While googling wind farms came across this beauty. What an apt name for a wind farm.

  7. yarpos

    Dont know what you are all on about, everything is awesome!!

  8. New Chum

    Rafe on the 28/03/2019 the Commonwealth Bank posted a 4 page letter to shareholders
    on page 4 CBA indicates it is, Working towards a low carbon future We have signed a 12 year Power Purchasing Agreement with the largest wind farm in New South Wales to cut our costs, lower our emissions and increase our competitiveness.
    Check the announcement for more. The question is how do CBA know that the power that they obtain from the power grid is from the wind farm and not another power source.
    Just like a service station only having one fuel tank into which all fuel types are delivered and all customers are serviced from that one tank.

  9. Rob

    We ain’t seen nothin yet!
    Wait till electric vehicles are sucking out more electricity than wind farms, solar panels, and hydro generators can produce.
    Where will our electricity come from then?

  10. Fang

    Hey, I and many others, love these low wind days this time of year! As we just had RC Gliding competition here in Western Victoria, and conditions were great for the competitor’s. Low wind slightly cloudy, all fun was had by natural solar energy! And the three Australian representatives for World F5j (FIA Class) in Slovakia in August, had a great time and some serious practice with 15 other very happy natural solar powered aerial Vehicles.

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